Sullivans Toy Store Moving to 4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW

“Dear PoP,

I am not sure if you have ever covered Sullivan’s Toy Store. It is a great little place on 3412 Wisconsin Avenue NW. Seems mom and popish – has a good art section, toys, books, costumes, etc. I spend way too much money there…..

Well I was in there last week and they are having sales because they are moving into the space vacated by the temporary Tenley Library – near VanNess and Wisconsin. [4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW]

It is a nice place, funky folks working there, must be successful if they are moving into a bigger space – right?”

4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW

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  • jburka

    Sullivan’s has been there at least 40 years, as I remember my grandmother buying me toys there in the early 70s…

  • Awesome place for art supplies too!!!

  • They’re having discounts too lately. Good place, one of the few to buy art supplies in NW DC.

  • I’m just glad it isn’t closing. Toy stores are nearly as rare as record stores these days.

  • I am sad that they are moving from that block though – I love stopping in before/after visiting Two Amy’s! But I guess they have to vacate because of the Giant redevelopment

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the post above.

    Yes, we are moving to the 4200 Block of Wisconsin Ave (where the Tenley Library was temporarily housed).

    We’re moving from our current location on June 1st, and hope to be open for business at the new location within a week or two of that move.

    We are sad to leave our current location too– we’ve been there for 60 years. However, we don’t EVER plan to lose our title as DC’s oldest toy store, so we’re very happy we’ve found a new place not too, too far from our current one.

    At this time, it is unclear as to whether or not we will move back when Giant finishes construction. However, that won’t be for at least three years.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to stop by the store and we’d be happy to address them.


  • By the way, for additional info about the move, upcoming sales, etc. please follow us on Twitter:

    or Facebook:

  • I used to go to Sullivan’s to buy glue together model airplanes in the 1970s and 1980s. Lowen’s (long gone – closed in 1992) in Bethesda was the other awesome toy store around NW/Bethesda. it’s great that Sullivan’s will stay in business!

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