Washington, DC

I happened to be eating at Taco Bell on 14th and U St, NW right when this all went down. The photo above is loading one victim who was apparently shot in the leg. He was conscious at that time though I saw a nasty blood pool on the corner of 14th and U St, NW.

DCfireems tweets:

“Update – 14th & U St NW = EMS transported 2 priority 3 to area hospial – non life threatening MPD investigating”

I also tweeted from the scene @PoPville.

I spoke with a woman who was at Martha’s Outfitters at 14th and V and she said she heard 3 or 4 shots. One of the wounded then apparently walked down to 14th and U St where he was picked up by the ambulance above. The scene turned chaotic and orderly very quickly. Chaotic in the sense that all the civilians were trying to figure out what just happened and orderly because the police closed off the streets very quickly. Before I left the scene 14th St, NW was closed all the way from T Street up to W. Additionally U Street was closed between 13th and 14th.

It was eerie to see 14th St, NW closed in the middle of the afternoon:

14th St, NW looking north from T St.

Lots more photos after the jump.

14th and U St, NW

14th and U St looking north

U St closed between 13th and 14th

14th and U St, NW from the east

A family waits it out at the corner of 13th and U St, NW


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