Shooting/Homicide in the 700 Block of Columbia Rd, NW Mon. Night

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From MPD around 11:30pm Mon. night:

“The Third District is working a shooting in the 700 block of Columbia Road NW.”

I’m told that there was

“a male suffering from a fatal gunshot…we have no identification on this male subject.. our homicide branch is investigating and we will need the public’s assistance on any information that they can forward to us”

If anyone has any info at all please contact the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099 or 888919CRIME or text at 50411.

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  • There was a shooting on this block, most likely in Bruce Monroe Park, last weekend too. Looks like the cycle of crew violence is heating up for Spring.

  • This is sad news for a community that has dealt with so much bloodshed over the past couple years. That area is a war zone.

  • Murders/crime seems to be up across the east coast this year so far. Coincidence I guess Baltimore, Philly, and NYC murders are up substantially, so is PG county which had a homicide last night too.

    So far this brings D.C. up to 31 murders and PG at 32 murders most of which occur west of 14th street NW and the Capitol Beltway to the east, north, and south. Take this area and calculate the population and get the murder/crime rate and its quite high. Even higher if you push it to North/South Capitol streets.

  • saw the helicopter, and heard a bunch of cop cars.
    it just sucks. sorry for the victim. sorry for the family.

    crime has been bad so far this year. maybe we can just leave it at that for once?

  • I own a house that I do not live in on this block. The shooting happened right behind the house. My poor tenants have had to deal with two shootings since Feb.

    Not a good thing when you moved to DC three months ago!

  • I rent a 2 bedroom/1 bath/W&D with parking for $2000 right around there. Ugh. I hate summer. I fell sorry for the victim, and sorry for the neighbors like me who are living in a culture of violence. The trade off of amazing friendly, helpful neighbors, cool bars and restaurants, super easy commute have been worth it but still sad.

    • wow, that’s a lot.

      • Really? I shopped around, and I don’t think that’s so much. Seems to be the market rate. I get a totally renovated place with private patio. Right up next to public transportation. If you can find me a better place, lunch on me. I’m actually terrified my landlord wants to move back in and I have to move!

  • At least no trees were killed last night!

  • Let us set a goal of zero homicides in the District and then set out seriously to achieve it. Some of our neighboring jurisdictions actually accomplish that goal year after year. That we have a goal of less than 100 annually somehow doesn’t sit right with me. That’s a murder every third day.

    • Thats because suburban/rural counties are different than large urban cities.

      Its just not realistic for a large urban city in the US to have zero murders. If its not drug or gang related than its domestic or personal.

      • And to add to what I just stated, bot Fairfax and Montgomery counties have had murders this year. Alexandria city and Arlington haven’t had any REPORTED so far, even though I personally think that they have. With all those MS-13 gang members over there people do get killed, its just that they clean up after themselves with no trace since the murder victims would most likely be illegal or have little or no family.

      • “Homicide Free DC!” Our new slogan. Instead of “One City – Full of Numerous Tolerated Murderous Organized Criminal Gangs with Child Gunslingers Doing Their Dirty Deeds”

    • How about setting a realistic goal? I’m interested in which jurisdictions have zero homicides year after year. I can’t think of any. Bethesda has had 3 homicides in the past 3 or 4 months that I can think of off the top of my head. And although 2 of those involved the victim knowing their attacker, none of them were even domestic.

      The goal should be to minimize the “beefs” that lead to murders. Not sure what the best way to do this is but setting stupid unattainable goals sure isn’t it.

      • OK, so you don’t like the goal of zero homicides, so out of the gate the message from our leaders is: “we expect 2-3 murders a week in our city, it’s just the way of life here in the Nation’s Capital and there’s really no hope to rid ourselves of this fact of life.” I can’t live with that, but perhaps at least we could aspire to have a per capita rate along the lines of New York. 0.06 per 1000 instead of 0.2 per 1000. (whatever that means). (or Denver or Houston)

        • no, your logic has failed you.

          not having a goal of zero is not the same thing as saying we expect 2-3 murders a week.

  • I don’t like the zero homicide goal because once you have one, you’ve failed. I think it’s more productive to set an aggressively low goal, like under 80, that way you have something to continue to work toward throughout the year.

    Otherwise, what do you do after you have the first homicide of the year? Which we will. We just will, even if it’s not from street violence it could be domestic or something that is harder to prevent.

  • How about a goal of working harder to prevent witness intimidation and follow-on retaliation killings? Like that dude who got stabbed in a wheel chair at a funeral last week?

  • Until we bring in a revolutionary Police Chief, one that doesn’t feel its acceptable for Ward to have over 1200 VIOLENT crimes a year (3 per day in Ward 8) not to mention over 2700 Property Crimes. This city can’t change at the Pace and Magnitude that people in this city want and or deserve.

    This talk shouldn’t just focus on Homicides but all violent crime, especially any that is involving a gun.

    When crime of this magnitude infiltrates a community such as Ward 8, you have kids less focused on school and more focused on survival. It’s not brain surgery that our kids are more focused on Which route to take home, or which metro stop to get off at, then pass standardize test.

    • why do you think the police chief thinks 1200 violent crimes are acceptable?
      what do you suggest?

    • With respect, WEllis, Jesus or Zeus could be the police chief, it doesn’t matter. This stuff starts at home, in a family, hell in the womb or before it. Until the folks in these areas start being brave and real about the criminals in there communities–indeed in their very homes–and want to rid themselves of it, then it will continue. This is just as much socio-cultural as it is structural. The combo of which makes it intractable, even if Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent lived in DC.
      On top of that, all this does is push deeper into the trenches, adopting a “maybe if they murder each or move to PG” attitude. And can you blame them? Seriously–the real answer to that, unless they are nuns or social workers, is no. They see the worst of a people on display. Not merely the killing, but the no snitching, closed mouthed answer to law enforcement, or even a “it ain’t my business.” No mayor, not even Fenty, has the balls to tell that truth. The rightwing nuts in Congress doon’t either, because, ironically, they have a vested interest in making the District their petri dish of bacteria. The pastors of this city are by and large corrupt self-aggrandizing douchebags, so they are of no help. I say I have resigned to live with it, defend what is mine, make my circle safe, and to hell with these people with me taking interest only if they are targeting normal people or folks like me (with an education, a stake, a solid family and a world view beyond the damn sidewalk and stoop or getting knicked up) get caught in the crossfire. The sooner they move or die, I suppose, the better for the safety of the streets, for the betterment of schools, etc. This is hard, mean, nasty, even racist? Sure, but it is to be expected when the people in the community cant or won’t seem to get their shit together. No one will turn this city into Shangra-La (Portland for white people, Atlanta–minus the bammas for black professionals) but it’s up to the average District resident to at least keep it clean and safe, not the gutless public officials

      • One thing you can do: participate in your community MPD listservs, and respond to requests such as this:

        Good Morning,

        For all of you, who have submitted Community Impact Statements on previous
        cases, Thanks! Your involvement has made a difference in sentencing.

        Last month, I introduced Mr. Alexander Barnwell, 55, of Washington, D.C. Mr.
        Barnwell, pled guilty to charges of robbery and first degree theft in a pair of
        incidents that targeted bus and Metro passengers. Many of us ride the bus and
        definitely the Metro system.

        We think this case is of particular importance to the community at large.

        Mr.Barnwell will appear in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia before
        the Honorable Michael Ryan and is to be sentenced on May 23, 2011. The robbery
        charge carries up to 15 years in prison and the theft charge has a maximum
        penalty of 10 years of incarceration.

        Apparently crimes by Mr. Barnwell were committed at or near the Farragut North
        Metro station, Union Station, and the bus loading area in the 1000 block of New
        York Avenue NW.

        Please take a moment and write a note to the Honorable Judge Michael Ryan to
        impose the maximum sentence possible in this plea. Such actions send strong
        messages that community and law enforcement work together to stop crime.

        You may send that note via email to :
        Doug Klein, Esq (douglas dot klein at…) and Carolyn Crank (carolyn
        dot crank at usdoj dot gov. They will ensure that the Judge recieves your note.

        Ask that:

        ALEXANDER Barnwell

        Case No. 2011 CF3 001556:

        receive the maximum sentence, The statement should be sent by May 1, 2011.
        Remember, your name will be removed from note written.

        Thank You for helping to make our communities better.

        Bobby Pittman
        PSA 102 Co-Coordinator
        psa102coordinatormpd (at) gmail (dot) com

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