Shots Fired at 9th and R St, NW in Shaw Arrest Made at 10th and Westminster, Monday Night

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“Dear PoP,

There was just another shooting in NW. A young teen on a bike fired a gun at someone at 9th and R and fled west down R and turned north on 10th. He ditched the gun just before the cops tackled him at the intersection of 10th and Westminster. I got this information from the police on the scene but I’m not sure if anyone was injured. This is the third or fourth shooting within a 3 block radius in the past 3 weeks and appears to be gang retaliation. I have a feel this is only going to get worse as summer rolls in.”

From MPD:

“Tonight at approximately 9:30 pm officers heard sounds of gun shots in the area of 8th and R Street, NW. Officers began canvassing the area and located a citizen who provided the officers with a description of the possible suspect(s). Members of the Third District Crime Suppression Team observed a person matching the lookout in the area. When the officers attempted to stop the suspect he fled from the officers; however the officers were able to eventually stop the suspect and recovered a handgun. The suspect was placed under arrest.

Based of the information provided by the citizens in the area the officers were able to apprehend the suspect and recover a handgun.

If you observe any suspicious activity please call 911 immediately so an officer can respond out and investigate the matter.”

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  • Those memorialized at the African-American Civil War Memorial would be so proud to know their efforts and sacrifices were for naught.

    • pennyworth

      i wouldn’t say for naught. I think they’d be proud of what many of us have accomplished.

      • Just like George Washington would be proud of Glen Beck, or the rough equivalent of these kids out in the hinterland (ie white kids cooking meth, shooting heroin, stealing Rx drugs and killing each other over it). But I do understand the sentiment, dont get me wrong. This is just warped sensibilities in these households.

        • I’m more proud of Glen Beck than I am of the Shaw projects, and I hate Beck with a passion. Beck is at least well-informed. Granted, he tales his well-informed position and uses it to present hateful arguments based on skewed and flawed logic, but I have more respect for him.

          In the hinterlands, meth kids are shooting themselves in corn fields, not urban areas filled with people trying to work, start families, and live.

          • Glenn Beck is not well informed. You clearly havent watched enough of his show. His grasp of facts is lacking and he instead lives in a very scary fantasy world.

          • He knows as much about the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as anyone I know.

            It’s not enough to be well-informed. That which you are well-informed about has to not be fantastical bullshit.

            See also: “religious scholars”, “dungeon masters”

          • +1000 to Dr. P. for invoking dungeon masters.

            I concede that Beck is not well-informed (As I am clearly not informed at all about him apparently), but I would still rather have him as a neighbor than the kid in this story, even if Beck would want to gas me.

    • not every black person carries a gun. nothing to do with the Civil War, Bob..

  • pennyworth

    one more reason to move to the burbs.

  • OK, really? One shooting per week is just crazy. Those few blocks need some help (possibly in the form of truancy officers?)! Glad the officers heard that shots, and glad the citizenry was helpful, but we need more prevention, not just recovery.

    • Not even one per week. More like one shooting or stabbing per day.

      • That is a little bit of an exaggeration. At least in terms of the Shaw area. I have not seen reports of one per day.

        End of the day, I’m glad the police have stepped up their presence in the area. If they actually start catching the people who are committing these crimes, as they did last night, that should hopefully have a deterrent effect.

  • So this is the O Street Crew right? Who are they fighting with?

  • Wasn’t someone shot execution-style in the head in the alley behind Westminster just a few months ago?

  • Word of advice once you shot somebody get off the street.

  • Yet another reason to tear down the Lincoln Westmoreland projects and stop warehousing poor people up and down 7th and 9th streets.

  • The problems are generational and deep. Some of the causes are rooted in a stubbornly resentful urban culture. Some of the resentment is honestly earned for sure. What I see/hear on the street almost every day: Mother swears at her infant boy for making cute baby noises. “Shut up! You sound like a fucking faggot.” A funny face makes her think she may know who the father really is and swears at him into her phone because he won’t bring drugs by her crib any more. Slaps the child for making her remember. “I SAID shut the FUCK UP.” Laughs haughtily at the memory of refusing to learn anything in school, because the man just wanted to keep her down. She sure showed them alright. Child grows up, gets a gun, rides his bicycle, and shoots at people in our neighborhood. Police nab him. Hooray, we caught one. Rinse, repeat.

    • Which is why the wingnuts in Congress are hiding behind this abortion ban. They like this kind of sucking wound, as long as it’s sucking in one place, contained, like a zoo.

    • purple colors darkness spinning turtle?


    • Do you know my neighbor? I swear I have heard that shouted a few times @ a 8-10 year old through my wall.

      OAN. What is going on at the National Zoo? School field trips? The past few evenings the Woodley Park Metro has been over run with droves of teenagers pushing baby carts. After some type of altercation, cops are everywhere keeping an eye out.

    • pennyworth

      you forgot to mention that the entire process is made possible by the policies and subsidies put in place by the people that you elected.

      • The entire process is made possible by capitalism’s requirement that there be an underclass.

        • Pure capitalism would not provide free handouts for these people to continue to produce new generations of permanent poor. Ours is a capitalist-socialist hybrid that usually works quite well but has cracks in the foundation. These people have just got stuck in the cracks, and nobody will ever patch it.

          • pennyworth

            ^^ +1,000

          • If you think ending subsidies for the poor makes it impossible for them to produce another generation of impoverished people, I can offer a few billion examples from the third world that disprove your theory.

            I’m also not sure our system “usually works quite well.”

          • It works better than most.

    • if i hear another young mom tell her child to shut the F$*& for making cute (and normal) baby noises, i’m going to scream. it’s the saddest thing to see a child, herself, treating her poor innocent baby like it’s doing something wrong, when in fact, she’s the one that messed up.

      c’mon people, it’s not hard (or expensive) to wear a condom. just saying.

    • Yesterday in Columbia Heights mother is walking with about 5 year old girl who is pushing a stroller. The mother stops to speak to someone and the 5 year old doesn’t notice and keeps pushing the stroller. Mother starts yelling at the 5 year old “Come back here!! Why do you have to be such a bitch … dang I swear you are always being a bitch.” I think we just lost a couple of generations.

    • I would laugh if it weren’t so sad and true. I dated one of those women, and while she didn’t have a baby (yet) she inflicted the same abuse on her cat. From what she told me her parents were every bit as dysfunctional and crazy.

    • I saw a mom berating her child on the subway once, and when I looked up to see what the hell was going on, she said, “What? You want some motherfucker?” It struck me that not only do people treat their offspring like crap, but it is deemed publicly acceptable to do so. Or at least, they have no shame anymore.

      I mean, my mom yelled at me pr spanked me for being bad, but not in public. In public, if we were bad, we were ushered to the car or home for our floggings.

      • And I would be willing to bet that your mom probably didn’t call you bitch or motherfucker or faggot.

        A couple of weeks ago, I was around the corner from my house with my 2-year-old. He’d just gotten a toy lawnmower for his birthday from his uncle and we were “cutting” all the neighborhood grass. A little girl, who couldn’t have been more than 5, was riding her bike with her mother and stopped to look at son’s toy. Sure enough, the mother kept walking, then turned around and yelled “Get your ass over here! Ride that fucking bike!”

        Definitely one of the moments where I’ve wondered about raising a kid in DC.

      • This and the stories immediately above it are why people move out of DC when they have kids. As noble-minded as it may seem, these kids will be your child’s classmates, and these parents will be a non-contributing-at-best,destructive-at-worst part of your kid’s school environment. It’s sad, so sad, that these kids wind up damaged goods at such a young age, but there’s absolutely no way you could convince me to act put my own kid’s future and well-being up as collateral so that I could, in some capacity, also act in loco parentis for these kids.

  • Or *not* to move into a neighborhood that’s essentially a youth gang battlefield. One of two things are going to happen in the next decade or so: either rising rents will effectively eliminate the poor youth population in DC, or changing demographics of DC voters will lobby for, and enact harsh penalties imposed on those few actually convicted of violent crimes (i.e. make the minimum penalty for carrying an unregistered handgun in DC 10 years in jail; penalty for shooting, whether it results in a death or not, 20 years in jail).

    • So basically move to Dupont, Logan, Georgetown, or the good part of Cap Hill, huh? The problem with calling an area a “youth gang battleground” is that it effectively (and sadly) would rule out so many neighborhoods in DC. Right now, things are blowing up in Shaw. I can remember a short while ago when this was the case in Trinidad near H St. This battle will be suppressed eventually. What is sad is that a few months later another will break out in another part of the city and we’ll have to do the whole thing over again.

      • Move anywhere where there’s no significant poor youth population. In this city, “poor urban youth” is pretty much synonymous with murder.

        I suppose we could continue throwing money at the same tired solutions that have done nothing but exacerbate the problem for 30 years. But the only solution to this is to make them poor suburban youth.

        • Or, just stop all free handouts. Stop welfare, stop food stamps, stop subsidized housing. Sure, it will create an even worse poverty epidemic and ridiculous crime levels for 40-50 years, but after the ensuing apocalypse, teenagers will stop having babies and cities will become urban oases for the affluent, surrounded by suburban DMZs, filled with roving poachers and CHUDs.

          • If DC imposed the same level of services, and the same formal and informal policies of discouraging poor folks from living here as they do in the suburbs, there wouldn’t *be* any poor people in DC in a decade. We have a moral obligation to contribute to the general welfare, but with our level of funding and services, there’s no question we’re the “chumps” of the region.

          • The DC Government could just subsidize it’s poor w/children to move to the suburbs, so if they can show a lease proving they’ve moved out of town their rent would be covered for the first six months. They could even throw a free handgun in with the deal. The saving to the city would be enormous.

          • I’ve actually proposed this before. Pay their moving fees, give them their security deposit, Hell pay their monthly rent, and give them a monthly stipend. Make it volunary: most poor folks aspire to live in the suburbs anyway–it’s suburban policies that keep them in DC.

            The cost of all of that would be far outweighed by the savings on social costs (policing, infrastructure, etc, etc…).

          • That’s worked out really well in Somalia–it’s the picture of civilization and urban oases.

          • after you cut everyone off, are you going to beef up your security system on your home? because you can count on a break in… the solution is NOT to cut everyone off… it’s to educate in the first place. the GOP wants to cut off welfare and planned parenthood. they’d rather you have the little rugrats and then starve them. how about educating the mother about using condoms so you don’t have the problem in the first place. get real.

          • @Veronika,

            I think you’re being a bit naive if you think that a single mother on public assistance who’s already got a kid doesn’t understand the existence of condoms, or how they work.

            A lot of times, having a kid is a rational decision based on financial, social, and yes, emotional incentives. If you’ve got nothing at all, sometimes having a baby seems like a fantastic idea.

      • As long as it happens somewhere else, further from where I live (joking).

        What shocks me about this happening at 9th and R is that it’s really only a 10-15 minute walk to areas of downtown where lots of people work. It shocks me that you can have people walking home in business suits at 6-7 pm and then have someone getting shot 2-3 hours later. It shows how screwed up DC is.

  • @bob,

    10-15 minute walk is like 10-15 miles in the suburbs. It may as well be in a different county. There are places around H Street, Rosedale, and RFK where your street is either an ungodly war zone, or an oasis of calm that is never touched by so much as littering.

    Crime in DC is *incredibly* local.

    • This is so true. I think it is also reflected in the fact that this crime really only has a very localized effect (if that) on real estate values. Properties just north of Shaw in the “U Street Corridor Area” – as well as the nicer areas near H St (mostly South of it) seem totally unaffected by the sketchiness that may happen just a few blocks away – even though it does occassionally spill over, as we saw earlier this week with the 14th & V shooting.

      I went for a run down 9th last night around 7:30 and if you were judging solely by the people walking around at that time near 9th & Rhode Island, you’d think it was an extremely affluent neighborhood. Fast forward a few hours and there’s a shooting. Just part of the bizarro world of DC I guess.

      • The fact that everyone, even on this site, accepts it and doesn’t demand more from their politicians, shows how screwed up DC is.

        Gray needs to shift money away from handouts and towards more police. Doubling the size of MPD would be a start.

        • Right, but at present, there’s a tenuous balance between–on one end of the equation–a large number of middle-class residents (black and white) who are fed up. On the other end is a large number of poor (and some middle-class) residents who feel that there’s way too *much* punishment going on. They’re afraid that their “good kid” is going to end up “justifiably” retaliating against some “bad kid” from another neighborhood, and end up going to jail. (Believe me, the tribalism of neighborhoods is not just confined to the kids; some of the beefs go back generations).

          There was a kid shot by Park Police just north of H Street a few years ago. He basically was running from the cops, turned and pulled a gun on them, and was shot. There was outrage from a subset of the community, protestations of what a “good boy” he was (I think he was in his early 20s), and excuses offered up that *of course* he was carrying a gun. You need to carry a gun on “the streets” to be safe, etc, etc…

          Imagine getting legislation passed in that environment that imposes *serious* sanctions on folks carrying unregistered handguns. Not going to happen.

          But once the demographic numbers shift just a bit in favor of middle-class folks who’ve seen enough of this infantile bullshit, I think that’s when the dam comes crumbling down.

        • + 1×10^99

          I have faith in the incoming waves of new Washingtonians to act and demand more from their elected officials — just look at the Fenty write-in effort, some ~20% of the votes.

          On a more recent note: how come there hasn’t been any mention of today’s election? POP, how come no post? Or did I miss it?

    • I think there are some predictors though: Liquor stores and “Problem Houses” being the top two. Get a few of those lined up and you have your hub of nonsense. In our neighborhood there are a few places where the young parents are no more mature than their own children and with a lack of proper supervision…kids from the neighborhood seem to flock there to kick-start an afternoon of trouble (dealing or stealing).

  • this sucks. seriously, this is fucking crazy.

  • Yet another story that probably won’t make it to the mainstream local media. Anyone notice how they all already dropped the story about the dead person they found on Ontario by 17th on Monday??

    • Yeah, I was wondering about that and have been looking for more news on it. They never even named the victim. Weird since it was in such a yuppified part of AM—right by Harris Teeter, for god’s sakes.

    • Yea very funny how they dropped that one. You didn’t see Jim Graham out there in his bow tie saying how tragic it was, guess he’ll wait until there is an election with his name on the ballot. I live in the immediate area and have seen no increase in police activity either. That is a whole 3 blocks from the 3D police station and at least the fourth murder since this time last year in a 2-3 block radius.

  • So, my plan to save DC is this:

    Give away or sell off for almost nothing all of the cities public housing to its current residents. Let them deal with it, care for it, sell it if they want too. I don’t care. Let them be empowered. Taxpayers will save money (longterm) and residents get something for nothing.

    Take the entire public housing budget and put it into education.

    Wait a few years.


  • who doubts that this turd isn’t already back at home?

  • I wonder how much we’d have to pay these kids to stop carrying guns and shooting at each other? We’ll give you a million if you sign this contract and agree to move out of the country, to someplace safe, like Mexico.

  • Given any evidence of previous youth summer programs… about 50 million

  • Sickening, really. By my rough estimate that’s 6 (media reported) shootings in the past month. I would hope that the eventual completion of Progression Place and the other condo’s along 7th Street would ease the crime, but that’s wishful thinking, I’m afraid…

  • Speaking of money, apparently these guys think the price is about $150. Just pay their cell phone bill.

  • It’s not a shooting if no one was shot. Sensationalist.

    • +1 PoP, the title should be “shots fired”. Definitely misleading and overblowing the situation a tad – not to say that this isn’t horrible and serious and whatnot. Just no need to make it even bigger than it already is.

  • Mostly, I think that as long as it’s just black-on-black (or brown-on-brown) violence, nobody really much cares. They can have their ridiculous little beefs with their ridiculous little rival crew from the next block over, and the rest of us just casually step over the dead bodies and broken lives and move on.

    If black-on-white violence ever becomes something more than an aberration, then we’ll get serious enforcement of existing laws and a concerted effort to eradicate violence, especially gun violence, and those who inflict it. But that will just be the lock-’em-up or chase-’em-out strategy, not the strategy where we attack the root problems like poverty and dependence on handouts and family dysfunction that others in this thread have indentified. Sad, really.

    • Well unfortunately the violence often brings down innocent victims as well. If two gangbangers wanna cleanse themselves from the gene pool, I won’t shed a tear for it. If they wanna do it in a way that also takes the life of a young boy (such as that kid killed in Columbia Heights a year or so ago), that’s where I draw the line.

      Of course, their little antics bring down property values so I guess I’m a victim in a way.

      And the sensitive part of me thinks it’s a shame that lives end up being taken over the silliest shit, even if it’s a gangbanger’s life. I’d rather find a way to give him a chance at life.

    • who the hell are these people that you know that don’t care? everyone i know in my neighborhood, black, brown, yellow, white, whatever, cares and talks about violence. have you never worked with law enforcement? they work very hard at their thankless job. talk to more neighbors. meet more cops. you’ll find people that care.

  • If you’re interested in what your elected officials might have to say about crime in Shaw, come ask your questions TONIGHT!

    The next CCCA monthly meeting will be held at 7pm, Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at the Kennedy Recreation Center, 1401 7th Street NW. We will be joined by the Honorable Mayor Vincent C. Gray. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary, and Metropolitan Police Department’s Chief Cathy Lanier will also be take part in our discussion.

  • If black-on-white violence ever becomes something more than an aberration, then we’ll get serious enforcement of existing laws and a concerted effort to eradicate violence, especially gun violence, and those who inflict it.

    Not quite sure what you think is going to happen here. Or what should happen now. You make it sound like DC’s middle-class community isn’t doing enough to support law enforcement, or strict enforcement. Most of the pushback against strict enforcement comes from a very large number of DC voters who are (justifiably) afraid that effective enforcement will nab their friends and relatives.

    The sad fact of the matter is, you get serious enforcement when you support serious enforcement. And many crime-ridden communities in DC are extremely ambivalent about whether they want strict enforcement. There are laws on the books, but they’re often circumvented during the sentencing phase. For example, so long as various communities tacitly support carrying a handgun as normative behavior nothing will change.

    No one’s going to support strict sentences that are going to put your lovable (but mischievous) nephew in jail for 10 years.

    • I think it’s more accurate to say that
      “Most of the pushback against strict enforcement comes from a very large number of DC voters who are (justifiably) afraid that effective enforcement will UNJUSTIFIABLY) nab their friends and relatives.”

      People of color who live in areas that are besieged by crime are not worried that their criminal relatives will go to jail, they are worried that their non-criminal relatives will be swept up on mere suspicion of being involved in crime. People who tend to be most supportive of aggressive law enforcement techniques – stopping anyone who looks “suspicious” and demanding ID; breaking up any gathering of 2 or more people wherever it may be; random stops by police; etc. – tend to be people who know that they are unlikely to be touched by these techniques. Sort of like the people who support these Arizona-type immigration laws because they know that, based on their looks, the odds that they will be targeted for an immigration check are slim.

      • People of color who live in areas that are besieged by crime are not worried that their criminal relatives will go to jail, they are worried that their non-criminal relatives will be swept up on mere suspicion of being involved in crime.

        Excellent point. Though it’s not as if you’re going to sell your son, nephew, or boy next door down the river if he is caught with a handgun–or charged with a drive-by.

        After all, he didn’t do it, and even if he did, he was completely justified. That’s just human nature.

        Either way, the lack of enforcement certainly has very little to do with nothing to do with “white folks” fostering an atmosphere of apathy.

    • Dr Pangloss, I do agree that there’s a lot of ambivalence in the black community about more aggressive law enforcement. I just don’t think it starts there or ends there. I mean, where’s Mendo on this? Cheh? Wells? Where, for that matter, are their constituents? When was the last time somebody campaigned on getting tough on the known sources of trouble and got a lot of mileage out of it?

      The truth is that the people with the juice to make things happen in this town won’t upset the apple cart as long as violence is contained within the black community. They’ll tsk-tsk the news reports, and get righteous when an intersection is roped off again, but the next day it’s business as usual. After all, the data suggests that if you’re white and middle class and not involved with the drug trade, you’re about as safe in this town as you are anywhere else.

      • Dr Pangloss, I do agree that there’s a lot of ambivalence in the black community about more aggressive law enforcement. I just don’t think it starts there or ends there. I mean, where’s Mendo on this? Cheh? Wells? Where, for that matter, are their constituents? When was the last time somebody campaigned on getting tough on the known sources of trouble and got a lot of mileage out of it?

        Agreed. But there’s a kind of brain-lock going on here. Folks like Mendo, and particularly in the case of Wells aren’t going to take a hard-line law-and-order position. They just aren’t. Mendo because he’s a total believer in old school liberalism (for better or worse), and Wells because as the representative of Ward 6 he represents an very diverse constituency–one that’s deeply conflicted about the way forward.

        People white and black get the policies they support. In the case of DC’s voters, for now those policies are essentially all carrot and no stick. That’s a function of well-intentioned liberal philosophy on one hand, and a distrust of the police and institutions (based somewhat on hard-bought experience) on the other.

  • ledroittiger

    I mean…the person probably is, but the report didn’t say anything about the suspect being black. There are a lot of African-American-related comments here which are based on assumptions. Assumptions made by a likely predominantly white bunch of readers.

    If we could start recruiting some white kids into these gangs, maybe someday people will just make comments about how dangerous gangs are.

  • [quote]If we could start recruiting some white kids into these gangs, maybe someday people will just make comments about how dangerous gangs are.[/quote]

    Again, you hear this quite a bit about “white folks not caring about violence or gang activity”. And that’s an old, old meme, one that traditionally involved pointing fingers at suburban whites as apathetic enablers.

    Do you really think the biggest issue driving DC’s crime problem is that white (and other middle-class voters) just don’t care about crime enough? Unlikely.

    • ledroittiger

      That’s not what I meant. I was being facetious and saying that if gangs were of mixed race, white people would make more noise about gangs in general and less about black crime. And I’m also not referring to you – others who commented earlier in this post were making it a black issue without any information about what the suspect looked like. But thanks for paying attention anyway.

    • you only care when it’s in your backyard… in the 80s when NO ONE (white) was living in this area, no one cared. Now that it’s fashionable to live in the city, it’s a problem.

      • + 0.5

        -Agree that it’s considered to be a “problem” now when it wasn’t much of one before.
        -Disagree that “no one” cared about it before. Many residents of these neighborhoods cared deeply and tried to bring attention to the problem but their pleas fell on deaf ears. That’s why they resent the feeling of being pushed out of their neighborhoods now that an effort is finally being made to make the neighborhoods safer.

      • of course it was a problem in the 80’s you idiot. why do you think people didn’t care? good god that’s moronic.

      • in the 80s when NO ONE (white) was living in this area, no one cared. Now that it’s fashionable to live in the city, it’s a problem.

        You know who else doesn’t care about crime in this area as the folks who live in this area? People who live in Manassas. What the Hell is the matter with those Manassas people???

        Let’s blame the Mannassans for not riding in on a white horse and ushering a new age of peace and prosperity.

  • By the way, interesting factoid from the DC Crime Map application: It is often said that violence in DC is concentrated in the neighborhoods east of the river. But according to Crime Map, to date there have been 10 homicides east of the river (MPD Districts 3-5) and 9 homicides west of the river (MPD Districts 6-7).

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