Renovations from PoPville – Kitchen Vol. 24

I always enjoy sharing renovation projects whether it be kitchen, bathroom, yards or anywhere really. If you have a renovation project you’d be willing to share please send a few before and after photos to princeofpetworth(at) Please also send a few details like which contractor you used, roughly how much it cost, what appliances you used, how long the project took and any other info you think might be useful.

This reader writes:

“We just put up the back splash up over the weekend, but we remodeled our entire kitchen last Sept. and did all the work ourselves. I have also attached pictures of the kitchen before and during the remodel.

We had originally got an estimate of $25,000 which was really high and did not include materials, so we decided to do the work ourselves! We ended up having to tear down the old ceiling because it was slopping and found a new mess in the ceiling (we replaced plumbing and washer was leaking from the second floor).

We ended up spending around $13,000 total for the materials and the labor was of course free. Our appliances are GE Profile for Dishwasher, microwave, and oven and Samsung counter depth frig. We got our counter top from the Granite outlet and our cabinets are kraftmaid.”


Awesome! More photos after the jump.


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  • Typo on the estimate, it should be $25000.

  • Looks like you guys did a great job. Congrats on saving a ton of cash doing it yourself. Probably learned a bunch in the process.

  • I like it! The back splash is nice, and it’s impressive that y’all did the whole thing yourselves.

    I’ve been debating installing my own back splash in the kitchen but as it took me 6 days, 4 pairs of jeans, 6 t-shirts, and a week despair to paint one tiny bathroom, I might just try to find someone else to do it.

  • Nice renovation! I’m curious what the cost of your backsplash was and how hard it was to do yourself. I’m thinking of adding one to my kitchen(similar size of your backsplash installation), but am questioning if I can do it myself or if I need to contract this small project out. Any insight/advice is appreciated.

  • pablo .raw

    Looks great! hopefully you don’t have a problem with the fridge next to the wall; sometimes that makes it hard to open the drawers.

  • looks great. i would recommend tiling to the left of the stove also.

    • Yes. I think it’s actually against code to have a stove right up against a wall like that. I believe you are supposed to have 6″ of clearance on either side…

      • I’m pretty sure you are incorrect Laura. It depends on the model of the stove, and is in the installation instructions, many are so called “zero” clearance. That said I would still tile next to the stove just to be extra safe..

  • Is the backsplash individual tiles or sheets? I love it. where did you get it?

  • Thanks! Yes we learned a great deal and luckily my dad is a great handy man and came up for the week to help us. We couldn’t have done it without him! As for the back splash it cost $24 a sheet for a total around $450. It took us 7 hours to put up, but it really wasn’t too hard. You just need to rent a tile cutter.

  • looks great. Are those ikea cabinets? I installed the same ones in my house.

    • Wow, I can’t believe he bust out the “I” word! Wow, seriously, Wow! Next you’ll be accusing them of Home-Depoting the whole project. Dang, that’s seriously uncool.

      • both ikea and home depot have nice cabinets. ikea actually have great hardware for their cabinets. neither, however, have nice lighting fixtures or tiles. you just have to pick and choose carefully.

      • Holy shit! I can’t believe he would F**KING DARE!!!! He needs to be flogged! Tarred-and-feathered! Slowly dismembered with a dull spoon!

        Get a grip, dude.

      • We put in Ikea cabinets that look just like this, at least from a distance. Ikea’s like anything else. They have a wide range of options, from dirt cheap to upper mid-range. We went upper mid-range and the cabinets are much, much better than contractors offered us for the same price, especially the hardware.

        We need to do a tile backsplash too. I’ll upload pictures when(ever) that gets done.

  • Gorgeous! I usually prefer white cabinets/appliances to the dark wood/stainless steel/granite countertop trend, but this is a huge improvement. The backsplash really makes it.

  • I prefer the “before” cabinets to the new ones. i would have replaced just the tile counter and called it a day.

    • Yeah, the ugly tiles are all that really needed replacing.

      What’s the floor like?

    • The old cabinets were only 32 inch and we needed more storage so went with new 42 inch ones. We didn’t replace the floor. It’s the same wood flooring that is on our first floor.

    • Hells no! those former cabinets are hideous!

      • hideous? some paint and new hardware and they could be pretty hot. but you do need a little imagination to make it happen

        • I don’t even think they would need paint. White cabinets are so pretty and they help open up a small kitchen; it’s a shame they aren’t more in vogue. Hopefully they sold or donated the old cabinets so someone else can enjoy them.

  • Holy Schnikes!! Nice work, it looks great– especially after seeing the before pictures!

  • Very nice! Congrats!

  • Looks amazing! I love the backsplash. Did your dad provide all the instruction, or were you able to research online and figure out how to do some things?

  • And on the idea of Ikea…I just finished a renovation of my kitchen using Ikea cabinets and their contractor Osprey Bay.

    I loved the look of a specific type of cabinet, but the original Italian kind would have cost me a fortune.

    They came and measured ($75) and then planned ($150) the kitchen. They have an a la carte type of deal, so they gave me three price ranges. Within those price ranges if I decided to do something on my own (take cabinets down, do plumbing) they would discount for that, plus they gave me back the $225 I spent on measuring/planning.

    I went with the middle price and they did everything but repaint the walls. They ordered everything (I just paid for the cabinets, countertops, etc), picked everything up, assembled everything, and dealt with all the other contractors (electrical, plumbing, countertop, etc.). I love love love the outcome, and was so glad I went with them. I had NO contractor woes, however Ikea itself sucks to deal with. I highly recommend Osprey Bay.

    I got cabinets, countertops, dishwasher, vent & hood, sink, new electrical outlets and fuse, plumbing; and all the labor for approx $14,000.

    • That’s really good to know – thanks for the review! We’ve been considering redoing our kitchen with Ikea cabinets but would want to look elsewhere for the sink, hardware, countertops, etc. I’ll keep that option in mind for when we get around to doing this!

    • do you have before/after pictures?

    • Wow, that sounds great! Can I ask how large your kitchen is? I’m trying to get a labor quote from a contractor I know before the sale ends, not working. I left a message with Osprey Bay this morning. Were they on time and at budget? Thanks!

  • OP.. great job with the renovation!

    Perhaps you should make this job to earn a living.. you wd be great!

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