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  • Why do people always call it “Potbelly’s”?? It’s clearly called Potbelly. Always struck me as odd.

  • Amen. I encounter many people in the DMV that give every business an apostrophe S. Certainly odd, and nearly inept.

    Might you say an Apple Store’s coming to Anacostia?

    …i do not know

    • saf

      Agh. “The DMV.” Agh.

      That said, it is not just here. We make every business in western NY into a possessive too.

      • OK, I’m just laughing now because so many thing in this post are bugging me, I’m officially a cranky old man.

        1) It is “Potbelly”, not “Potbelly’s”.
        2) Their sandwiches are fine; not horrible, not great.
        3) Don’t call it “the DMV”. That has really got to stop.
        4) And finally, get off my lawn.

  • yeah, i feel bad using that collective, thank you. to clarify, i mean the D.C. regional area.

    Western New York sometimes puts the cheese on the ‘pizza’ before the sauce. 🙂

    (captcha: M5DC)

  • I’m always happy to have more food options in the neighborhood, but it’d be nice if there was more variety. There are already a few Potbelly restaurants (Potbellies??)within walking distance of the new location. Do we really need to have a Potbelly or Chop’t or Subway within two blocks of us at *all* times??

    The fact that there’s still no Chik-fil-A in this city blows my mind, by the way…

  • I used to be a Potbelly hater, I now accept it as a passable fast lunch place. This change has come as a result of appreciation of a few things:
    1) The Clubby sandwich
    2) The availability of a < 3 dollar milkshake made from actual ice cream

  • There is a Chik-Fil-A in the Marvin Center at GWU. Wendy(apostrophe)s too.

  • There is already a Potbelly on 11 and G!! Enough already, these sandwiches are total crap.

  • @Rooty Tooty – real, full fat milk too. delicious.

  • My secretary always says Nordstroms. “Going to Nordstroms.” Major pet peeve.

  • I work right here, and am so excited! The one at 11 & G is not close enough for lunch. There’s a complete lack of sandwich places around here. Yay, Potbelly’s!

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