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  • Wow – if I were a kid living near there I would be f**ked up for life with nightmares! In fact I don’t think I can sleep tonight!

  • It spooks my dog. . .
    I just tell the kids they used to film Survivor there.

  • Wow – it repels kids and dogs! I want me one for my lawn!

    • There are pavers and bushes around it because it kills the grass and less hardy plants. The placard in front of it warns of the dangers of prolonged exposure (no more than 3 minutes). Take the good with the bad, I guess.

  • i believe that is jobu?

    I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.

  • The park looks very good – wish DC would investigate buying out propery owners (who wanted to be bought out, of course) to establish more of these spaces as they are big part of what makes any city great and are real catlysts for improvement. Nature makes things better – who knew? The underdeveloped lot across the street (where Pizza Huta nd the wing place are) is a good candiate for a pocket park, as well – wonder if they would sell. I’m still smarting at the missed opportunity for a great pocket park where the new CVS is at GA and NH…

    Nature makes things better, who knew?

  • Actually, the triangular parks created by diagonal streets are called Reservations. This one is Reservation 317. Here is a photograph of it taken on 6/17/1927 http://www.historydc.org/library/searchcatalog.aspx?Mode=4&ID=87290&NUM=ALL

  • Cool – thanks for sharing.

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