Man Shot and Killed in Park View, Shooting in Trinidad Sat. Night

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DC Alerts reported:

“Shooting 0021 hours 100 b/o Irving St NW, No lookout”

From The Post:

Kevin Andre Washington, of Northwest, was killed in the 100 block of Irving Street, and was found lying in the street just after midnight with apparent gunshot wounds, police said.

Officers had received a call about a struck pedestrian in the Park View neighborhood.

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Earlier in the night DC Alerts also reported:


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  • always horrifying to hear about a murder.

  • The shooting in Trinidad occurred on Saturday, not Sunday, night.

  • The Park View victim lived on Quebec St NW. I really hope whatever has started in Park View will end soon. That’s 2 young men from PV that have been killed in the past 4 days. Very sad for the families and friends of both victims. Hard enough for them to loose 1 friend, now a second. God help these young people.

  • The District’s murder spree continues unabated, almost like the crews train serial killers from a very early age. Violent and well-armed young men indeed.

  • These people need to learn that they should not be keeping the company they keep. Its hard to not get frustrated with these people who are involved in situations that bring it on for themselves. The victim from Quebec was a neighbor of mine who never caused me any problem but I knew he was trouble from the posse he hangs with.

  • Our only fear is crossfire. Otherwise the sooner these scum murder each other off, the better PV, Petworth and Pleasant Plains will be

    • One would like to believe it’s “Darwin in Action” but sadly this kind of thing just devolves into protracted feuds and the cycle of brutality continues. I don’t believe they reproduce (not just biological) faster than they eliminate themselves.

    • A) It doesn’t work. Enough people pass to the next generation to keep the cycle going.

      B) It’s a completely ignorant thing to say.

  • The 2 PV victims were not the trouble makers of the neighborhood. For the most part they kept to themselves and stayed out of trouble. It’s hard to unassociate yourself with the young men your age that you grew up with. PV is a tight community and lots of these guys are cousins. Just not talking with people isn’t an option in a lot of cases. Their lives are too intertwined. These victims should not be blamed and they deserve justice as anyone else would. Sadly, a lot of innocent people get caught up in this mess.

    • I would hate to have friends/brothers/cousins like this in my inner circle. How do 2 guys that stay to themselves get murdered? Was it errant gunfire?

      For the commenter that puts forth all these excuses, shame on you. I’d do what I had to do to keep from getting senselessly murdered. If that included not talking to cousins or friends, oh well.

  • Please be careful how you speak about human life. These were friends, brothers, and cousins of your neighbors. Have some compassion. I hope you’re never in a situation where you hear your friends being called scum because they were a victim of a crime. Believe it or not, not all the young men in PV are thugs. They have value just as anyone else. Please reserve casting judgment and putting people in a box that you don’t know. RIP Chris and Kevin…

  • POP, you might to try “welcome to the beautiful life with some ugly comments”

  • @ Uh Huh
    I am happy that you don’t have people in your inner circle like that. I am glad that you didn’t grow up in a neighborhood where you are a target no matter what. Sadly if you are a young black male 23 and under, you can be a target. Everyone is shocked and puzzled why these 2 were victims. You can’t control who gets hit when a group of people are hell bent on killing young men from your neighborhood. Your association is where you live.

    There are no excuses for the perpetrators; victims don’t need excuse because they are not to blame! I knew these young men and am very upset about all this. It is heartbreaking and then to read such hateful comments from people who have no clue what they are talking about is like salt on a wound.

    BTW- I have given my life to work with the children, youth, and young adults of Park View. I speak the truth to them daily and am very hard on them. Anyone who knows me knows that I will challenge them and rebuke them when I need to. I had a straight talk with the teens about how they can keep themselves out of this beef, so that they can have a future. So I’m not making excuses and no I’m not ashamed of my comments. I am working with several of these young people to help them get their GED’s, tutoring the kids and teens in school, provide all day Saturday activities for the kids in PV, take the teens on college tours, and host weekly teen art nights. I am one of the only ones trying to help these young people and one of the only ones willing to get my hands dirty doing so. I have a perspective on all of this that most won’t on POP because of what I do and feel I need to be a voice for my young people.

    • You can’t control who gets hit when a group of people are hell bent on killing young men from your neighborhood. Your association is where you live.

      The only thing you can do in this situation is get the Hell out of Dodge. No way I’d raise my kid in a neighborhood where rival gangs of their peers were engaged in a hot war. No fucking way.

      The difference is that I’ve got options. I can move. These folks can’t. But they should be given that option. We need to break up the concentrations of poverty. We need to break up the multi-generational habits of dysfunction.

      This is one reason why allowing a reduction in the number of housing units for the poorest of the poor in DC is a good thing. It comes entirely from breaking up these various warring factions. DC taxpayers should be giving poor mothers with kids a stipend and housing vouchers to move to Gaithersburg.

    • Well you can stop supporting people like Yvette and Mendolson that want to keep child criminals on the street where they continue to harass and intimidate the children that are trying to get by and survive.

      You can’t continue to vote for these clowns and think that anything is going to get better for young black men.

  • All this you are doing is wonderful. But it is something that should be done by the families. If you don’t acknowledge that as the monumental failure, then we are doomed to read about this forever. You can’t replace the love of the mothers, dare I even mention fathers. All you can do is supplement a huge void.

    You wouldn’t take vitamins instead of fruits and vegetables. Similarly, all you are doing is giving them a vitamin. It doesn’t make them healthy. It does, however, make you feel better. You get to come on here (Anonymous, of course) and blow your own horn while the fruits of your labor get killed on the street. No where in your post have you mentioned the parents. Start there. That is where all the rot starts.

    • uh huh,
      it’s great you’ve got it all figured out. thank you.
      some of us don’t live in the same world as you. call us aliens, if you need to, so as not to mar your view of the way things work.
      your degrading tone is unhelpful. your advice will not solve our problems.
      unless you are wiling to learn our alien ways, and unless you are wiling to do something about the problems we face, please leave us to our own.

  • Anonymous,
    Ok, no thanks. Not willing to learn alien ways. Particularly when the people you speak of seemingly kill each other for no apparent reason. Why would anyone put themselves in contact with hyper aggressive violent people that kill anyone as you say in your posts? That just makes no sense.

    What I am doing has kept me alive thus far. It seems to me that it would be far better for you aliens to learn the ways of the people that lead far more productive lives.

    • it must be hard to be so perfect.

      • Family is important, but even small things can help turn a life around. Uh Huh may have given up trying (or maybe never has tried)…keep fighting the good fight! I will say its frustrating to see nice kids in the neighborhood running with not so nice kids sometimes, it would be good to make the not so nice kids feel like the alienated ones.

  • @ Uh Huh

    My name is Angela Strange and I run the Park View Kids Zone program at the field house at PV Rec Center. I agree it starts in the home, but the reality is a lot of folks have crap parents. So are they hopeless because of the family they are born in? They have a lot stacked against them for sure, but not hopeless. I simply stated the work I do in the community to give a context of my comments not to toot my own horn. The people you so clearly hate are the people I work with everyday. There are a ton of other things I could do with my life that are a hell of a lot easier that could make me feel better about myself. I find it very frustrating for some stranger to come on here and blast what I do. We have seen significant improvement in the kids’ lives we work with. Grades have gone up, reading levels have gone up, and behaviors have changed. I would invite you to come by and see for yourself what we are doing because it’s working.

    I am not going to change your mind on a blog, but I do challenge you to come to PVKZ. Please come see our program and meet our kids. Maybe your outlook on “these people” would change.

  • Like Father….Like Son…

    Kevin Andre Washington was found on Irving Street NW near Washington Hospital Center early Sunday, D.C. police said. His death was the sixth in the city since Wednesday. There was no indication that the killing was connected to any of the others.

    Relatives said Kevin Andre Washington shared his father’s name. The father was 31 when fatally shot in Columbia Heights in fall 1994.

  • To everyone working to improve the lives of these young people, thank you. To those trying to understand what life is like for the less advantaged in this city, wonderful. To everyone else who thinks these kids deserve it or the city is better off without them, kindly move elsewhere.

  • @Uh Huh
    Hey I attend Park View Kidz Zone and I live in the ParkView area.I’m in the ninth grade and attend one of the best highschool’s in the nation.I live with a single parent and for you to so that kids/teens that come from broken homes can do nothing good in life is just wrong. I dont think it’s right for you to say that and Ms.angela does a great job helping my peers and I in school.

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