Penthouse Bar Applies for Liquor License in Space Above Future Vida Fitness on U St, NW

Speaking of Pools – Penthouse bar will be located at 1612 U St, NW (in the former Results building).

The liquor license application says:

“New Tavern. American style menu, sandwiches, soups, and salads. Occupancy load is 299.”

And it’s also interesting to note that the Licensee is listed as “Capitol City Brewing Company, LLC”.

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  • Beware of doing business with VIDA gym! To be fair, they do have beautiful facilities with great workout equipment but they have unfair business policies. I’ll share my story to spread awareness. I signed up for a year contract and 3-4 months into it I hurt my back. Got MRI, etc done and turns out I had a herniated disc. Per the terms of the contract, I provided a Doctors note and requested to be released from the contract since I was ordered by the Dr. to ONLY do physical therapy for a few months. VIDA’s management developed a condescending and unsympathetic tone in dealing with me and would not release me from the terms of the contract unless a paid for the next month (which I obviously wouldn’t be able to use) plus a termination fee of $45. I was more than willing to pay the termination fee but paying for an extra month isn’t a fair deal. I’m sorry VIDA but I don’t schedule my injuries 30 days in advance!!! Anyways, just thought I would share my story for awareness purposes. I’m sure VIDA isn’t the only gym out there with these types of unfair business practices but they sure could be an even better business if they treated their customers more fairly.

    • I sympathize with your predicament, but — just so you know — 30-day notice provisions are pretty common.

      Without looking at Vida’s contract I can’t be sure, but my gym has a similar clause and I never thought of it as overly burdensome. Your injury was unforeseeable, sure, but someone has to bear the risk of unforeseeable injury, and it’s not unfair that the injured party is that person. Especially when the risk is only 1 month’s worth of dues.

      Oh, and I’m pretty sure that the guy who owns Vida/Bang also owns Cap City. He’s owned that building for quite a while.

      • They should have the injured party pay EITHER a termination fee OR one month of dues in that case – not both. It’s not like they won’t write that off on their taxes anyways. I’m not discussing what’s is technically legal or illegal here. I’m talking about what’s right and wrong and this practice, as I mentioned probably practiced by most gyms, is simply greed.

        And for the smartass people who always say, “don’t you read a contract, blah blah” well, yes, I perused the contract before I signed but did i sit there and ponder every contingency or every possible scenario and it’s possible outcome, NO! And i’m betting neither does ANYONE else so take your self-righteous comments and stick up your A$$!

    • Don’t you read contracts before signing them? You’re lucky they didn’t turn you into part of a human CENTIiPAD! 🙂

  • I’m confused about this penthouse pool. Will it be attached to Vida, meaning only members can use it, or is it open to the public for a fee? If it is only for members (which seems most logical to me), if the bar/liquor license only for the members who want drinks while at the pool?

    I also thought Cap City Brewing Co was coming in on the ground floor. Is that not happening anymore?

  • A bar with a swimming pool sounds like the coolest thing to come along in years!

  • If it’s for the pool on the roof, it will only be for members (at least that’s what they told me when I signed up). The pool wasn’t designed as a working out pool. It’s more of a member’s only bar/lounge with a pool if that makes any sense.

  • Cap City Brewing Co. is owned by Vida’s owner I believe

    • Yes, his name is David Von Storch. I believe he also owns the Bang salon(hence why Vida/Bang are frequently next door neighbors–see P st).

  • Salad and swimming… mmm…

  • Isn’t it going to be a gay pool club?

  • I heard it’s around 200 a month if you want pool and gym membership. The gym membership I think is just $100, which is still high. I was curious what happens in the winter, do they lower the rates for the pool people from Sept – May?

    • Nope, initial pool memberships were about 120 to Vida members and that’s a year round fee. After a certain time, any member can use the rooftop lounge/pool area. According to Vida, the pool will be in use for about 6 months out of the year.

  • what a waste of money.

  • You couldn’t pay me enough money to get in that pool consisting of man broth and gentlemen’s relish. Barf……

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