IHOP Soon Offering Delivery to Columbia Heights

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

IHOP located on the 1400 block of Irving St, NW in DC USA announced some pretty sweet news for Columbia Heights residents:

@IHOPDCUSA now delivers to Highland Park Apts. Soon we will be expanding our range to include the entire Columbia Heights neighborhood!”

I’ll be curious if they are able to keep to the food warm but if they are this is a very very sweet option.

What do you guys think – will IHOP make for a good delivery option?

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  • When the IHOP delivery guy shows up at your doorstep, just imagine him handing you a piece of paper with “Minus 15 Years” crudely scribbled across it, because that’s more or less what you’re getting. Good job, America.

  • WOW that is exciting. Sure hope they expand over to Park View.

    Minus 15 years, for a meal at IHOP… What?

  • You would have to have the absolute worst hangover ever to really do that.

  • Given how long it takes to get your food when you’re actually sitting in the restaurant, I can’t imagine what their delivery time would be like.

    • Yeah. We’ve gone for breakfast a couple of times and have had real trouble getting our 2-year-old to sit long enough for the food to come. I just don’t understand how it can take that long to cook pancakes and eggs.

      • Same problem here. So, I guess we’ll see you and the mini-dreas at Ruby Tuesday?

        • Nah, we’ll probably keep driving to The Diner until the new one opens up on 11th. That’s closer to us than IHOP, anyway.

          I can’t eat at Ruby Tuesday. We walked in the door one time and it smelled like roadkill to me (I think I was pregnant and didn’t know it yet). Still can’t get over it.

      • Because food items like eggs are made to order, and patrons at IHOP order a lot of eggs. It’s not rocket science.

        • If we were talkin’ steaks or even hamburgers, you’d have my vote, but eggs cook in about 3 or 4 minutes. I go to the Diner all the time and (although it’s a bit smaller of a joint), they have my meal out almost before I can settle into my book.

          You could double or even triple the time and I bet it would still beat IHOP’s.

          • Right. Their scrambled eggs are prepped; they’re not cracking and scrambling each order from scratch. So say half their eggs don’t need any prep except to be ladled into the pan. And they take only a few minutes to cook. Same with pancakes; they take, what, 5 minutes to cook? And the batter is already mixed. Not to mention that it’s their job to cook pancakes and eggs. All day, every day. One would think that with that type of daily practice, they’d get more efficient at it. As you said, it’s not rocket science.

  • Game. Changer.

  • I recently got the Cinna stick pancakes. I think i put on 2lbs trying to finish it. Ordering such rich food you really need to get up an walk your fat ass over there for real. But for those of who can afford to spulrge I think the wait time will not be worth it.

  • Will they deliver 24 hours a day?

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