Dear PoP – Please Help Me Find My Mary Poppins umbrella

“Dear PoP,

I have lost one of my most prized possessions and I fear that it was picked up by someone (obviously with great taste) last night. It is my Mary Poppins umbrella. Yes, you read that correctly. I was at the Raven on Friday night and left my umbrella by the bar, which may or may not have been the direct result of too many beers. I went back today to see if they still had it and sadly they do not! I would hope that whoever did take it from the Raven is just keeping it safe and warm while they look for its owner. I’ve attached pics of me and my umbrella – dressed of course as Mary Poppins at Halloween. Can you help find my umbrella and get its “borrower” in touch with me?”

Well this is def. one of the more unusual lost and found requests I’ve ever received and I can’t always get to these types of posts but it looks like rain… So if anyone happened to accidentally take this umbrella from the Raven in Mt. Pleasant on Friday night please send me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail and I’ll get you in touch with the owner.

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  • Isn’t it kind of a universal rule that if you leave something at a bar (that’s not a credit card) it’s moved on to greener pastures?

  • Why not just look for someone flying around the city?

  • How many spoonfuls of sugar helped that medicine go down? We hope you find your umbrella!

  • can someone recommend a chimney sweep?

  • 40 bucks at the Disney store for a new one if your PoP plea doesn’t work out.

  • great random post. I hope she gets the umbrella back

  • It is definitely unusual!

  • As a bartender, I am always amused when someone optimistically comes back the day or more after leaving something valuable in the bar…”Hey, I left my wallet/iphone/camera here last night. Can you check to see if it was turned in?”
    Unfortunately, more often than not, no one who picks up these valuables is looking for the good samaritan award and going to turn it in….but, c’mon, people!!! Whoever has this woman’s beloved (and totally awesome, might I add) Mary Poppins umbrella needs to return it. Now.

    (But as a side note: the kissy pic is just a lil bit creepy, no…?)

    • I have lots of friends in the nightclub business. When we were in college, 9 times out of 10 returned IDs / phones were pocketed by the staff if they were ever turned in. That being said, hope this umbrella shows up. Who knows, maybe they’re regulars at the bar and will show up with it next time it rains?

    • When I saw the first photo, I said, wow, I’d like to see if she’d like to join me for a cup of coffee, or some rooftop hopping, but seeing the second one, hmmm, perhaps a little too creepy for even me. 😉

  • How do you know that umbrella isn’t evil?

  • No reward? No friggin reward? What is this? North Korea? Maybe the previous owner should offer a copy of the movie as a reward? Other suggestions welcome…

  • What a perfect post for a dreary Monday morning!

  • anybody who dresses up like mary poppins is totally crazy

  • Somebody this old who is still into Disney stuff? Really?

  • I guess I’m an eternal optimist. If you look in Lost & Found on craigslist, you see people have found iphones and other valuables and are trying to unite them with their owners without seeking rewards. I think, in general, most people are honest.

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