Dear PoP – Broad Branch Road to be closed for a while

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“Dear PoP,

Wow, this is going to cause some headaches. I sometimes park in the mornings where broad branch meets beach drive to go running in the morning and am amazed at how many people take that windy road into town. The stream is in terrible shape. I can only imagine that it’s going to take a while to fix it.”

From AlertDC:

Update on Closure of Broad Branch Road, NW
Extensive Repairs Needed to Collapsed Culvert
(Washington, D.C.) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is developing a plan to repair and reopen Broad Branch Road, NW which was closed last week as a safety precaution after a sinkhole developed in the roadway. Engineers determined that a culvert for a creek had structurally failed, and that a further collapse of the roadway was imminent.

Because of the serious risk to public safety posed by this collapse, DDOT has closed Broad Branch Road over Soapstone Creek until permanent repairs can be made.

The necessary permanent repairs to Broad Branch Road will be relatively complex, and will involve multiple local and federal agencies. Because Soapstone Creek is involved, DDOT will need a permit from the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE). Because Rock Creek Park is involved, DDOT will need a permit from the National Park Service (NPS). Both agencies have been advised of the emergency need to complete this repair, and all agencies are now collaborating on this project.

DDOT is currently undertaking emergency procurement efforts to complete the repair design and to identify a contractor who will complete the work. DDOT will then need to submit this information to USACE and NPS, after which permitting and then repairs will proceed. DDOT will make available more information about the timeline of these repairs in the coming days, but residents should prepare themselves for an extended closure.

DDOT understands the inconvenience the closing of Broad Branch Road has on travelers and the adjacent neighborhood, and we ask for your patience while we work to repair and reopen the roadway. Please do not pass the barricades unless you are accessing the adjacent residences or embassy. There is nothing supporting the asphalt for approximately 20 feet and it could be very dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.

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  • I was just googling around for this info about an hour go. Thanks for the info. There goes my ninja route from Northern Columbia heights up to Bethesda…

  • Well I guess that road will be closed for the next two years. The powers that be had better revise their escape route plans in case of terrorist attack.

    • ah

      Or forever. I’ll bet the neighbors start liking the absence of cars and band together a la Klingle and seek to have it shut down forever.

      But why isn’t 27th to Military not a reasonably convenient detour.

      • I’m pretty sure there are houses on that stretch of broad branch. It would be a pretty tough sell to permanently remove road access to a whole slew of people’s homes.

  • I use that stretch on foot and by bike and car. It is a very important access point for many of us in the city. Thanks for the information, PoPs.

    Btw, you may want to adjust your map, as it points to a spot way upstream between the Peruvian ambassador’s wooded estate and the old Thomas Franklin Schneider house, which is on or next to the Ingleside Home.


  • Wow this is one of my key routes into MD. Thanks for the heads up PoP

  • Discovered this last night and wondered what was going on. Always tempting to go around those “local traffic only” signs but I figured I’d find part of the road underwater so turned back around. The sign I saw was at the corner of Brandywine and Broad Branch coming from the north.

    This better reopen. Best way to avoid the clusterfck that is Connecticut Ave at Van Ness.

    • That’s good news. If the road is open up to Brandywine then no problem, really. Just turn up Brandywine and use Linnean.

      • Closed south of Brandywine. I was coming from Maryland and coming down Brandywine. Goal was to turn south on Broad Branch and it was closed there. I would guess it is closed between Brandywine and Beach Drive? Can’t seem to locate the major tributary of Soapstone Creek….

  • I’m confused by that pointer. Isn’t it closed near Ridge Rd after Beach? My sense was that you can just drive up Ridge to Grant. Sure, it’s slow as hell, but It’ll get you back over to Nevada. Or you can just keep going up to Military.

    As long as they don’t use this as some sort of excuse to open Beach Dr on the weekends; I love that you can basically bike on that all the way to East West on the weekend, almost completely car free.

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