Yoga News: Bloomingdale’s Yoga District Looking for a new Home – U Street’s Boundless Yoga Opens in its new home Apr. 1st

Yoga District is located at 1830 1st St., NW. In response to a query, Yoga District’s Jasmine writes,

“No we’re totally not closing- we’d never do that to the bloomie community – we love it there so much!!!!!!!!!! but the landlord hasn’t made major repairs he’s responsible for in the basement of the building. we’ve already been to court once and it’s painful and expensive to get him to act, and the lease unfortunately sticks us with his attorney fees regardless of outcome, so we’re either paying our AND his attorney to get him to make the repairs, or we can choose to avoid the legal process and just pay for the repairs ourselves- it’s probably all the same in terms of $. but rather than find thousands and thousands of dollars for either option, we’d love to move, ideally to a place owned by someone in the community or to a place that some of our friends in the community can buy together.”

I hope they find a great space but it’s a bit sad that they need to move because the purple building was looking good!

And in other Yoga news – as we’ve seen – the building at 13th and U St, NW has been renovated and on April 1st, Boundless Yoga will be open on the 2nd floor.

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  • Who is the dipshit owner?

    • Who’s the dipshit that signed such a bad lease. A business owner who failed to have an attorney review the lease for them…

  • damn shitty landlords.

  • That spot at 13/U is gorgeous.

  • who do these owners think they will attract as tenants if they keep pulling this shit? either you’re a part of the solution or a part of the problem. and we wonder why so many places stay vacant….

  • Sorry to hear this! How about one of the Sylvan theatre spaces just around the corner on Rhode Island between 1st and 2nd? The TNT laundromat just closed and there is a vacant space next to the new Boundary Stone location as well – both are very open floorplans and would be great yoga space I think. Owner has been doing a lot of work to fix up and repair the building so hopefully this indicates someone a bit more reasonable to rent from! Would hate to lose Yoga District from Bloomingdale community! And regarding the current landlord I think the city really needs to enforce some vacant property rates – the owner seems to prefer having empty storefronts rather than paying tennants. Apparently lack of rent isn’t enough incentive as they are content to just wait it out as property values rise and their buildings remain blighted. ANC commissioners and North Capitol Main Streets – please help with this!

  • I alluded to the unreasonable landlords in Bloomingdale in a recent post on my own blog and this was one that I’ve heard about. That interesting yellow building on that same block, it’s got owner issues too. And note, it tends to be empty.

    • the yellow building has a 2nd hand furniture store in it.

      • Doubt that 2nd hand furniture store is paying market rent for the space. not exactly a store either. rather like that craptastic place on north cap that has the frankenstein sign out and sells junk on the sidewalk everyday.

        • what would you consider market rate commercial rent in bloomingdale?

          personally i sort of like junk stores and really miss the one that was in the old sylvan theater.

        • I inquired about this space 3 years ago so that I can open a gym in Bloomingdale (trying hard folks…trying hard!) but these people were asking $1,500,000.00 for the space. I’m not sure what the actual story is behind the building but apparently it has 3 owners who bought the place for pennies years ago and can’t seem to agree on anything now.

          This is the kind of stuff we need to get to the bottom of if we want to see that strip change. Question is: How do you twist someone’s arm who’s holding out for a sucker of a tenant?

          FYI sidenote: most of the crime that happens in the neighborhood comes from the idiots that hang around this corner – calling the police only does so much (have been doing that for 10 years to little avail) – filling/changing the retail will most certainly do a hell of a lot more!

        • actually…. it is NOT a secondhand furniture store. one of the owners was trying to use that space, illegally, as that type of business, but a few neighbors got together with ANC and had it shut down. if owner is not going to go through proper channels and get business license for the space, there is no way in hell he’s gonna sit back and try to make a few bucks…. and clutter up the hood in the process!

      • it was never really a store, and anyway it is now closed

  • I know its not bloomingdale but ever thought of a location in Petworth? We have no yoga studio here and I miss it so much!

    • ha – i have a similar request for yoga district on h street! i know there’s currently capitol hill bikram, but i am not a hot yoga kinda girl…really like the yoga district on 14th, though.

  • tons of spaces on north capitol.

  • Suggest putting the owner on blast. I’m not sure what North Capitol Main Streets does if they don’t help eliminate shady business practices. Harry Thomas, we are all looking at you. Sure you are bringing Walmart to Ward 5, but what about businesses that are actually in the community?

  • Not surprised at info on landlord contractual terms. Few years ago inquired about lease space and learned from other tenants at the time that they were also paying owner’s property taxes even though this is a tax-deductible expense. The word is onerous!

  • There are some spaces on North Capitol street like the SE corner of North Capitol & R St NE.

  • oh man … this is by far one of the best spaces for yoga in DC. Would be bummed to see it go, then again from all the horrific tales I’ve been hearing from the staff I can’t say that I’d blame them for leaving. Agree with the comment about the laundry mat space. Just around the corner!!

  • I don’t think an agreement to pay attorney’s fees even when you win is allowed in a residential lease, and I’m even less sure of the rules on commercial leases, but it might be worth finding out.

    For that or other legal questions, the yoga owners might want to check out the DC Bar’s Small Business Brief Advice Legal Clinic on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 5:00pm – 7:30pm. The site is the Small Business Development Center at UDC, which is located at 4340 Connecticut Avenue NW.

  • Don’t blame North Capitol Main Streets for the sad state of affairs on the commercial districts of North Cap and 1st. This area is replete with landlord/owners of commercial properties who could give a rats ass about the neighborhood.

    • who is blaming NCMS?
      people were just saying that they wished NCMS could do something about it.
      btw, what does NCMS actually do beyond flower boxes?

  • We’d love to coax you up Rhode Island to RI Ave NE in Woodridge … some very nice buildings there that could use a nice tenant. Probably cheap rent, too.

  • Please don’t leave b’mingdale. can you get some space in the firehouse that is being renovated on north cap? i think an additional yoga district location around h st ne would be great. i go to the bikram place but the space is not kept up well and I think they need some competition. and how about the yoga dessert of anacostia?? perfect YD territory.

  • This is heartbreaking! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE BLOOMINGDALE!!!!

  • I used to live on the second floor of the yellow building on the corner.

    The used furniture business was being operated by one of the 3 owners of that building (all of whom live within a few blocks of it). Our rent was very reasonable on our apartment but I’ve heard they are pretty useless when it comes to inquiries on the street level space. That space needs lots of improvements/build-out and I’m hearing they want the future tenant to pay or it.

    I would love to know who is screwing yoga district and how WR can publicly shame them. Happy to work with anyone on this (nolantreadway @ gmail).

    I now live in woodroidge so I half-endorse someone’s request to move up rhode island ave (only half because I don’t do yoga)

  • Dear blooming and Bloomie,

    Might you consider using the names “Dale” or “Ming”?

    Thank you very much.

  • I second the emotions of all those who love YD and want them to stay in Bloomingdale. They’ve been good for the neighborhood and I hope we can be good to them.

  • I HIGHLY recommend that Yoga District get in touch with the Office of the Tenant Advocate ( The terms of the lease sound illegal to me, so regardless of whether or not it is a ratified lease, if they are illegal, they are not enforceable.

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