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Adams Morgan’s Grand Central Gets Table Taps

by Prince Of Petworth March 30, 2011 at 10:30 am 23 Comments

Grand Central is located at 2447 18th St., NW. Thanks to a reader for sending the word:

“Last week Grand Central got two “pour it your self” draft tables. pretty cool.
They are going with Craft beers.
Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
Avery White Rascal Belgian White
Bell’s Amber
Flying Dog Raging Bitch IPA”

I think this makes the third spot in town to get table taps along with Meridian Pint in Columbia Heights and Redline in Penn Quarter. Know of any other places that have table taps? And what’s the verdict on table taps – do you think they’ll be around for a while? Do you think a lot more bars will/should get them?

  • EckingtonChick

    Anything that helps me avoid having to get the attention of a bar tender is a plus in my book. It always seems that those guys/girls are looking in any direction but mine.

  • SF

    These things are around to stay, for the simple reason that they get people to drink more beer. At the end of the night, when nobody wants to order a whole ‘nother beer, everybody just keeps drinking half and quarter cups and the establishment keeps raking in the cash.

  • Jason

    Good idea. Shame the venue in question is a deplorable, meat market filled to the hilt with douchebags and bad techno.

  • Pete

    As long as it’s craft beer, I’m probably happy not to fight for a bartender’s attention.

    • Anonymous

      art beer is so much better.

  • Anonymous

    is it Gran Central or Grand Central? What’s up with the sign?

    • Anonymous

      its a clever sign. it ends up linking “DC”

      think of it as GranDCentral.

  • John

    I always avoided this place cause it just seems like a generic-get-sloshed bar for the weekend set. I think Adams Morgan is experiencing some turnover for the better lately and evolving away from a drinking destination. Grand Central could do well if they revamped their image along with Adams Morgan as a whole and served better beer and food. I think a couple years from now with the streetscape project done and some more quality places opening up Adams Morgan will really have come into its own. That’s not to say I didn’t have a blast here in its heyday though…

  • Lane

    Redline is a great example of how to do table taps terribly. They only tap weak domestic macrobrews (Miller Lite, Yuengling, etc.), and the per-oz. charge actually makes a pint of that beer more expensive than if you just ordered the same pint from your server and had the bartender pour it.

    Here’s hoping Gran(d) Central figures out a way not to screw this up.

    • cbr

      + 1000

      Table taps are for suckers — the upcharge on those things are INSANE. Redline charges you $2-3 more per pint than for the same beer at the bar. The screens only register how many ounces you pour, so you usually have to ask for the per-ounce cost and then do the math to get the per pint cost. Shady stuff.

  • dcmer610

    I have to concur with the douche-bagery comments above but also qualify it by noting that if you go to Grand Central on an off-night or time it’s actually a pretty decent bar, and they have some tasty pubgrub options as well. And the options they’re offering for table-taps are pretty clutch. I support this 100%.

    • anoon

      -1 for using the word ‘clutch’ as an adjective

  • That’s What She

    I think table taps sound like a good idea…in theory.

    I personally haven’t gone to a place with them yet, but I get how they work. I guess the “in theory” part I’m referencing is in the case of someone being over[self]served. I don’t know how table tapping effects establishments’ insurance policies about responsible beverage purveying, but I’d be interested to know if anyone in the industry can offer some thoughts…?

    Happy Wednesday :D

  • Jaynuze

    Not if they continue to use nitro taps like these … the nitrogen makes a nice head, but kills the true flavors of the beer. It can actually impart a really nasty cardboard flavor to some of the more delicate styles. Great idea though … just get rid of those Nitro taps!!! Please! ;)

    • Wong Tong

      if you’re drinking a stout, you need nitro.

  • Yung

    I think it’s a great idea! I’m a somewhat regular of the place & I’ve never heard techno there. Def a higher concentration of d-bags on the weekends (in all of Adams Morgan), but the place is a friendly neighborhood bar with a pretty cool staff. I had a party there a few months ago & the owner is cool and laid back. We got the VIP room at no cost!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Yung. To avoid the dbags, check this place out during the week. It’s also one of the best places in the neighborhood to have drinks outside during weekend days/evenings. Glad they are stepping up their beer menu.

      • Tres

        Now that Toledo is gone.

      • Mony

        Well you could say that about all of Adams Morgan (except Tom Toms and Spaghetti Garden) Sunday-Wednesday (and some places on Thursday).

  • For every introductory system, there will be room for improvement. What is more important, is I can avoid so much down time, and have more hammer time. Pour on brothers, the American way.

  • this is a disaster waiting to happen. great idea if it were anywhere else but Adams Morgan.

  • Wong Tong

    So is auto-draft the technology world’s answer to craft cocktail bartender? So many holders of English master’s degree about to be put back into their parents basements…

  • Tom

    Red lion has a different technology. These tables monitor per beer not oz. They are called “The Draft Master”.


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