Woodley Park Fixture Moving to Bethesda

Jamshid’s Antique and New Oriental Rugs located at 2313 Calvert St, NW (by Connecticut Ave) has been around for as long as I can remember. They don’t have a new location signed yet but they’re looking at some spaces in Bethesda and expect to move in 4-6 weeks. I’ll miss the familiarity of passing their great rugs in the window.

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  • Is that moving to make way for the CVS that is taking over sherrys? Bleh. CVS’s take up all the prime realestate with their tacky facades. That is going to be a huge CVS. Taking up what could be 5 store fronts for one big characterless swath of corporate blah. I hope the historic overlay in Woodley prevents them from putting their usual suburban facade up like they did with the new columbia road store.

  • Wait isn’t there a CVS literally across the street and down like 3 store fronts towards the metro?

  • There are already a lot of rug stores in Bethesda. One, next to the Women’s Co-op, recently closed. Not familiar with this particular business but I think Bethesda has too many rug stores for this to be successful. But what do I know!

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