Toki Underground Opens April 1 above the Pug on H St, NE

From a press release:

H Street Corridor’s newest addition, Toki Underground, is proud to announce its grand opening on April 1. Come and experience Chef Erik Yang’s vision of bringing the hip alley streets of downtown Taipei to District diners.

The menu is based on Yang’s own family recipes and his experiences working at ramen shops in Taipei. The restaurant seats 25 diners, who will experience Hakata-style ramen and dumplings made from scratch. The restaurant will offer an extensive list of unique sakes, Asian microbrews, hand-crafted cocktails, and popular Asian soft drinks.

Toki Undergound is located at 1234 H Street NE in the heart of the H Street Corridor and is open seven days a week.

I stopped in last night for some photos and the place looks amazing. The attention to detail is freaking spectacular. The space is pretty small so be prepared for lines/wait I’m guessing 7 days a week… Though I hear that in the future it may be possible to order some Ramen downstairs at the Pug. You can see their menu here. Those options at the Pug would be sweet.

More photos including the drinks menu after the jump.

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  • my jealousy of H street seethes.

  • just to be clear, I have to go upstairs to get to Toki Underground?

    sorry, I wanted to make that joke before it got worn out. I may be too late, already.

  • Please do Taiwanese stinky tofu please!!

  • went there last night. Pan-fried beef dumplings, steamed seafood dumplings and ramen noodles were awesome. Nice people as well. Will be an awesome addition to the “i love the pug but i’m hungry” option

  • I’m just barely in the first two photos here! My head is in the top right window in the exterior shot and I’m eating by the window in the second one. Anyway, we enjoyed the ramen bowl and pan-fried chicken dumplings we got as well as the house-made truffles that come in the dessert bento box. I recommend ordered the dessert bento box just for the funness of the box itself. You won’t see bento boxes like this anywhere else.

  • Definitely psyched to try it out. Definitely not psyched about fighting my way through a swarm of “holier-than-thou” hipsters to do it. I’ll give it a few months before I even try.

  • Went there last night. There were too many babies there. Otherwise it was awesome.

    • you’re tellin me hipsters now have babies…. oh my, who is going to want to eat here.

      All kiddin aside, I can’t wait to go. I can’t think of a better place to have to wait for some good eats than the pug

  • Hakata raamen? Itadakimasu!

  • You know what’s more annoying than hipsters? All of you idiots who think DC has a critical mass of real hipsters!! Shut up already!

    And yes, Toki looks legit.

  • This place needs to open for lunch ASAP!

  • I went there and it was great. Erik does it right. I had the Toki Monster. Bulleit Bourbon cocktail with a pork belly garnish. It was legit.

  • Best ramen i’ve ever had (and I’ve eaten it all over the world)! Very cool atmosphere/ambiance. We had curry ramen, kimchi ramen, cold tofu, pan-fried dumplings and saki… and of course finished everything off with the 5-star dessert bento. Definitely adding to the regular visits list.

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