Old Maggie Moo’s Space in Adams Morgan to Possibly Become a UPS Store. And it can be Yours!

The old Maggie Moo’s space (and Soup Man) space in Adams Morgan closed back in June ’10 at 2324 18th St, NW. I just noticed this weekend that it looks like it will become a UPS Store and according to a poster in the window – this franchises can be yours…

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  • For how much?

  • What a great concept for a bar! Staff in brown uniforms. Food served in brown boxes. Neat!

  • Because the FedEx and US Postal Service in the neighborhood didn’t already provide enough opportunities for shipping and clearly Columbia Heights was waaaaaay too far to walk to use UPS.

  • What on Earth is happening to Adams Morgan? It’s obvious that things are changing, but I can’t decide if the neighborhood is getting better or worse.

  • The tides are shifting to Columbia Heights / U street. Adams morgan is finished. maybe?

    • Ummm – are you forgetting that the “hot news” on U St is that you’re getting your THIRD Subway in a 5 block radius..Oh and a Dunkin’ Doughnuts…



    • Adams Morgan on the weekends is overrun by drunk white college kids and black guys standing around catcalling every woman they see. That’s why people don’t go there anymore.

      • Drunk college kids and boorish behavior on the weekends has been the norm for Adams Morgan for quite a while now. I think the catalyst of change has been 14th Street, the U St Corridor, and, to a lesser extent, H St NE. Those areas are “fresher” and have a larger variety of places to go.

      • So only black men do that?! Come on, now. When I used to go out to Adams Morgan, men of all races were standing around harassing women.

  • It sounds like AM it is growing up finally.

    A good neighborhood needs much more than bars and restaurants.

    • +1. It’s not like there’s a shortage of bars and restaurants on 18th. Now there may be a shortage of good bars and restaurants there, but that’s a matter of opinion.

      • I think we can at least say that the ratio of bad to good is very high relative to other neighborhoods. I love seeing new non-bar spots open.

        If you look at where the affluent “creative class” (i.e., myopic twits) folks are spending their cash, it’s not Adams Morgan. They kind of need that crowd to get out of this rut.

    • Except that there are better options than shipping shops and there are tons of other places to go in the hood for the exact same service. Couldn’t we get a nice yuppy coffee shop? Lord knows there isn’t enough space at Tryst to sit down ever.

      • A coffee shop would be great. If you know someone who would like to put in a coffee shop, please have them call me.
        David Krucoff

  • I get the desire of some to “move beyond” bars and “restaurants” (i.e., places that print menus so they can get liquor licenses) on 18th street. I just don’t feel this adds anything at all. I don’t recall why Maggie Moo’s failed (shift to froyo, rough service, soup fail?) as I was always a good fan. However, this is not the answer.

    In short, I was really looking forward to a hardware store/coffee shop/vegan BBQ hybrid.

    And how strange that they’re soliciting a potential franchisee with window signage?

    • Ray Charles is Gone:

      The space has not been leased. If you know of anyone who would like to put in a hardware store or coffee shop please let me know.

      David Krucoff

  • i would use a ups store there. i ship and receive shipments every week.
    plus adams morgan is so peaceful during the day,its a good reason to go there and till feel like i’m working.

  • Everyone,
    2324 18th St has not been leased by the UPS Store or anyone else. The site has been approved for a UPS Store and the Landlord and I think that a UPS would work there but a UPS franchisee has yet to contact me about the space. In fact, the Landlord and I are negotiating with other uses right now. Before posting that a particular tenant is coming to the space it makes sense to give the space’s broker a call first. Please do not hesitate to do so.
    David Krucoff

    • Prince Of Petworth

      If you put a poster of a UPS franchise in the front window – well, don’t be surprised if people think a UPS franchise is coming to the space.

      I have changed the language to reflect the possibility of a UPS store will be opening up and I’ll be sure to update when a tenant opens up. Don’t hesitate to email me when a new tenant is chosen. PrinceofPetworth(at)gmail Thank you.

  • For the record, the owners of the former Maggie Moos started a family last year and moved their franchise to Florida in June. From what they told it was their plan to do so.

  • Yea no one goes to Adams Morgan anymore, it is too crowded…

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