New French Restaurant, Le Grenier, Coming to H St, NE

Le Grenier is looking to open up at 502 H Street NE next to the florist.

The liquor license application says:

“A restaurant with Modern French Cuisine. Food service for all ages. Taped back ground music. Capacity Load is 60. Sidewalk Café with of seating of 4.”

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  • H street is unbelievable. I think this shows that the streetcar really can revitalize a corridor, even before its operational. What can we do to get the streetcar over to GA avenue sooner? I

    • When revitalization comes to lower Georgia Ave (and I believe it already has), I think it will probably come a lot more quickly than on H St based on the fact that there really doesn’t need to be a streetcar to make the area accessible. It is wedged between the Shaw & U St metros on the one end and the Petworth metro on the other. Plus, when more upscale tenants move in, I think the street will have much more curb appeal than a lot of the areas on H St have the potential for (although, not all, because some areas of H St have really nice buildings). I think in a year or so you will be seeing a lot of new plans for cool restaurants and businesses being announced on Georgia.

    • Me personally, I think the streetcar is a MacGuffin. It doesn’t matter how much value streetcars actually add in the end, so long as everyone agrees they hold great value to a majority of others.

      Not that I think the streetcar itself won’t add measurable value in terms of increased foot traffic to businesses or property values — I do think it will add -some-, but not nearly as much as the collective shift in attitudes towards non-NW or Cap Hill hoods has already. That shift is the true driver of the H Street revitalization.

  • This is really great. I would love for this to be like La Ruche in Georgetown, with excellent coffee, pastries, quiche, etc…

    Also, while it’s awesome to have another restaurant choice on H, I hope we see some retail opening up soon as well.

  • As it happens, a (westbound) streetcar station will be located directly in front of this address, across the sidewalk from the door and the window.

    Is that why they’re only asking for sidewalk seating for 4?

  • French restaurant on H St NE? Fucking amazing…

  • I’m not too too familiar with where everything is on H St, but am I correct that this place will be kind of far off from the existing strip of bars and restaurants that are concentrated further East? I mean, I’m sure it will all fill in over the next couple years, so it is probably even ideal that that be the case, but just curious.

    • I’m not too familiar with H Street either, but I know it’s near Sidamo, Ethiopic, Toyland, Bikram Yoga and Metro Mutts. I always think of H Street as having a big cluster around 11th-14th Street and a smaller cluster around 3rd-5th. In some respects I think this location is more attractive because it’s closer to Union Station and less sketchy.

      • I live a few blocks from here. You are correct. It’s next to a smaller cluster of bars and restaurants, but there are at least three in the works. There’s this one, Tru Orleans, and another bar serving “American fare” (the name escapes me)

        • And I forgot to mention that I agree with you on the West End being underutilized. In addition to its proximity to Union Station, it has a lot more density near it with Senate Square, Loree Grand, and the building that will go above Giant.

  • Anyone been to Khan’s yet?

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