It’s Official McCormick Paints Coming to 3124 Mt. Pleasant St, NW

While some thought this parking lot would’ve made for a great beer garden, that dream must now remain just that, at least for 3124 Mt. Pleasant St, NW (by Kenyon):

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  • Will they be offering any vegetarian paints? 🙂

    • Yes, and localvore offerings too: Crack rock white, Chinatown stabbing red, and drug money green just to name a few.

      • You forgot about “Quid Pro Quo Gray,” and “Black on Black Brown” *ZING*

        • I didn’t forget, I said those were just some of the offerings. I didn’t want to have to mention all of them, like “rejected interior tan” or “which michael? brown.”

        • ya’ll are goooooood! LOL!

  • bummed

    • There is a Beer Garden over on H street NE (Biergarten Haus)

      • Sigh – that parking lot would have made one heck of a beer garden or outdoor cafe.

        • holy cow, we have enough bars, folks!

          A strong (locally owned? Not sure.) business that fills a need in the community (ie an alternative to Home Depot) ranks a whole lot higher in my book than yet. another. bar.

          Sure, beer gardens are cool. Been to many myself, but this is a good (read: better) thing.

  • As Homer Simpson would say, “BO-ring!”

  • Although I’m disappointed by the lost potential for this space, I’m excited by some other new businesses coming to Mt Pleasant such as Flying Fish Coffee and Tea, Nana, and Last Exit cocktail lounge. Is there something planned for vacant space next to Samber Market? I think it’s for lease by Habitat realty.

  • Hopefully this will end up like the paint store at 15th and P and draw all the loitering into the parking lot. It would be nice for women to be able to walk up that side of Mt. P street.

    • This IS the paint store on the corner of 15th and P’s new location if I’m not mistaken. It’s relocating.

  • No way, totally different type of loiterer. The paint crowd is hoping to get daily work from the contractors. The 7/11 crowd has no desire to do anything productive with their days and instead get their satisfaction from peeing on the side of the building.

  • I don’t care that a paint store came to MTP I just wish it hadn’t gone there. That building could have housed a number of really awesome things and I happen to know plenty of restaurateurs showed interest but the landlords wouldn’t work with them. My theory is the landlords were aware of the danger of a restaurant or market/shop going in there and becoming a beloved neighborhood fixture. I think they plan on developing the lot into condos or something down the road so best to get a reliable tenant now who nobody will be sad to see go when that time comes. My only question is why wait? Why not develop it now. I think the facade could be preserved with a 5-6 story condo structure on the lot with added retail on the ground floor.

  • i find a paint store to be particularly useful.

  • A paint store is very useful, which is why people have loved Old School Hardware (formerly Pfieffer’s) just a few doors down. They offer high quality, Mystic Paint, which is no VOC. By contrast, McCormick markets relatively inexpensive, hight VOC paint to contractors.

    • I only recently learned about VOC stuff, and its one of those things that you can’t not think about after you know.

  • There were lots of planning meetings with the DC government last year about revitilizing Mt P street and one of the only things folks could agree on was the need to promote the walkability of the strip. But this is the kind of place that belongs in a light industrial neighborhood.

    I live just a few blocks from there but would never walk somewhere and haul home several gallons of paint. It is primarily for contractors and the parking lot will be filled with their trucks (and not the outdoor cafe seating I was hoping for…)

  • Can’t believe people are complaining about a paint store! It’s a useful business to have around, and it will bring long-established customers with it. Glad that there are options at the hardware store, but this place will have items the hardware store doesn’t. It fills a gap on the street and will help keep the business district stable.

    But, as I’ve learned over many years in MtP, if an empty space isn’t filled by a coffee house, restaurant or hipster bar, the young professionals of MtP complain.

  • I’m not a hipster, but a Mom with two kids. And I’d much prefer a great restaurant with outdoor seating geared to the neighborhood than a paint store geared to contractors. If I’m going to drive, I can go a few blocks east to the Duron store.

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