Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 104 13th Street SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

104 13th St. SE, #2B — Second floor one bedroom apartment in a small building facing Lincoln Park near Eastern Market. Living room fireplace, a/c, basement laundry room, new wall-to-wall carpet, and dishwasher. Available immediately. $1,220 + utilities (water/sewer and WiFI connection included in rent). NO PETS or SMOKING, please.”

$1220 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Price is OK, but trying to rent a place out on Capitol Hill that doesn’t allow dogs is like trying to sell vegetarian fare at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

  • Yeah, I don’t get the Ben’s reference because veggie chili-cheese fries rule but anyways…

    Lincoln Park rules for chillaxing, running, dog park’n, and being close to the fun part of H-St.

    Lincoln Park really sucks if you don’t have a car. It’s a bus desert, and the nearest metros are 15 minute hikes to E. Market or Stadium Armory. If you rely on mass-transit there are apts for the same price between E.Mkt, Potomac Ave, and Stadium Armory.

    Other than lack of transit options, it’s really great neighborhood.

    • Not true. E. Market and Potomac Ave metros are a 10 minute walk, at most. The 96 and 97 buses stop on all sides of Lincoln Park and the D6 is just a couple of blocks away.

      • X marks the spot. I live a few blocks away and metro never takes me more than 10 minutes to get to… unless your a slow walker.

    • Capital Bikeshare makes Union Station or Eastern Market quick and painless from the east end of Lincoln Park.

  • Extremely low price. Makes you wonder if its really small or if something else is wrong.

    Re: transit access, don’t forget the 90/92 is only a few blocks away and runs with great frequency. It takes you many of the most popular spots in the city.

    • Agreed – I’m surprised to see a (non-basement) 1 BR apartment in this location advertised for this price – maybe the utilities are expensive?

  • Does anyone have experience renting from this Be On the Hill company? Their ads are always all over Craigslist, and they occasionally offer really good deals, so I’m curious to know that they’re like.

  • be on the hill is just one of the agents who wanted a better interface for renting out properties. they must work on commission.

  • i definitely agree about transit access not being a problem at this location. the 96/97 bus is right there, and the 90/92 is just a few blocks away. i live within a couple blocks of here (i don’t have a car) and have never considered transit to be a problem. this seems like a very good deal to me, although i’m wondering how big the apartment is since the ad doesn’t mention sq footage.

    re: this is of course just my personal experience, but i was left with a very negative impression after dealing with this agent. i have compalints about the yarmouth company overall, but as a previous commenter mentioned, is simply connected to one of their individual agents. he totally ignored many of my emails and phone calls requesting more information on listings or appointments to see properties. after i finally succeeded in securing an appointment, he canceled on me with very little (about an hour) notice, and then proceeded to contact my roommate to schedule a viewing of the exact same property at the same time as my canceled appointment! rentals on the hill go very quickly, especially if the price is right, so it was very frustrating to be ignored and potentially have missed out on a great place because the agent was so disorganized. i would be extremely hesitant to work with in the future. luckily for me, i found an even better place via craigslist, but for those who prefer to work with an agent, i would hesitate to rely on this guy.

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