Dear PoP – Cupcakes Coming to Kennedy St, NW?

“Dear PoP,

Yesterday when I was on my way to work I spotted this new sign located at 705 Kennedy Street N.W.
I says that a new business is opening call KLASSY KAKES . That would be great for the neighborhood , now
all we need is a Starbucks and that would really be great.”

Nice! Think cupcakes/cakes/kakes will do well here? Since the reader brought it up – think a Starbucks would do well here?

And, hell, I’m gonna go on a bit of tangent – why aren’t there more Dunkin’ Donuts around DC?

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  • Coffee and trees! Tree planting with Casey Trees this weekend somewhere near there?

  • Isn’t the cupcake craze over? I like cupcakes, and I support small businesses such as this, but aren’t we saturated with cupcakes? Then again, maybe this particular area could use one….

  • so over cup cakes.

  • Remember that Chris Rock bit, where somebody told him “Hey, you got your GED, now you can go to college!” And his response was, “Slow down, it’s clear that high school was kicking my a… Slow down.”

    Or something like that…

    Kennedy Street needs and deserves a lot of good things. But a Starbucks? Slow down.

    Count yourself lucky if a cupcake place lands there. Or even a 7-11, or heck, anything more positive than a liquor store or funeral parlor. The retail strip on Kennedy really doesn’t make me think it’s ready for yuppie consumption at present.

  • maybe once the cupcakes come people will stop gunning each other down in petworth.


  • Someone said donuts are the next big pastry trend.

  • This is great news. We could really use businesses like this on Kennedy Street. And yes, Casey Trees will be planting 30 trees on Kennedy Street N.W. between North Capitol Street and Georgia Avenue on Friday, March 4th, during the day. There is a place for lease at 5th and Kennedy that would be perfect for a coffee shop.

  • I completely agree on the DD front. I much prefer their coffee to Starbucks. Don’t forget to hit the taco place on this strip. It’s very good.

  • This scourge should be stopped at the border of Georgetown.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It’s all over. We’ve managed to keep them south of FL AVE this long. But we lost the battle when the reality tv debuted.

    But more small businesses are a good thing 🙂

  • DD suck, and there are already WAY too many of them. I pass at least 2 on my 15 minute drive to work. I wish Montgomery Donuts would open a place in DC.

    Klassy Kakes will hopefully be the first of many Klassy businesses in Kennedy. Good luck, o pioneer!

    • I thought Montgomery Donuts went the way of the dodo. Where are they located? Are they the same type of donuts as back in the day, or are they all krispy kreemed out?

      • Montgomery Donuts are, alas, a thing of the past. Those were the best donuts in the area, bar none. The blizzard of 2003 caved in the roof of the manufacturing facility, and it turned out the place was uninsured, so they never came back.

        I think the last owner now runs a place in Crystal City called Slice and Dice which advertises that it sells “original Montgomery Donuts.”

  • 1) I am so over this cupcake trend.

    2) A place that spells “classy” with a “K” isn’t.

  • What makes everyone think that a place called Klassy Kakes would ONLY make cupcakes? There are also regular cakes, this place could be a full bakery selling sweets and coffee. Imagine that? And people should stop calling it a yuppie thing, everyone likes cakes and bakery sweets! They may sell cupcakes, who knows?, but don’t judge too harshly before they even open! Let them open, check it out, and then judge!

  • Starbucks is not the answer to everything. I would love a Qualia-type addition to this strip any day over Starbucks.

  • I think a cake/sweets/coffee shop could do well here. I think a place that focuses on cupcakes may have a harder time on that strip. It will take a long time, but that stretch on Kennedy has potential. Glad to see something new opening up. And yes the taco place around 8th and Kennedy is really good.

  • Everyone’s just getting onto the “Where are the Dunkin Donuts Stores in DC?” bandwagon now. I’ve been asking this since last year! Lets hope a reconstructionist wave hits GA Ave soon, there are hundreds of under-utilized stores on that strip, and best of all, convenient roadside parking…

  • I can think of so many other things Kennedy St would benefit from other than a cupcake shop. And besides, the last thing a lot of people in that area need is another source of refined sugar.

    • I disagree about the refined Sugar comment. Our teeth are still far shinier than England’s thank you.

  • Nothing says classy like spelling it with a K. Not.
    I’ll go there but they have to carry GOOD coffee and eclairs, croissants, strawberry tarts, flourless chocolate decadance and layered hazelnut or walnut torte. Think Patisserie Poupon. Hope it’s not just a storefront for a wedding & party cake type place?

  • Hot dogs deep fried inside donuts!!!

  • I live a block away and there is huge potential on Kennedy. I’m excited for anything that moves on the street. I hope we can achieve some of the big ideas from the Kennedy Street Revitalization Plan.

  • I am a little surprised by some of the comments… Couldn’t agree more with a commenter who said any business that isn’t a liquor store or a funeral parlor is a welcome addition to the area!

  • A few years ago a coffee shop opened at Kennedy and Georgia and, sadly, did not last.

    Maybe a bakery could (who said it was a cupcake shop?).

  • notlawd

    This is the best news I heard all day! Forget DD, what we really need is a Fractured Prune!

  • Ugh, big pet peeve is when people spell a duo of words with a K when neither of the words actually starts with a K! Kozy Kittens, ok, don’t love it, but get the matching letters idea. But Klassy Kakes? Why? What are you trying to say that Classy Cakes couldn’t do other than the fact that you are definitely NOT classy!? At least those worried about a yuppie cupcake place moving in don’t need to be- that is def not a name to attract a young hip crowd.

    • Spelling everything with “K’s” doesn’t get fun until you link 3 of them together like “Krusty Kommedy Klassic” at the Apollo [from the Simpsons.]

  • Maybe it will be an erotic cake bakery.They will have bewb cup-size cupcakes.

    I live close to there on the other side of GA Ave- I welcome anything that brings a variety to my walks. I could get some tacos, a mexican coke, say hi to the turtles AND get a bewb cake on a Sunday stroll. I would also be happy with a Dunkin or Krispy though.

  • I too would welcome a foodery that serves anything other than wings-pizza-subs-chinese-food along Kennedy Street. Something along the lines of Highlands would be delightful.

  • I live in the Kennedy St. area and I see nothing wrong with a bakery coming in the area. I think it is great….It’s something different, something Klassy (classy). Let’s enjoy and support something positive opening in our neighborhood. Maybe it will stick around for sometime. It’s refreshing and it’s wonderful. If Georgetown, U St., Union Station & Bethesda can do it so can Kennedy St!!!!!

  • I am so excited to hear that cupcakes are coming to Kennedy Street. I do hope they plan to offer more than just cupcakes, because the trend might fizzle out soon. Coffee and Cupcakes would be a great combo in my opinion.

  • well,in my opinion i think a bakery on kennedy st. would be wonderful !! stop hating and relax..dont down something until you see it..i wish klassy kakes the best because this could be the best sweet place you could ever sure il would love this place because i heart cupcakes hehehehehehe….as well as brownies,poundcakes,and pies well:)

  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..we don’t have to go downtown now to get cupcakes.

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