Confirmed: Comfort One Shoes Coming to Old Lambda Bookstore Space in Dupont

“Dear PoP,

The former location of Lambda Rising has now become…a Comfort One Shoes…which also occupies space in another location almost directly across the street on Connecticut.”

Every now and then I post scuttlebutt that I actually hope is wrong. Back in Nov. ’10 I heard that the old Lambda bookstore space at 1625 Connecticut Ave, NW would be becoming a Comfort One Shoes. Comfort One will be closing a current location at 1607 Connecticut Ave, NW but as the reader mentioned they still have another location across the street at 1630 Connecticut Ave, NW.

And stay tuned for more changes as we await a new tenant for the recently closed Coffee and the Works located at 1627 Connecticut Ave, NW.

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  • I feel sad for Dupont.

  • is comfort one copying starbucks?

  • Trying to understand the logic of this… is the first space too small? Maybe they’ll do mens shoes at one and womens across the street? Or separate dress and casual? Or are these franchises?

  • Jesus Christ. Every single time my GF accidentally buys something at Comfort One, she swears she’ll never do it again. This store sucks. How do they keep opening new locations?

  • Comfort One is a huge guilty pleasure of mine… I am part of the problem

  • Kind of late on the uptake here – it’s already been open now for at least a few days. I was in there on Tuesday looking for shoes…

  • After rudeness from last trip to the Gallery Place store, never shopping at Comfort One again. You’d think that they would train their staff to be pleasant to customers looking to buy $200+ products. Guess not.

    Not to mention the shoes are over-rated and over-priced.

  • I’m surprised they have good business in Dupont. I always thought these were shoes for fat ladies from the suburbs.

  • I love Comfort One – yesterday I bought a pair marked down from $125 to $30 and then used my Groupon to buy another pair (which made them half price).

    The difference? The store on the corner is more traditional black and brown pumps and clogs. The new store is more trendy – yellow and lime green mules and sandals and such.

  • Remember when Dupont used to be mildly interesting?

  • I have the most wonderful walk home from work… until I hit the 2 blocks just north of the circle. Between staring at not one, but two of these awful stores (with their horrendously rude staff), the Care/Greenpeace/Revolution people that assault you for money, and the Scientologists and their ridiculous personality tests, I think it’s time I take another route home. I was SO hoping for a better store to open up in that space :-/

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I was in the store last night with my groupon and spent an hour with the Assistant Manager he showed me about 12 different pair!!! He promised me he would make my feet feel happy! I purchased some 1803’s made in Portugal the best I’ve ever put on my feet! The new store is a true upgrade Its like best store out of all the others. I’ve been trying to use my groupon for a while now but couldn’t find any luck. The staff is young and full of energy!!!! Its a true party environment if you love shoes!!!

  • Having a second one in the ‘hood sucks. Cant we get better businesses? Dupont needs to step it up. Here is hoping something good goes into Coffee and the Works space.

  • Yeah, because every neighborhood needs 20 storefronts of one company in a city block [/sarcasm] Even Starbucks shows more restraint.

  • Comfort One Shoes took a vacant building and made a beautiful store. They close a smaller store they had down the street. I’ve read the comments and find them silly. Every experience I’ve had at Comfort One has been very good much better then Macy or Nordstrom. I like their service and their shoes all my GF’s say the same thing perhaps the queens who commented were just hormonal.

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