The 5pm Post – Great American Square Dance Revival

From an email:

The all new DC Square Dance Collective presents a traditional
Appalachian square dance!

Saturday February 26, 8:30 – 11:30 pm
Saint Stephen’s Church, 1525 Newton St. NW, Washington DC (Newton and
16th, short walk from Columbia Heights metro)
$5 cover, All ages welcome, no experience or partner needed

Live music by the Possum Wranglers (Paul Brown and Scott Prouty on
banjo & fiddle, Brandt Ryder on guitar, Kevin Enoch on bass)
Calling by Janine Smith and friends

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  • Wow, that is pretty far out… “Traditions In Ignorance” is there going to be a registration rally for the Tea Party? Yeesh!

    • What the devil are you talking about?

      • It means, “anyone who doesn’t agree with my tastes and beliefs is a knuckle-dragging, illiterate, racist conservative asshole!”

      • Watch the video for clues.

        • See, I watched the video (before my first comment), and heard the quote, but still don’t really know what you’re talking about.

          If we had to give square dancers a political affiliation, it would be the farthest thing from Tea Party folks. That’s for SURE. If you don’t believe me, you should come out to it.

  • Not sure what that’s supposed to mean, but square dancing is crazy fun.

    I am seriously contemplating gathering up a bunch of hipster friends who will attend ironically… and end up having the time of their lives.

    • Judging from that video, it’s definitely popular with ironic hipsters. And hey, if it gets them off the couch and away from the PBR, then it’s good for them, too!

  • Another one for ‘Stuff White People Like’.

  • So do you dismiss all African heritage dance forms as “Stuff black people like?”

    And does that make the dances better or worse?

    • Victoria, I’m about to file you under the over-sensitive and uninformed category. ‘Stuff White People Like’ is a fairly well-known blog that takes a mocking and humorous look at ‘white’ culture. So relax, lollipop.

      • But you do realize that if some white kids made up a website called “Stuff Black People Like” and listed stuff like chicken wings and jive talk, it would be considered pretty racist. I don’t aim to start another needless conversation about race, but I think you can see where some people might be concerned.

  • I love square dancing – although it’s been ages since I last do-si-do’ed.

  • Hoe Down (hahaha)
    DC style
    Chill People

  • happy to hear this until the “naked” part. please be sure to keep hipster corduroy skirts and skinny pants ON.

  • hipsters!

  • As a contra and square dancer myself, I’m kind of surprised that the non-dancing crowd seems to associate this as a hipster activity. On the contrary, square dancers are much more of the “I’ll take you as you are” and “just show up and have fun” mentality than the “too cool for school” blasé demeanor that typifies hipsters. Really. I’ve never once heard indie music being referenced at a square dance.

    Wish I could make this event, will probably make the next one, though…

  • @lnky and victoria

    square dancing and old time music are a part of black culture, at least historically speaking.
    (if you are short on time start at 3:20)

    @ Jack5, “Traditions of ignorance?” Really?? Seems to be something that you are very familiar with.

    • Thanks, but it wasn’t me who coined that term, it was the guy in the video above (That you didn’t watch)

  • I was pointing out the whole silliness of the “stuff white people like” list – it’s one of those annoying “too cool for school” type things. I forget sometimes how touchy people are here.

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