Senart’s Oyster & Chop House Looking Good on Barracks Row

Hard to believe that back in May ’10 it looked like this as Capitol Hill Veterinary Clinic at 520 8 Street, SE.

At the time we learned that:

It was coming from the same folks behind Lola’s and Chesapeake Room also on Barracks Row and the liquor application said, “New Old fashioned oyster restaurant & bar featuring seafood and American cuisine. Occupancy load of 80. Request a sidewalk café with a seating capacity of 22.”

I’ll be sure to update when doors open. Check out the size of the bar!

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  • Looks great! Though that space up front might get a little tight.

  • those back stools are going to quickly be junked…no way there can be enough space for a walking/mingling aisle

  • My Mom & Dad used to hang out at the old Senart’s Oyster & Chop House back in the 60’s. It was a great place to have a steak.

  • Having just bought a house near Barracks Row, I find the pace of development in this area really exciting. It looked like a totally different street when I started working in the area five years ago.

    • did you get a good deal? i am looking in the area, but everything looks WAY out of my range

      • We did! But it took almost 2 years and once we found the one we had to act quickly (it also helped that the selling agent owed our agent a favor). It is pretty rare for a house of decent size in good condition to come on the market for under $900k, but it does happen occasionally.

        What are you looking for and what is your price range, if you don’t mind me asking?

        • congrats on the find! i am looking under 600 and anything livable…preferably 2 bedrooms with a bit of a yard

          • Assuming you want a whole house, you might be able to find something east of 11th Street. It’s still pretty close to Barracks Row and there are good deals to be had there. Also, if you can qualify for a higher loan and are willing to become a landlord, you could look for something with a basement apartment to offset the mortgage.

            It is pretty incredible how much prices have shot up on the Hill in the past 2 years– when I started looking in 2009 there was a lot on the market for $500-700k, but not so much anymore.

            Best of luck!!

          • We bought our house on 11th and C NE and we’re quite happy with the area. It’s a little bit of a walk to Eastern Market/Union Station for a daily commute, but if you look near where the bus lines go you might still find something.

            You might try looking North and East of Eastern Market. My comfort level starts to decline around 15th St.

            Prices are already accelerating though. We “overpaid” at $600k for our house, then similar sized houses started going for $850+.

          • i am so mad at myself for missing the time to buy a year or two ago- i will keep your advice.

  • this looks really good in person.

    • Is that aisle actually wider in person? If those planks are 6 inches wide, that’s still only 30 inches – (with all the stools pushed in.) They actually look more like 4 inches – which would only be 20!

      • Yeah, that aisle looks way too narrow to be practical. If people are sitting in the stools on both sides, I don’t see how one person can get through, let alone leave enough space for the inevitable standers that congregate around their sitting friends.

  • Do they plan to have an oyster/raw bar happy hour?

  • F’in Amazing, the only alley in DC without thug graffiti!

    • give it time, it’s only recently painted.

      And I echo the issues on the width of that walk way… it’s going to be a clusterf#$k and make trying to get in and out of the place akin to being in a moshpit.

      Place looks awesome otherwise.

  • Really looking forward to this place (along with the 8th Street Beer Garden), although the food at Lola’s is just okay and Chesapeake House has been a mixed bag. I hope they keep it simple. It’s pretty hard to f**k up a raw oyster but I’m sure someone’s up to the challenge.

  • I am so looking forward to this. Inspiration for all oyster houses these days seems to be Swan Oyster Depot. They only have counter seating, but the aisle is pretty narrow (quick shots at the end of the video).

  • This’ll also be handy in the future as a way of spotting newbies, since they’ll be the ones who think this is the same place as the old Senart’s rather than a brand new place with the same name. (Kind of like when newbies to town think Chinatown has always been “fake”.)

  • Interior looks like a hybrid of the Chesapeake Room and Matchbox

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