Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

Photo by PoPville flickr user Brandon Kopp

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Melissa keeps calling me asking for Jenny. She doesn’t trust me when I say she’s got the wrong number.
    Rant: Thinking about possible gov’t shut down.
    Rave: Golden Delicious apples from Star Hollow farm.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Pop’s post about a woman being attacked recently, happened half a block away from where I live.
    Rave: My band played last night at Solly’s, the place was so full that people had to wait outside!
    Rant: some of my friends couldn’t see the show because the couldn’t get in.

  • No rants or raves, but I have to share this but from The Onion. Reminds me a lot of discussions on this blug:


  • Rave – Temps forecasted mostly over 50 degrees in the next 10 days…winter can’t really be over yet can it?

  • No rants or raves, but I have to share this but from The Onion. Reminds me a lot of discussions on this blog:


  • Rave: LOC is the most beautiful building in this citee. PoP finding beauty.

    Rave: Rainy cuddle weather.

    • My coworkers and I are taking a private tour of LOC some time this year – as soon as we can all agree on a Friday afternnon when we’re all available.

  • Rave – thank you for post a picture of my office building…

  • Rant: Killing your own people with freaking gunships and jets.

    Rave: looking forward to seeing my friends bad at the Velvet Lounge tonight.

  • rant: having my kitchen redone…stupid me broke one of the cabinets.

    rave: boss is on vacation until mar 7…yahooooo!

  • Rant: Shots.
    Rave: I’m that much less likely to get polio, typhoid, or any variety of hepatitis on my next trip.

  • Rave: New computer battery, microwave, and vacuum cleaner arrived at the same time and was delivered by a very, very cute UPS man. Sometimes the small mundane things in life bring the greatest joy.

  • Rant: Increase in rent effective April 1

    Rave: Joined a gym and surprisingly had a great first class–feeling very positive and energized as a result.

    Rave: It’s the weekend in T-3 hours.

  • Just ate at Dos Gringos in MtP.

    The food and (worse?) attitude behind the counter sucks.

    • +1000

      I totally agree. The only reason that hole is still in business is because of lazy people who decide not to walk another few blocks to AM or CH or U St for better food options.

      Don’t ask me for those better options. Figure it out yourself. Or settle for less than mediocre and continue to go to Dos Gringos, or more appropriately, Solamente Gringos.

  • Rant: The DC Council is on the verge (Mar 16 is the last day for comment) of killing DC’s solar homeowner program while leaving the PEPCO fee in place. So, you’ll be paying the same “Green Energy Fee” on your usage but it will go into the general fund instead of towards renewable energy projects in the district. I think it stinks. Either drop the fee, and drop the program, or better yet, keep the fee and keep the program. “Sneaky” taxes and regressive policies are BS.

  • Rant: Potential government shut down. Will cripple DC economy even more.

  • Rave: Total enlightenment.
    Rant: Ganesh; that guy’s a poser.

  • Rant: work moved,now Metro commute.

    Rant: wind. This shintz is crazy.

    Rant: Cricket Cola. Saw an ad for it in Potbelly and realised I haven’t had any in over a year. WholeFoods used to have it. Anyone know where to get some?

    Rave: weekend,and I’m not on-call.

    • dynaryder, I had the same thing happen—became a Metro commuter after being a bike/42 commuter. It’s not so bad. I sorta actually look forward to reading the paper and working the NYTimes crossword.

  • Rant: Dready graffiti gangster thugs.

    Rant: Crummy schemy inept elected officials.

  • Rant: stuck in a plane to bruxelles in Dulles with mechanic issue, not sure when they will be done fixing it
    Rant; probably having to fly in a plan that just had mechanic issue
    Rant: will probablu miss my connection flight

  • Rant: Why here?

    Rave: Lanier. Did she really say “Most likely to be shot or shoot?”

    Ramble: Kid portion only 70% of 39? Wonder how many SE and NE have? If they are supervised, why exactly do they pose a threat to taxpayers?

  • Rant: RCN internet has been offline since 5 p.m. Fri. Feb 25th. 8 days without internet. I live in Hell.

    Rant: The tech support guy I called for service just tried to up sell us a cable package. He’s got to be kidding.

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