Judging Pop Ups – 13th and Park Rd, NW

The pop up at 13th and Park Rd, NW in Columbia Heights looks like it’s nearly finished. You can see what it looked like in Nov. here. What do you think now – thumbs up or down?

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  • Cap City Real Estate does the best work in the city… they’re the ones that did the historic-looking rowhouse at 15th and S (or T?) that was a spittin image of its actual historic neighbors. They also seem to price their units fairly, which means they sell out quickly. Other developers please take note

  • Wow.

    Looks like Georgetown.

  • More Yuppies Hooray!!!

  • I think the house looks fantastic. Not quite as keen on the pop-up, though it’s not offensive.

  • Probably the most innocuous pop up I’ve ever seen. Nice job!

  • it’s a good pop-up, but the problem is with the roof deck access room. that sticks out.

    • yep, that roof access kind of ruins an otherwise good pop up.

      Wished they’d kept the natural brick color but in a land of the awful the decent is king.

  • Thumbs up – renovation without reinvention.

    I encourage haters to carefully examine the Summer 2009 pre-renovation pictures here on Google maps


    …before tearing into the “post” picture shown above.

  • Wow, great Job.

  • I think it looks great! Capital City RE does good work, so I was glad to see that they recently bought two houses on my street (Fairmont).

    • The problem with Cap City RE buying houses on your block is they turn a single family home into 3 tiny condos. If all the single family homes turn into tiny condos we’ll have no place for families to live in Columbia Heights.

      But, as far as pop-ups go, this is not too bad.

  • Thumbs up, it looks great.

  • Shame about the porch. That’s my only complaint.

    • I think they ditched the porch to make basement property access easier, so they could cram FIVE units in there…

  • Beautiful job. I wish they could have kept the porch. They tried to keep in the character of the neighborhood. The pop-up is not too noticeable from the street. I wish other developers would follow their example though I’m sick of painting brick buildings grey or is that green, I can’t tell from the picture.

  • If I had the money for such a project on my rowhome, I now have at least one builder on my “must call” list: the one behind this. The roof deck access is placed about as innocuously as possible, and to be honest, that’s a wart I can live with if it means that this place gets its own roof deck.

  • Looked better with the porch–without it the spacing on the windows seems odd. Still, this looks better than most.

  • Looks fantastic – I’ve been watching it since the beginning and didn’t actually even realize there was a pop-up. (OK – maybe not watching all that closely.)

    I am curious why they did away with the porch however – porches are always good, and would be especially enticing on that corner. Maybe it would diminish light for the basement apt.? But basements should be rentals anyway – not ever a place to actually buy to live in.

  • anyone know what’s up with the house across 11th from this one (the one on the sw corner of 13th and park nw)? biggest yard, smallest house. so little upkeep. as often as i go to park mart (not joking, quick beer and arnold palmer runs), how long does that place have before it gets turned into something? and, so long as i’m listing them out, what’s up with the weird yellow house right north of park mart?

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. We plan to be completed with the construction very soon and invite you all to come and see the finished product. The roof deck is AMAZING! Keep an eye on our website http://www.capcityre.com for open house info. – And thank you PoP for posting!

  • That corner needed that! Great job. Looking forward to seeing the building kept up.

  • Overall, looks great. I am always sad to see historic roof lines altered, but the porch on this house was pretty unattractive and overall it is a big improvement on what used to be in that spot, which as noted above was pretty hideous. So long as we allow pop-ups to destroy the historic fabric of neighborhoods like this, which is kind of a shame, I am glad someone is at least taking the time to make them look as good as this.

    I, too, can’t believe the tan house across the way remains as is (although at least they FINALLY painted it, big improvement). Huge lot, which never seems to be used, and a tiny house that in no way maximizes the space. Very odd.

    • Stan: I’m curious – why do you dislike?

      Do you prefer the former incarnation, or would you prefer a different direction with the renovation?

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