Greater Goods Closing on U St, NW

I still miss the fish/pet store…

Thanks to all who forwarded the email:

Greater Goods Closing – 25 to 50% Off Everything Sale Through February 27th!

Dear Friends,
After almost 4 years at U Street we have decided to close the retail store. This wasn’t an easy decision but we did not feel we could continue under the current circumstances. There were a variety of factors contributing to our closing but in the end we could not acquire funding to grow or expand. Over the last year we have juggled our budget but it was painfully obvious that we could not get the shelves restocked quickly enough.

This has been a great experience for me, though of course I wish it would have ended differently. I learned a lot about my family, friends, and myself. I experienced tragedies and the greatest joys while running this place. I got to know interesting people doing interesting things. If I could have done it differently I would have made it better, but I would not have changed my decision to open our doors.

Thanks to all you folks who shopped and talked to me about whetever came to mind.

PS – I’m keeping the online store open and anything that doesn’t sell out will go to the website. Furnishings will go as well.

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  • I really liked this place, but they were out of the things that I would go there looking for. I had no idea that this was why. So sad….

  • Too bad. I liked their jewelry, hats and handbags. I’m glad they’re keeping the online store.

  • I loved this store, but obviously not many people felt the same way or else I wouldn’t be the only person shopping each time I was there. I purposely went out of my way to buy my dishsoap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, water filters, sponges and other stuff there (at competitive prices too).

  • this is really sad – I hate to see stores closing in DC – only open for a few years. Love their reclycle trash bags!

  • Unlike the pet store, I never did take the time to stop by this place. Still, it sucks to hear about someone’s business going under.

  • No way will a shop like this ever survive in an internet world. Or Border’s Books. That’s why we need a new model. Or old model actually – think medieval market towns with weekly markets.

    An indoor pavilion space where purveyors have small stalls so people can see-touch-try out the products, then place an order online and it is delivered to their home within 3 days.

    Perfect for DCUSA. Be creative or bankrupt.

  • I think there is room for very niche oriented stores. Environmentally friendly is not as niche as it used to be. The new gaming store on Capitol Hill seems to be crushing it. Inventory seems to turnover constantly when I go in there.

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