Form Over Function?

I’ve gone on record saying that I think the new lamp posts on H St, NE look fantastic. I just wonder if they will ever emit light…? These were installed since at least March ’10. How long do you think it’ll be until they actually work? Will it have to wait until all the streetcar construction is completed?

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  • Getting closer DC. Much better then the open light bulbs shining into everone’s windows in A-M but a bit more of a lip could keep that light on the ground where it’s needed and out of the sky (or my third floor bedroom) where its not.

    • They’ll gladly install shields if you complain about it shining into your bedroom at night. At least they used to.

  • And, PEPCO has other pressing issues right now.

  • I’m not sure, but similar lights (without the signs) are already lit on Benning Road.

    I hope they can tweak the bulbs so they don’t emit such a garish light. Some of them are too… orange?… to provide the right feel. I’m sure they are very efficient but there is nothing like a warm, yellow bulb incandescent.

  • Anyone else think they should have oriented to maximize light on the sidewalk rather than the way they currently are lighting up the curb?

  • Similar looking lights are starting to go in at the construction at GA and Kansas near the library.

  • the return of the washington globe lamps (replacing the ones that look like interstate highway surplus from 1963) is really making an amazing difference in the look of the city. The streetscape project they did in Ledroit Park a few years back has made an unbelievable difference in how the neighborhood looks. Will be awesome to see H Street when these lights go on. I think it’s kind of cool to keep them unlit until the project is done.

  • About the time they have the street car system up and running!

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