Dear PoP – Future Shaw Giant!

Thanks to all who sent emails about this (and props to TBD’s Sommer Mathis for spotting it first). It’s hard to imagine how awesome this is going to be when completed. City Market at O has released a new blog with rending (above), they write:

Yes, it’s true. Activity is starting soon on CityMarket at O. Roadside picked up the permit for the facade support and Clark has ordered the steel and is planning to start the facade support of the O Street Market building at the end of February. The facade support project is estimated to take up to three months.

In the meantime, Roadside will be finishing its construction drawings for HUD on March 1 and completing the permit process for a project construction start in late summer 2011 if all goes as planned with HUD closing.

The Giant will replace the current Giant at 8th and O St, NW. When this whole project is completed it will be epic. So many good things on the horizon for all over DC!

Ed. Note: Knock wood, knock wood, knock wood…

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  • I won’t hold my breath for that late summer 2011 construction start.

  • Fuck yea, I just hope they keep the courtesy drivers though…

    On a side note I think its a bad idea to knock down the Safeway in Petworth and the Giant in Shaw at the same time, the Giant in Columbia Heights will be too crowded……..

    • still the safeway at city vista and the new harris teeter to go to. Better to get the ball rolling on these things. Chances are at least one of them will be delayed in closing anyway.

    • I think most shaw residents will shop at the Mt. Vernon safeway when the giant closes.

  • Knock wood, knock wood, knock wood, knock wood, knock wood, knock wood!!!

  • Sigh. I wish some of this new stuff was coming to Riggs Park.

    • uh? yeah, but this has been in the works for decades. how long has riggs park been trying to get stuff moving?
      even dcusa was 20 years worth of grassroots neighborhood work.

      • 20 years? Whats the story there?

        • shortly after dcusa opened i went to a main streets presentation when reps from the community org that got the ball rolling talked about it.

          i guess you’d have to seek out civic association people to find the whole story. but yeah, it took a hell of a long time. i imagine these were the same people that were involved in the metro station in columbia heights too.

          everything here has deep, convoluted history.

  • This project is the single most important one in the city for me and mine. Please, please, please get underway.

    AND DO A GOOD JOB. No f&ckups on this one.

  • I can’t say that I’m digging the greenish hue of the facade, but everything else looks fantastic.

    Go O Street!

  • Until they stock the first apples and toilet paper there I don’t believe it. Remember, they have learned from the best in Shaw – Shiloh Baptist – that inaction is overlooked and even rewarded by the DC government and local residents.

  • now they just need to bulldoze the projects and the neighborhood will be livable

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