Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located on University Place NW:

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Sorry for small photo but I think this could be a good deal.

The Craigslist ad says:

“Furnished English basement studio with independent entrance and backyard exit. The basement was entirely refurbished (carpet, bathroom, kitchen) less than a year ago.
This is a nice, just renovated townhouse at a great location on a quiet street (University Place NW) between Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights.

4 Blocks to Green/Yellow Lines ( Columbia Heights metro) and circulator. Zip cars available less than one block away.

One block from 16th street transportation corridor with at least four buses to K/16th.
One block to Meridian Park. Five minutes to Harris Teeter, Giant, Target, etc. Easy to park on the street.
The house has a backyard too with a grill. Great from April to October.
Rent is 1,185US$. All utilities included, wireless internet, TV cable and cleaning lady also included.
Available from 1 February. Minimum period 6 months. Only for one person, no pets.
Send email with three references if interested”

Wow, 3 references? Ever seen that many required before? I still think this could be a good deal – $1185 sound right?

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  • Depends on the size/state of the basement, of course, but $1185 including utilities, internet, and cable is a great deal. However, the stipulation that there are no couples allowed (is that legal?) and the requirement of three references makes me think the landlord is slightly wacky.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s not legal to limit the # of tenants beyond the housing code maximums, but I doubt many couples would be interested in this apartment anyway.

  • I agree with MS… THREE references? But hey, it comes with a cleaning lady!

  • I guess they’ve been burned in the past… still, I think there would be a lot of model tenants that can’t come up with three references.

    • What do you mean people might not be able to come up with three references? All you need is to list three people that you know could vouch for you. I would not want a tenant who couldn’t provide this. I am not saying that I would request it though.

  • Pretty crappy block too.

    • Not really.

    • Really? I live a few blocks away (south of U Street) but have friends that live on this block, and have frequently walked the whole stretch of Euclid from Malcolm X Park to Georgia Ave. It’s never felt particularly sketchy to me, even at night. In fact, I’ve always thought of it (perhaps inaccurately, perhaps not) as one of the better areas of Columbia Heights.

  • Of course, at the price, you’ll easily find plenty that can.

    But, that price does leave me with the “what’s wrong with it?” feeling.

  • euclid. shudder.

    • Exactly. Inner-city war zone at your doorstep, with Target a few blocks away 😀

      • I used to live at 16th and Euclid and thought it was fine. Granted, I was coming from the SW waterfront which is probably sketchier, but I’m pretty risk-adverse when it comes to neighborhoods.

      • I went to Target but I missed.

    • As long as you don’t own a car, Euclid’s fine. Living and parking on that block for a year, I had 3 separate incidents of vehicle vandalism. Antenna pulled off, tire slashed, then complete joyride situation. That was 3 years ago.

      • Where did you usually park? I never had a problem with vehicle vandalism, but I usually parked west of 16th because it seemed a lot safer. This was in 2008.

        • Oh, and for what it’s worth my roommate never had problems either, and she DID regularly park between 16th and 14th.

  • I ask for 3 references (former employers or landlords) current employer, and a resume. This is a house share, in my house. I also state in ads and in lease that occupancy is limited to 2 ppl (me + 1) so that the future housemate knows that I’m not interested in running a group house.

    • If it’s a house-share / roommate situation, it’s on the wrong section of CL.

    • You should have been more clear in your ad that this was a “shared” situation and categorized it appropriately on Craigslist.

    • So is it a house share or is it an apartment? To me, in a house share, you rent a room (and maybe a bathroom), but share common areas, like the kitchen and living room. Would this person have access to your living area? If not, then it’s not really a house share, it would just seem to me that you are looking to rent an apartment out without getting a separate Certificate of Occupancy.

    • Now’s the time to clarify this. You really want to be completely clear in your ads, because it wastes you time and prospective tenant’s time if they stop by and it’s not what they expected. It’s better to do fewer, targeted walk-throughs with people who will really dig the place.

      If this is a truly independent living space, who cares how many people live upstairs? What’s the resume for? Just get them to put their income, loans, credit card payments, and send you a paystub. Then call their boss and do a credit check.

      In any case, it’s a nice little space and a good deal. Someone new to DC could really feel at home here.

    • You’re either deliberately trying to mislead readers, an idiot, or both. Why would you put that it is an independent entrance if it is a shared dwelling. May you lose the same amount of time that you have wasted of others.

    • This is not my ad I’m just commenting on what I do when I’m looking for tenants.

  • Does that price include a bullet proof vest?

  • I live right around the corner on Fairmont for 5 years, starting in 2001. My roommates and I never had any issues in this area. Has there been some uptick in crime more recently or is it the Section 8 housing that is making some uncomfortable.

    • I agree. This neighborhood is fine. Don’t really understand all the paranoid comments indicating otherwise.

  • The best way to describe that block is “shit happens”.
    Don’t be surprised about anything you may see or hear, especially when its right in the middle of two beefing street crews.

  • I just remember walking euclid after dusk a couple of years back. there was a group of six or seven yutes hanging on an overhang (near mozart pl, I want to say), throwing empty bottles into the street and talking shit to passersby. definitely enough to make anyone uncomfortable.

    it may be different nowadays, but that area has a history.

  • me

    You guys really think it looks like a “nice little space”? I think it looks cramped, even for an English Basement, cluttered, and kinda crappy for that amount of money. That, and the owner sounds like a tightass, so I’m not sure I’d want to have to deal with that all of the time.

  • It looks like a nice studio, pretty well set up. I wouldn’t want to live there for years (especially because the landlord seems picky). But because the utilities are included, it seems like a good deal.

    I think it would be a great spot for a grad student, for example.

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