Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill/Potomac Ave Metro

This rental is located at 14th Street, SE at Pennsylvania Avenue:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Perfect for a carless commuter. Ideal for one tenant – cozy for a couple. GREAT location… just steps to the Potomac Avenue Metro (blue and orange lines) and several bus lines, ½ block to grocery store. Several restaurants and bars just a block or 2 away. Short walk to Eastern Market and Barracks Row shops and restaurants. Parking is on-street and ample.

Recently renovated apartment features a private entrance, full kitchen (dishwasher, oven, granite counter tops and microwave, etc). Bathroom includes standing shower and washer/dryer. Cable TV, central A/C, built-in desk and wireless internet. All utilities included.

Furnished rear patio (with grill) shared with owner.”

$1600 sound reasonable for this 1bed/1bath?

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  • To expensive for that area, IMO. And I live in “that” area.

  • I agree with Alex. I live 2 blocks away in a recently gutted condo and pay under $1200. My place also has a granite/stainless kitchen with all of the same appliances, plus a jacuzzi tub, plus a private patio, plus it’s not a basement. To be fair, my place doesn’t include all utilities, but they don’t run me $400/mo. Too pricey.

  • I agree with others. This condo needs to be about 6 blocks west to get that kind of rent.

  • damn thats too much.

  • Totally agreed – too much. And that very exposed kitchen door really screams break-in potential for that neighborhood.

  • Ugh…I don’t see bars on that door. Unless you live in Georgetown, I wouldn’t live anywhere in DC in a basement without bars.

  • The rent is a bit steep, but not obscenely so, especially with utilities included (not sure if that means cable/internet or not, the ad doesn’t really make that clear).

    So, to summarize:

    1. Spitting distance from Metro
    2. Spitting distance from a fairly new Harris Teeter
    3. On a major bus line that’ll take you just about anywhere in the city.
    4. Utilities included.

    There are very few one-bedrooms with those amenities for less than $1,600 in this city.

    • You forgot to mention #5: spitting distance from Potomac Gardens housing project and all of the problems that come with it. This is not to say that any public housing automatically means problems for a neighborhood, but Potomac Gardens is notorious for the problems it causes for this area.

      • Okay, but a similar apartment in Columbia Heights (block from Metro, block from a new grocery story, utilities included) would be, what, $2,400 a month?

        And in Columbia Heights, you’re spitting distance from not just one public housing complex, but many.

        • Um, no, a similar apartment in Columbia Heights would be no where near $2,400/month. Even apartments in the “luxury” buildings in that area are less than that.

      • It’s notorious for generating disproportionate amounts of neighborhood bitching. There are worse pockets in that area which more problematic than PG.

  • I agree – it is tough to find a 1 BR with decent light/kitchen for under $1500 (which is the real price of this as util are included). On top of this, the location is a stone’s throw from the metro. The under $1200 condo? Elusive, unless you have some sort of connection to the landlord or get incredibly lucky.

  • That’s kind of a lot.

    A lot of kinda of.

  • 1600 for a one bed on beat down street? Puh-lease.

    • So let me get this straight — Trusty’s and Wisdom are great but the block they occupy suck? Harris Teeter and Metro literally across the street?

      The rent seems high, I’ve got neighbors renting their basements for $12-1400/mo not too far to the west with the same amenities and closer to Eastern Market.

  • furnished, utilities included? its actually a decent deal. just get on the metro and go to work. you’re still in dc.

  • way too high. WAY too high. In Columbia Heights you at least have access to bars, restaurants, shopping and the like and better other local infrastructure even if there are housing projects near by. Also, you can find ColHei basement 1bdrms for $1400. Regardless of finishes, this is just way too much.

    • Right, because there are no bars or restaurants or whatever the hell you mean by “other local infrastructure” in that neighborhood. It’s just a barren wasteland of overpriced basement apartments and one housing project.

  • Some of the commenters on this thread either never leave Northwest, or haven’t tried to rent an apartment in this city in many years.

    This will be rented, at that price, within 24 hours of the open house.

    • As someone who lives a few blocks from this apartment and is currently looking to move within the neighborhood, I can assure people that this apartment (with its proximity to the metro, Harris Teeter, Wisdom, Trusty’s, Fragers) will be rented for the listed price. $1400 might have been “way to high” a few years ago but not anymore. (plus, the apartment is only 6 blocks from Eastern Market and Barracks Row)

  • I work 3 blocks from this location and would not live there for more than $1000/month. Despite the prescence of Jenkins Row and the proximity to Barracks Row, the immediate area still has that “barren wasteland” feel. And something about it, maybe the housing projects, makes it seem somewhat sketchy still.

    Nevetheless, it might be worth the price for someone without a car. You’re practically right on top of the metro (on the desirable blue/orange lines no less), as well as a very nice grocery store, and you don’t have to walk terribly far to go to Eastern Market and all the great restaruants on 8th Street.

  • No bathtub, people!!

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