Stroga Hosting Community Meeting Sun. 4pm in Adams Morgan

Back in Nov. a reader wrote in asking if Stroga was being used as a nightclub on weekends.

Stroga gym is located at 1808 Adams Mill Road, NW. Their Web site says:

“The building has a rich and romantic history, and with its fine woodwork, imported stained glass and intricate moldings STROGA is sure to take your breath away. It’s the perfect location to hold your special event!

The space is available for wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate meetings, luncheons, and dinners, fundraisers, dances, private parties, and much more.”

For those who voiced concerns earlier, today’s meeting could be a good opportunity to let them know.  And get some light refreshments…

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  • “Announce new internal systems to eliminate issues brought to our attention”

    Translation: Please call us instead of the MPD for noise, fights, unlicensed valet operations, questionable use of a caterer’s liquor license, after-hours operation, etc.

    “Announce this season’s events already scheduled”

    Translation: We have someone in DC Gov who is backing us up, so no matter how questionable our operation & licensing is, we’re going ahead with future events.

    Bottom line – this is a nightclub. I have no problem with that, or any of the other clubs in Adams Morgan, but let’s be honest about this. Stroga & Grey Goose just want to run a club without getting a nightclub/liquor license/other permits needed. They don’t want to deal with the neighborhood association/ANC baggage/”voluntary agreements” that may comes along with that. They’ve gamed the system this long and think they can continue to do so. You have to wonder why CM Graham and others in DC Gov aren’t up in arms about this.

  • Odd how they all of a sudden decided to have a meeting a few days before their catering liquor license was going to get reviewed by either ANC or ABRA (can’t remember)

  • The L’Aiglon Building is one special address. The long curved building at the end of Adams Mill Road could well support the upper floors being used as offices.

    I remember when there was a travel agency up there for many years.

    With the Wachovia Bank and the FedEx Kinko’s on the ground floor of this beautiful expansive building, there’s well enough rent coming in to this property to support some nice offices above

    and not another neighborhood night club operating incognito as a Yoga studio during daytime hours.

    Let’s be altogether honest here.

    The landlord just has to step in and put some order in his building.

  • … just curious to see what the C of O for the building says…

  • I’m hearing that their liquor license is going to be protested and these “night club” allegations may come back to haunt them.

    • I don’t think they even have a liquor license. From what I’ve heard they have been operating on a catering company’s liquor license.

  • Really tired of the business owners in Adams Morgan toeing the line. They are exactly why Adams Morgan feels so used.

    Deal with your neighborhood commissions, get the correct permits, and commissioners stand up for the residents who live here. This is not Ocean City boardwalk.

  • So the meeting didn’t end up instilling that much confidence in Stroga. It also looks like they have no intentions of changing their behavior either… instead of calling it the Grey Goose Mansion, now it is The Mansion, presented by Grey Goose. The first event they are hosting this year is a book signing. By Russell Simmons. Starting at 9pm on Friday with a happy hour. You know… pretty much the same community event you would see at Politics & Prose.

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