Movement at Old Momo’s Sports Bar Space on U St, NW

Momo’s sports bar, sadly, closed at 1334 U St, NW back in Oct. ’10. I was happy to see a permit recently get posted on their front window. I’m very eager to see who takes over this space. Anyone hear any rumors?

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  • yea the guys from Tabaq next door took it over. Guess they will mismanage that as well.

  • I read the permit last night and upstairs says it’s going to be called “Touchdown” and it’s going to be another sports bar. The old Nema spot is going to be a fish and chips/Seafood joint but the name is slipping me. It was a play on words. Anyways, I’m still upset about Nema – so many great nights there. Does anyone know where Ibrahem (Nema’s awesome old owner) or Maui (who ran Momo’s) ended up? We go way back but I lost touch.

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