Mellow Mushroom Coming to Old 18th and Red Space in Adams Morgan

Yesterday we learned the great news that it looked like Mellow Mushroom pizza was coming to Adams Morgan. I’m happy to report that the speculation has now been confirmed by Mellow Mushroom. In an email they tell me that Mellow Mushroom will be opening up in July 2011 (not May) and they are currently renovating the old 18th and Red space at 2436 18th St, NW.

Another reader writes that a roof deck will likely be included though I haven’t confirmed that info yet.

But for those who were excited about the prospect of a Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria coming to DC – it is now confirmed for July 2011 coming to 2436 18th St, NW. From yesterday’s discussion it sounds like a big score for Adams Morgan.

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  • “Magic” Mushroom? It’s a little early in the day for that, don’t you think?

  • I would venture to guess they would have a rooftop area, as The Mellow Mushroom is known for its outdoor seating. It is a great place to go in the spring and enjoy a 16 ounce Mellow Margarita. I miss living a few blocks from the one in Raleigh. Here are a few pics of their outdoor area:

    Thanks for the good news!

  • A rooftop bar might be a bad idea. Someone could eat too many mellow mushrooms, think they can fly and jump off. I saw this happen once in an after school special.

  • Any word on what their hours will be? With the recent discussion of Snap in Adams Morgan, I’d be interested to see when Mellow Mushroom is open.

    Also, to people who know of MM, are they have more of a restaurant- or bar-type scene?

    • Restaurant, definitely.

    • depends actually. some have an upstairs that is very “bar centric” while others dont (thinking about charleston, sc location and some atl spots). either way they always have great beers on tap and the best bar-b-q chicken pizza…ever

  • “they tell me that Mellow Mushroom will be opening up in July 2011”

    Translation: Mellow Mushroom will be opening in January, 2012.

  • Considering how cursed that space is (although marginally less so than the former Angry Inch space), it might not be the greatest news for fans of Mellow Mushroom. Yet, MM is pretty awesome, so hopefully it will thrive.

    Obligatory: Anything is an improvement over an empty space, well, with the exception of 18th and Red.

    • Spaces on 18th St aren’t cursed – they’re just occupied by sh*tty businesses. Every ding-a-ling with access to a bank loan and an idea for a bar with no business plan tries to strike it rich in “hot” Adams Morgan.

      Chains like Mellow Mushroom or businesses that are part of significant local investment groups (Bourbon, The Diner) make it there because they are run by competent people.

      • Used to be that bank loans were to blame, but there aren’t too many of those to go around these days. Drug money, maybe? I don’t know.

  • There need to be more places like Mellow Mushroom in Ad Mo. 18th and Red was terrible, had terrible food, and terrible service. It was like a clubby sports bar, but not really…just overall not a good idea.

    Mellow Mushroom is a pizza joint, with great beers, and usually some live music. Exactly the kind of place that doesn’t exist on 18th St. at the moment. It will be a welcome addition.


  • The ANC in Adams Morgan had in the past approved of that location having a rooftop area with seating and a bar. I’m pretty certain that it was approved by the ABC Board as well. I think there may have been some questions with Historic, but I’m not sure.

    Also, part of the reason that space in particular has such an issue with keeping businesses there is the $20K per month (yes, $20,000 per month) lease and in the past, the landlord’s unwillingness to give establishments a break on the rent during the build-out. Maker’s Mark wanted to put one of their restaurants there a few years back (before the 18th and Red situation) and it was going to cost them around half a million just to build it out to their specifications. When the landlord refused to give them a discount on the rent (not not pay, just a discount), they said forget it.

  • Will there be good sweet tea?

  • Thank god it’s not another jumbo slice joint.
    Hopefully this will brighten up the place, 18th Street is such a crappy/dirty looking street these days.

  • I’m from Atlanta and have been going to MM since I was a teenager. So pumped that they are coming to DC!

    I can promise all that have not tried their pizza that you won’t be disappointed (unless you are one of those a-holes that think it’s not pizza unless it’s NY style or Chicago style). The crust is magical.

    Also, someone asked before if it’s a restaurant or bar scene. Yes is the answer. It’s great for either, because the pizza is great, and they all have a great beer selection.

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