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Allow Me to Introduce You to Petworth’s New Safeway

by Prince Of Petworth January 24, 2011 at 9:21 pm 160 Comments

Petworth’s Proposed Safeway at Georgia Ave (3830 Georgia Ave, NW)

Back in May ’10 I wrote a post titled Battle of the Safeways: Haves Vs. Have Nots comparing the new Georgetown/Glover Park Safeway to Petworth’s Safeway on Georgia Ave (3830 Georgia Ave, NW). I am happy to say that, soon, this argument will no longer apply. Petworth is slated to be home to the city’s newest and largest Safeway at 60,000 square feet. While I’m trying not to exaggerate I believe this is the biggest news to hit Petworth/Georgia Ave since the metro station opened. This news is so huge that I have passed out twice since starting to write this and I’m only on the first paragraph. This is, in the parlance of our times, a true gamechanger.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Marc Dubick, the same guy who brought Mt. Vernon Square the hugely successful City Vista project, who is president of Duball LLC or in plain English the guy who’s gonna develop this project. He has already been talking to neighborhood groups and I’ve received about half a dozen emails from folks who are more excited than I am. And I can understand why. Petworth has been promised redevelopment of this (the Stinky Safeway) Safeway for so many years that to some the prospect has become a fairy tale. However, Dubick made it quite clear to me – the fairy tale has now become a reality. But what was even cooler was the detail in which Dubick explained the project to me and the lengths that have been made to address earlier concerns:

There will be two underground floors of parking removing the current parking lot and curb cuts on Georgia Ave. will be no more. There will be 85 spaces on one floor for shoppers and 135 parking spots on a separate floor for residents. The ground floor will be 60,000 square feet including a full deli, Starbucks and a state of the art pharmacy and will look a lot like the City Vista/ Sexy Safeway and the new ultra modern Safeway in SW-Waterfront. On top of the Safeway there will be 5 floors of market rate apartments that will not exceed the height of the existing apartment building on Randolph (it is looking like rentals though condo is still a possibility).

Other steps that have been taken to address earlier concerns are:

*Placing all parking, loading, and trash inside a completely enclosed two-story building to be built in the location where the back parking lot is now;
*Placing a green roof on the enclosed two-story parking structure to provide an attractive view out the rear of neighboring houses;
*Stopping the parking structure short of the end of the parking lot to provide some buffer space;
*Stepping down the housing portion of the structure as it approaches the existing apartment building in the 900 block of Randolph, so there is a smoother flow between the buildings;
* Placing all the housing toward the front of the property, so it doesn’t conflict with the residential housing;
* using the grade of the property to reduce the impact on neighboring properties;
* Using a “quiet” technique to drive the piles for the new building.

Additionally, the Safeway will increase from 40-50 employees to 150-160.

The entire process should take about 2 and 1/2 – 3 years.

After all the permits are collected construction will likely begin in 6-8 months.

When completed Petworth will finally be home to the type of Safeway it deserves. And we’ll soon have to think up a new nickname!

Petworth’s Safeway on Georgia Ave (3830 Georgia Ave, NW)

  • Eric


    • eddy fuentes

      Would have preferred an independent used book store.

  • Srh

    Amazing news!!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Shepherd St

    Don’t even know how to begin to express my joy over the prospect that this may actually happen!!! This is indeed a game changer, and makes the looooong wait for a replacement for the Stinky Safeway worth the wait. Only one qualm: they should reconsider the Starbucks, since we have not one but two fantastic local coffee houses (Qualia and Columbia Heights) that should not be pushed out of biz by this chain. Can’t they put something else in that space, or offer it to CH or Qualia if they want it? Something cool like that would be just right and in keeping with Petworth’s knack for being a bit different. PoP, anyway they can speed up the timeline?

    • e-beth

      No one in their right mind is going to go to starbucks with qualia just right across the street. the quality of coffee is not even comparable.

      • Anon

        Except for the people who find Starbucks perfectly adequate and find comfort in their chain beverages and Trenta iced lattes. Sadly, I guarantee having an SB there will negatively impact Qualia’s business.

        • It’ll likely be all the folks with laptops who nurse a house coffee for 5 hours that end up going to Starbucks instead of Qualia. Letting those of us who like their food and drinks a chance to sit down and enjoy them. Can’t say that’s a bad deal.

        • There is a reason SB is everywhere… one of the best.

          If Qualia wants to survive they ultimately had to get competion or they would have failed anyway.

          • Anonymous

            I think data actually shows that having a SB on the block increases traffic to other nearby coffee shops. I don’t know why, but maybe its the coffee smell that gets people interested in coffee but not necessarily in SB coffee. Maybe its b/c Starbucks is not cutting edge on gentrification, so Starbucks is usually simultaneous with something else arriving — like a fancy grocery store or a BabyGap — that brings more coffee drinking to the area. But, if Qualia is good — and I don’t have a dog in the fight b/c I have never been to Qualia and rarely step in to SB either — is should be helped by this development, not hurt.

      • but then again, most people like terrible things.

      • Anon

        And except for those who find the folks who work at Qualia to be hugely pretentious. I will continue to walk out of my way to CH coffee. Happy to see Qualia forced to compete.

        • Anonymous

          Qualia sucks. I second hoping some competition can put some pressure on them to improve. Overpriced, tiny mugs, pretentious staff. I walk out of my way to go to Columbia Heights Coffee every time.

    • fl

      If the people pursuing this development were doing so purely for the good of the neighborhood and with only Petworth’s best interests in mind, then sure, of course they wouldn’t put a Starbucks in to compete with locally owned Qualia. Of course, the reality is they are doing this for profit, and the reality is that Starbucks has a better chance of putting Qualia out of business than the other way around, which means they are probably making a good business move. I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

      • mmm

        If the in-store Starbucks is anything like the one at the CityVista Safeway, I wouldn’t sweat the competition. The CityVista Starbucks (staffed by Safeway’s union employees) is awful, the employees are surly, the coffee is bad, and everyone I know goes out of their way NOT to patronize it.

  • Sexier Safeway? I like Game Changing Safeway too but I think it needs to start with an “S”.

    • Anonymous

      stupendous safeway?

  • Great news!

  • Darrell

    Looks good.

    But not good enough to keep me from driving to Silver Spring Giant to avoid the bag fee.

    Sorry. I hope it helps our property values, nevertheless.

    • Sonia

      How about getting some reusable bags for .99 a piece? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You’ve got to be kidding. You’ve got to just be looking for attention. I cannot believe anyone would drive north from Petworth on Georgia Ave, or whatever other crappy stop and go road, just to save $.15… You must have way too much time on your hands, grandpa.

      • El Gringo

        +1 on attention seeking..which is working right now.

        Bur seriously, Darrel can’t really be trying to save 15 cents?!?!

        The extra 8 mile round trip there and back will waste more $$ than that in gas…and time…and environmental impact.

        Sheesh, I’ll GIVE you 3 reusable bags man.

        • victoria

          Doesn’t anyone recognize irony – “taking the piss” – “Yanking your chain” in comments? No one honestly drives to Md. to avoid the bag tax. Come on people – waste your breath on real affronts!

          • Anonymous

            are you kidding victoria? no one wants to pass up the opportunity to anonymously tell someone else that they are an idiot. jeeez.

    • Anon

      Nicely done, you pay more in gas and sales tax with your little protest. Your message resonates loud and clear, though Im not sure its the message you were intending…

      • El Gringo

        we’re on parallel tracks…at the same time Anon 11:16 🙂

    • anon

      Darrell, do you have another brother named Darrell?

      I mean, how idiotic to spend time and energy driving to MD to avoid paying a few cents in bag tax (which you could avoid altogether if you brought your own bag?)??

      • Eric in Ledroit

        don’t feed the troll!!

    • Lester

      Save $.30 on bags, spend about $2.15 on gas.

    • Anonymous

      15 cents/bag man. give me a break.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he’s already in Silver Spring for something else and picks up his groceries on the way home. I do a lot of my grocery shopping the nights I’m already out in Fairfax for class (not because I’m avoiding the bag fee– I’d be using reusable regardless– but because it’s an easier and more pleasant experience there). It might not be quite as ridiculous as it seems!

      • Darrell

        That’s basically it. There is .5 mile difference in the distance from the Silver Spring Giant than that Safeway from my house. Grocery shopping for a family of five I probably have about 20 bags total (counting double bags for the milk, etc.) Not that much, but I used the bags for the dog and smaller trashcans around the house.

        And right now, there is no comparison that SS Giant is nicer and the bag issue is just an added bonus.

    • Nate

      I call “troll”, but maybe not. Stupid is as stupid does. There are plenty of examples of it in society.

      • Darrell

        What is stupid about my comment? The Silver Spring Giant is vastly superior to the Petworth safeway and only .5 miles father from my house.

        The people who have brought up taxes have only displayed their own ignorance. (I’m happy to accept their apologies any ole time).

        I re-use every bag I get to clean up after my dog and for personal trash.

        It is not like I am personally dumping them into the Anacostia River.

        Again, this is a sincere question: why am I stupid for this?

  • Matt G

    With a triumphant fist pump, “Salvation Safeway!”

    Followed soon thereafter with a wagging finger, “S’bout Time Safeway…”

    • anon


    • SG

      haha, awesome!

    • Love it!

  • PetworthRes

    Heeeeyyyaaaaaa! This is so exciting. I think it has about everything I’ve heard residents ask for when complaining about the Stinky Safeway: contain the trash, get rid of the nasty parking lot, and most of all, tear the existing Safeway down to the ground and get rid of it! I also have to say I’m happy to see these words absent: Craig Muckle, Safeway Rep. At every community meeting I’ve seen him at he’s try to convince you The Stinky wasn’t all that bad and Safeway really couldn’t afford to bring the neighborhood a nice store. Good riddance! The City Vista folks are breathing some life and excitement to a project that was code blue just a couple years ago.

    Some missing info though…when do they demolish The Stinky? And how long will the construction take?

    • That Safeway really wasn’t so bad–I agree. Helpful, friendly employees–especially the woman who did the produce. Steak specials for $1.19/lb when I lived in Petworth. And it was right next door. What wasn’t to like? It wasn’t gaudy or pretentious.

      • w00t

        I agree, cleaniness and no foul odors around food is very pretentious. When will all these people get off their high horses.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot wait. I cannot wait. This is the whole reason I moved here three years ago. I had a friend in the know that said it was going to happen. When it started sounding like it wasn’t… I was beyond disappointed. Hallelujah! AMEN!

    • Anonymous

      you moved to a neighborhood because of a safeway? for real?

      • Anonymous

        Not ONLY the Safeway. I had a friend in commercial real estate who told me about a lot of the revitilization(sp?) happening. Altho, the Results gym next to the Wendy’s on Ga Ave. fell through.

        • Anonymous

          what else?

        • Anonymous

          Ha. So where are all the fatties eating Wendy’s going to get their workout on?

  • Anonymous

    How about the “Souped-Up Safeway”?

  • Anonymous

    god damn that is a fucking nice change. you must be giddy as hell Pop and you other petworthians.

  • Anon

    Its really too bad its going to take 4 years to complete. Similar stores seem to have gone up much more quickly. Why will it take so long?

  • T

    Fantastic news! I’ll remain cautiously optimistic until they break ground 🙂

  • saf

    “*Placing a green roof on the enclosed two-story parking structure to provide an attractive view out the rear of neighboring houses;”

    UH-huh. I do not think this means what they think it means.

    And while the building may be nice, it’s still Safeway. They are lousy neighbors. LOUSY. Why should we believe that will change?

    • Anonymous

      why are they lousy neighbors?

      • Anonymous

        probably because they are not hipsters like the OP?

        • Anonymous

          i don’t really care if the opinion comes from a “hipster” or a troglodyte. i’m just asking why they are considered lousy neighbors. i don’t think one persons perceived subculture is the reason.

      • saf

        Because they don’t shovel snow, don’t clean their lot, don’t clean graffiti off the store, don’t monitor the back lot, don’t keep the lights on in the back lot, don’t do any vermin abatement around their dumpsters, don’t prevent low-lifes from hanging around the store (front and back)…

        Because they don’t give a damn about the store.

        Also, I have to laugh at being called a hipster. I’m a middle-aged long-time resident who couldn’t fit into skinny jeans no matter what.

        • anonnny


          • saf

            OK, agreeing about the Safeway, or about me being fat and middle aged?

      • dynaryder

        I don’t know about being a bad neighbor,but as someone who regularly shops at the ‘Social Safeway'(srly? it’s a frickin grocery store),I can tell you the intersection is alot worse than it was before. One exit is controlled by a light,but the other just pops out onto Wisc,with poor visability for drivers exiting. Last summer at my bike clinic across the street,I was giving a girl some safety pointers when we heard a commotion coming from Safeway. A car pulling out of that second exit clipped a cyclist on the sidewalk crossing the curb cut. Didn’t look too bad,but he did get an ambulance ride. I’ve almost been clipped pulling in/out of that exit on my bike,and I’ve seen close calls with traffic and peds. It’s a really poor design. Delivery trucks use it to access the loading dock;it should only be used for that purpose.

  • anon

    The description of PoP passing out twice in writing the first paragraph of this post means this must be the S’gasm store…

  • Lester

    Amazing rendition. Just like I would have recommended. PoP, thanks for the details about the back of the building. Answered a lot of my questions.

    I wonder if the news that Wal-Mart is looking to locate on Missouri might have coaxed some Safeway people to get cracking on this? Also wonder, given Safeway’s corporate financial woes, if the grocery is actually guaranteed to be a Safeway?

    Build it. Build it fast. They need to get the crew that is constructing the building on Quincy & Georgia Ave. Those guys are demons. I don’t see why a new Safeway couldn’t be operational in 20 months. Make it so. There needs to be some kind of huge block party when the old Safeway is demolished. I wish they would implode it, or just burn it down. That Wendy’s is going to look terribly out of place.

  • Mr. Pink
  • Anonymous

    how about ya’ll wait till it’s built before you give it a nickname.

  • Mr. Pink
    • Anonymous

      god, thats awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Does it have bullet proof glass?

  • Anonymous

    Amen!! This is AMAZING NEWS for the community!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT! This is excellent news for the property value of the house we own on a nearby street!

    • SF

      OMZOMG $$$

      • Anonymous

        Exactly! No shame.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent !

    Spectacular news for Petworth.

    This could well be a pivotal milestone in Petworth’s history and a catalyst to garner others for continued progress, continued neighborhood improvements one address at a time, better quality of life and public safety.

    A gamechanger indeed.

    There are always those that will oppose, so keep us updated so that we can support.

    Name ?

    How about Superior Safeway ?

    2011 is going to be a great year !

  • Anonymous

    Sanitary Safeway?

    • saf

      Interestingly, Safeway bought up the “Sanitary Grocery Store” chain in DC in the 40s, or maybe the 50s.

  • anon

    Oh Noes! Gentrification!!!!

  • markus

    I feel bad for Yes! Glad to see the eyesore/lazy cashiers (except the young guy with the mustache, who is awesome)/questionable food safety go, but still feel bad for Yes, which is really goingto get squeezed by this.

    • PetworthRes

      Yes will still be fine – this is still a Safeway after all. I’m sure I’ll still do 80 percent of my shopping at Yes even after this store is open.

      • Anonomi

        But the problem with Yes! is that there’s no risk of getting shot in the parking lot. Where’s the thrill?

        • Anon

          Is that because there is no parking lot?

      • Holly

        I think it’s possible Yes! moves down Georgia to near Lamont…don’t think they’d put two within 6 blocks and this discussion is already happening: http://dcmud.blogspot.com/2010/12/ndc-proposes-redevelopment-of-georgia.html

      • NotScott

        Meh…I like Yes, but all too often they don’t have the veggies I’m looking for…I’m psyched this means no more trekking to the Teeter on Kalorama.

      • dynaryder

        The Glover farmer’s market is held right across the street from the Social Safeway. They did good business last year. And I don’t notice any dropoff at Whole Foods just up the road,despite the fact Safeway rented the front of the closed Pizza Hut right across the street as a billboard when they opened.

        • B

          That was only in response to Whole Foods, who bought the advertising on the bus shelters in front of the social safeway the entire time it was under construction.

          You think the coffee market is competitive? The supermarket wars are fierce. Safeway had to improve to stay alive.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      Safeway is unionized. The staff isn’t going anywhere, believe me. They will be back after renovation.

      • Clarissa

        What’s wrong with the staff? In one year I’ve twice seen a cashier reach for their wallet when a young mother was a few dimes short of her total. Ever see that at Harris Teeter?

        • Anonymous

          huh? he didn’t say anything was wrong. he said they aren’t going anywhere.

          • Clarissa

            Ehh… good point; I chose my Reply location poorly. But there are plenty on this board complaining about the staff. Consider my response to them.

    • rooty tooty

      +1 on mustache guy, he rocks. but i have to say that i find the rest of the staff there to be more friendly and efficient than that of the other nearby safeways or CH Giant. the staff is actually the best thing about the current store.

  • Well, well – there goes the neighborhood!

    Spin the wheel… Big Money, Big Money, Big Money!

  • Anonomi

    Very good news.

  • rooty tooty

    Hello more local retail. Two new apartment buildings within two blocks open this year, this on the horizon.

  • Amazing news, looks gorgeous. This will be a tremendous asset for the neighborhood while also helping reduce the pressure on the Columbia Heights Giant. Fantastic that they are putting five floors of housing in, as well. It is just a huge waste to have single-story / single-use buildings in such close proximity to a metro stop; the city should continue to support / promote (under the most basic of urban planning theories) metro-centric development such as this.

    My only mild concern is whether another huge local grocery dampens the enthusiasm for a grocer to come to DCUSA, but again, that is only a mild concern.

    Substitute Safeway?

    • Stavros

      It may be many things, but “gorgeous” it ain’t.

      • Anonymous

        it’s a pretty tight sharp design though. and beauty is relative.

    • Newish2CH

      Other than the organic market that’s slated to appear on the Irving St. side of DC USA (whose name eludes me at this moment), why would you need another grocer to appear there? Target already has groceries, and there’s a Giant right across the street.

      • saf

        Elwood Thompson isn’t coming.

        • Newish2CH, as saf said, that organic market, Elwood Thompson, is no longer coming. Folks have been hoping for either another organic market or a Trader Joe’s to replace it. The issue is, will potential tenants be scared off by all the area competition from Harris Teeter, Giant, Target, Yes Organic, and now, a new Safeway.

          Maybe gorgeous was an exaggeration — I should have said gorgeous relative to what is there now!

      • Ace in DC

        You really can’t have too many grocery stores in the city (ok – i guess you can) – but the city is growing – people need more places to buy groceries. Go to the suburbs – where the population is nowhere near as dense and you will see 4 groceries stores on each corner of an intersection. In the city, if it is not within 3-4 blocks – than it is not really convenient to shop at – and you are forced to drive to get groceries. So in my opinion – keep the groceries flowing!

  • Petworthian Gal

    ooooh! Pretty! Good news, except for the part about how I am going to have to drive an extra half mile every time I want milk that doesn’t cost $7 a gallon. How about a naming contest?
    P. Diddy Safeway
    Transmogrification Safeway
    Up and Coming Safeway
    Young Guns Safeway
    Thinking back to when Logan Circle was crack and ho territory, how about soon to be surrounded by a fro-yo, gelato, bike shop, gym, brew pub, diner, City Sports, bank, dry cleaners, shoe store, Safeway?

  • Oh, I Really Wish He Hadn’t

    Is it me, or does the back end of the Honda (or whatever car is depicted in the image) look like its been seriously bashed in? If so, I give the architects credit for coming up with a realistic depiction of the hood.

    • Hah! Actually, I think that’s part of the shadow of the tree off-screen at left falling on the quarter panel, but it does look bashed-in at first glance.

  • Kev29

    Congrats, Petworthians!

  • Anonymous

    I am SOOO excited about this! But I have to put a brief plug in for all the wonderful employees at the existing Safeway. They’re so friendly and helpful – it always puts a smile on my face interacting with them. I’ll be sad to see that local grocery culture disappear, but super excited not to have to walk to the CH Giant for meat and produce!

    • Anon

      Totally agree

  • Petworthy

    So… not to be the voice of doom, but does Duball have financing lined up for the project? I’ve seen lots of detailed renderings of the O Street Market in Shaw, but there’s been zero progress given the economy and the credit crunch.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m glad you asked that, sorry I forgot to include it. Yes, Duball already has financing and this project will not be receiving city dollars.

      Also to clear a little confusion from the comments – it will be 6-8 months before construction begins, when construction begins it will take another 18 months before the doors open.

      • rooty tooty

        The corollary question is what tax incentives has the district has given to it? Cherry deal like Park Place: The abatement begins FY 2009 and exempts the developer from property taxes for the next 10 years and increases by 10% for the years 11 through 20 until the point at which the developer is paying full property taxes. In 20 years.

  • Pennyworth

    Terrific! No more Septic Safeway!!!

  • Jeff

    It is so awesome I am having multiple orgazzms.

  • New to Hood

    Very excited by this. The area needs can can support another grocery store. Yes will be fine. This development will encourage so much good and will increase the momentum to development along Georgia Ave and 14th st. Thanks for sharing Pop.

  • Krssy

    Fantastic news! I do hope they do a better job of managing their employees than they do at the Sexy Safeway. I’ve always found shopping at our stinky safeway very pleasant and I’ve literally seen employees at the Sexy Safeway screaming at each other in front of the customers. I told the manager and he shrugged his shoulders and walked away. It prompted me to tell the manager at the stinky safeway how pleasant of a shopping experience it was compared to others in town.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      Union Yes!

  • Eric in Ledroit

    All these new grocery stores in transitional neighborhoods are fully of rotting food, unfortunately. They simply don’t have the volume they need. This will just make it worst.

    Check out the produce at the City Vista safeway. The NOMA Harris Teeter is heading down the same road 🙁 It’s sad – they build these enormous, showy produce sections, but they end up useless because the food is rotten (not to mention super expensive).

    I have learned to always check expiration dates on everything at these stores (or ANY Yes! market except the one on Capital Hill).

    • Anonymous

      i’d buy it if it was cheaper. even whole foods is less expensive than the cityvista safeway or noma harris teeter.
      so is my famers market.

      i’m sure they know what they are doing with prices, but its not targeted to me.

      • Eckington Resident

        You must be kidding. I routinely price compare for groceries. What you’re saying is just not accurate.

        • Anonymous

          it is accurate for what i buy. maybe not what you buy.
          and i am talking produce exclusively. other things are actually well priced. especially their house brands.

          • Eckington Resident

            I am talking about produce as well. In fact, when things arent on sale, there is pretty wide price harmonization across the area…

          • Anonymous

            Agreed. I remember reading a Consumer Checkbook report a couple years ago that said Harris Teeter offers the best value. Of course, it can vary for individuals depending on what they’re buying, but I find it to be the least expensive option for my needs (mostly produce, with a few fresh dairy items and an occasional generic pantry product).

          • Anonymous

            ^ I should note that I shop at the Potomac Ave Harris Teeter, but I can’t imagine the Noma one would have drastically different prices.

          • B

            Safeway has a problem pulling off product that’s past the sell by date. I shop at a couple of them, and it is the same everywhere. They really need to fix that.

    • Eckington Resident

      I have had nothing but great experiences at the new Harris Teeter.

      Its important to note that meat sometimes has a very small window between packaging and sell by. So if you are buying on the sell by or a day before, it may have only been packaged for 2 days or less.

      As for Harris Teeter, the City Vista Safeway, the SW Waterfront Safeway – I do not notice a higher price at these stores than their counter parts in other areas.

    • I check expiration dates on everything bought anywhere…

      Did you just learn this fact?

      • Eric in Ledroit

        no, what i’m saying is that I have found a great deal of literally moldy food (how about some moldy hummus at the CityVista safeway?) and rotten vegetables in the newer, lightly-trafficked massive grocery stores that we are getting all over the city.

        Generally, if you go to a well-trafficked grocery store, your chances of getting, say, expired milk (Yes! Market, Brookland – selling milk more than 2 weeks after sell by date the last time I went there last year) are almost nill.

        Point being that these behemoths are too large for their own good. I still go back to the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter because their produce turns over very rapidly and is therefore fresh.

  • It’s like I’ve died & gone to Safeway.

  • Charlie

    Great news, Prince!

    Is that image online somewhere?

  • Nicole

    There are tears of joy in my eyes…

  • fz

    Sweet Safeway! Can we now get rid off Wendy’s and get a gym?

    • Tres

      That’s really got a ring to it. If naming is done prior to opening, I think this is it.

    • Anonymous


  • anonnny

    do we know if the units are market rate?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes. “there will be 5 floors of market rate apartments”.

  • Anon

    AWESOME!!! This is such great news! Anything that can be done to alleviate the crowding at other area grocery stores will be much appreciated by me.

  • It does look super sweet.

    Not sure, though, how I’ll find my way home by smell anymore if it doesn’t smell like rancid death for blocks around.

  • andy

    Name should be Suburban Safeway.

    • grumpy

      Safeways in the ‘burbs actually do tend to be nicer than the ones in the city (Social & Sexy Safeways excluded because they’re new/renovated) so I’d be fine with a Suburban Safeway!

      • Anonymous

        Having lived in various parts of Northern VA, I disagree. Grocery shopping in general is better in the suburbs– the Giants and Harris Teeters are usually nicer, plus there are awesome stores like Wegmans and super-cheap Asian ones like Grand Mart– but the Safeways are just as bad.

  • Target Market

    In spite of living within walking distance, I have never shopped (or even walked into) the current Safeway, but I anticipate shopping here for at least 90% of my groceries.

    • saf

      So, they’ve mistreated the neighborhood for 30+ years, but you’re willing to spend money there?

      • rooty tooty

        no credit for making things better? holy grudge.

        • saf

          I’ve lived too close to their mess for too long. They have lied to us and exploited us. Bunch of racist f******. Safeway will never get a dime of my money.

          • Anonymous

            the business itself is racist?

  • nielej

    does this mean that the Marvin people will finally start building out their promised restaurant?

  • This is Great News!

  • Chico

    It will probably block the nice view of the National Cathedral, though.

    • Anonymous


  • Liam

    Safeway is coming, Safeway is coming, Safeway is coming…I have heard that for years. Send us a post when the new Safeway opens.

  • JK

    Am I the only one kinda sad to see the vintage 1960s style Stinky Safeway with its marina roof demolished? I thought everyone loved Mad Mean early 60s stuff now? Other than the smell, I’m sad to see it go.

    (Marina roof explanation at bottom: http://mcmleague.org/?page_id=61)

    • Anonymous

      it is a pleasant structure and is probably historic.
      (sarcasm)maybe we should lobby to preserve it.

  • rabble

    glad saf and the other neighborhood NIMBYs were unsuccessful in derailing this project. can’t wait for it to open!

    • saf

      Eh, I haven’t tried to stop it. Just to keep it from encroaching into my yard.

      I hope they go bankrupt and a decent store comes in though.

  • Petworther

    Super Safeway!

  • Upper Petwroth

    We live in Petworth and go to Colombia Heights because the owner of Qualia is such a jerk. We gave them a few months to try and not make us feel like taking our money was a huge chore. But now we don’t even bother.

  • gardyloo

    I find it odd that the residences are going to be loaded toward the front of the building. One of the best features of this hilltop location is the view to the west, down to Rock Creek Park and the cathedral on the horizon.

    • saf

      There are houses behind this mess.

  • Christopher Dixon

    Salvation Safeway

  • Smelling Salts Safeway! – POP you’re my hero, I think I’ll be able to see it from my deck.

  • Nancy

    Two words:

    Hurry up!

  • JennieDC

    It’s gotta be Salvation Safeway. That’s an awesome choice! For it is a Salvation for us Petworthians. YEEHAW!

  • This new Safeway will be a great investment for the community of Petworth and spur more development in the neighborhood. It will bring more jobs and increase property values, which is a plus for homeowners in Petworth.

  • Once the area was gentrified this became inevitable. Safeway was content to keep a subpar, understocked, dirty, supermarket here, before then.

    I wonder how longtime residents of color feel knowing that it took white people moving in, before Safeway cared enough to upgrade their market?

    • B

      Safeway stuck with the neighborhood when all other grocers quit on dc. They didn’t give it 100% as they were doing in the ‘burbs, but they did give a lot more than any other of their ilk.

  • Rebecca

    I’m so incredibly excited! This is the best news I could have asked for as a new home owner in the area! This absolutely will be the turning point for Petworth and make our investment absolutely a solid positive! Not to mention that I look forward to being able to walk to a nice grocery store!

  • gaysonvarnum

    Salvation Safeway! +2!


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