Man Shot and Killed at North Capitol and Florida Ave, NW Last Night

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From MPD:

“On Wednesday, January 19, 2011, at 2311 hours, units from the Fifth District were dispatched to the intersection of North Capitol St and Florida Ave to investigate a report of the sound of gunshots. Prior to their arrival, a unit from the First District was flagged down by a citizen and advised of a shooting victim on the Northwest corner of the intersection of North Capitol St. and Florida Ave. NW. DCFEMS responded to the scene and transported the victim (an adult male) to an area hospital, suffering from a gunshot wound to the torso. The victim later died as a result of the injuries. Violent Crime Branch detectives are investigating the case and ask if anyone has information please contact MPD immediately 202-727-9099.”

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  • How long until this triangle gets cleaned up? Seems like there is so much positive pressure pushing towards Truxton Circle from Shaw, NoMa, Bloomingdale, Mount Vernon, etc…

    • Don’t hold your breath. The two large schools between P and O St are slated to become mostly Sec 8 housing.

      • This surprises me. I thought that section 8 housing was to be dispersed through vouchers, rather than located in a specifically designated area?

        Is anything in the local community being done to prevent this?

        • This person is spreading paranoid fantasies. One of the projects he’s speaking of is going to house underprivileged hispanic youth that will be part of a very well regarded nonprofit educational facility.

          The NIMBYism in this area is rampant – with good reason, there’s a ton of social services all warehoused together. However, it would be nice if our community were focused on bringing in responsibly run social services that will have less impact on community and moving out the ones that serve as bastions for loitering and drug abuse.

          However, area politics are so closed off – only a few people have a voice and its always overheated. It shows on the blogs and the list servs. A voice of moderation and reason is rarely heard.

      • One of the schools between P and O street is being turned into a retirement home, so maybe the usual problems associated with Section 8 will be avoided.

      • Section 8 housing is no longer being developed. Vouchers are still available however.

    • this area will get cleaned up when Jamal is good and ready.
      when he decides to build on the huge parking lot at north capitol and new york, thats when things will have turned the corner.

  • Wondered, when I was running by this morning… The area was still taped off and there were cops around, but nothing left to see by 7:30ish

  • Kinda odd that TBD leads the story of this homicide with “The victim, a white man…”

    • Right! Now, let’s see how long it takes before some d-bag posts a derogatory comment about race.

    • You know, I don’t think it’s that odd. It’s a distinguishing factor. It certainly made me take notice, as a white man who doesn’t live far from there.

    • TBD didn’t lead the story with that phrase. It appeared, not in the original story, but in an update posted after the story was written.

  • I hate all the crime that occurs around this area. I live nearby here, and while nothing has happened to me, so far thank god, I am worried all the time.

    I look forward to moving to the far NW part of DC closer to Bethesda later this year. DC is a mess.

  • Terrible news.

  • The DYRS biker brigade shooting at white folk again. DC elected officials should be ashamed at their continued lack of effective policy to deal with the juvenile militia terrorizing the nation’s capital!

  • glad i’m not living down there anymore. I probably bummed out at least 2 cigarettes a day passing thru that park on my way home. Trouble-zone for DAMN sure.

  • That massive intersection needs attention. I would say 75% of the crime in Eckington/Bloomingdale is either right there or has a connection to that area.

    Sunset Liquors and Big Bens draws an unsavory crowd and the housing projects at 1st and Florida and North Cap and M creates a warehousing effect. Its not fair to the law abiding residents of the projects, nor the community at large to concentrate so much within a few short blocks.

    Basically south of Quincy and North of M from First St NE to North Capitol is the epicenter of criminal activity. While crime rates arent really different from many other similar neighborhoods, if this hotspot and the other near RI Ave and 4th NE were attended to more regularly – the entire vicinity would be a lot more safe and tragedies such as this would be more avoidable.

  • I live within 2 blocks of the shooting. Last night someone ran up to me and asked me to call 911 because they had been mugged. As I was calling 911 they turned around and ran after the mugger. I really hope the victim wasn’t that guy (although for it to be anyone is a tragedy). Probably about 2 months ago someone was shot and killed at North Capitol and P, so hopes that violence will leave the neighborhood are not looking good.

  • So when I posted a comment a few months ago about how I thought this area was unsafe, I was quickly informed by many petite women that it is perfectly safe and/or if I didnt feel safe I shouldnt live there.

    • Right, because its ridiculous to think that this area is dramatically less safe than other areas with similar cost of living and location.

      There are things like this throughout most neighborhoods that we all live in, visit, or have thought about living in.

      I feel no more or less safe on my street than I do in Petworth, H St, Navy Yard, Logan Circle.

      If you are concerned about crime in Eckington/Bloomingdale, then you should probably be aware wherever you are.

      I think there is a temptation to look down on other areas to boost your own area in your own mind, but I dont think it leads to giving good living advice for others. Otherwise, everyone would just live near you.

      • I never said that this area was dramatically less safe than other areas with with similar cost of living. I was just expressing my opinion that people should look elsewhere because this isnt a safe neighborhood.

        I agree things like this could happen elsewhere, but after living in the neighborhood for over a year, it isn’t really surprising that it happened here. As other posters have noted, there is about a 6-8 block radius around this intersection where a lot of crimes happen.

        I think after living in this neighborhood and living in another neighborhood in DC, I am the perfect person to give advice. People who haven’t lived there or live there and haven’t lived anywhere else in DC should not be giving advice. Further, I can name at least 5 other neighborhoods that are better to live in than the one I currently live in, so if people were going to take my advice, they all wouldn’t live near me.

        • Well if you cant live in a neighborhood where there was a shooting, the eliminates pretty much everything east of the park.

          • +1 We’ve all read the posts over the year about brazen shootings in U Street, Columbia Heights, Petworth, etc. It’s not a distinguishing factor. At a certain point, preference becomes highly subjective, and it’s on the individual to visit their prospective hood at night and walk their commute before signing.

          • I never said I couldnt live in a neighborhood with a shooting. I agree if that was a deal breaker, there would be very few places to live in DC.

            I’m saying that I could not live in a neighborhood with the activities, crime and whatever else goes down at the intersection of North Capitol and Florida and the park at First and Florida.

            While shootings happen in other neighborhoods, intersections like the one at North Capitol and Florida and parks like the one at First and Florida arent in every neighborhood. I think you are doing a disservice to anyone looking for advice on where to live in DC by trying to say that this neighborhood is no more dangerous than most neighborhoods in DC.

          • You’re certainly entitled to an opinion; I can point to the high single female population of the neighborhood to support my argument. I think what you’re responding to is not actual danger (as evidenced by crime statistics) but some other intangible. Who knows? That’s you, but it’s not everyone else. Just remember all the neighborhoods have devoted fans here.

  • Ggators,
    Who would disagree with the opinion that if you don’t feel safe, then don’t live there?seems pretty sound advice.

  • just saw the coverage on the news.
    witness accounts say the guy crossed north capitol on the south side of florida. got in an argument with someone on the corner. it got heated, and the guy shot him. he took off on a bicycle. they were looking for casings at the bus stop n the nw corner, so i guess the argument went on as the guy was trying to cross the street.

    so sad.

  • it seems that the man was helping a woman that was being harassed. he got into an argument with the harasser and was shot:

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