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  • This is my kickball bar. Good bar, decent food, and I always have a good time there. Plus, it’s not exactly easy to find so it usually tends not to be overrun with people. Makes it easy to find a table or at least decent standing room.

  • It’s a dump. It’s basically like any college frat bar in the country.

  • It may be dirty, and the food might be mediocre, and the staff may not speak to you or remember your order (or that you sat down), but at least the beer and jello shots are cold. I’m still going there as long as my kickball kids are there.
    Also, don’t use the bathrooms. Really, don’t.

    • I dropped my phone in a toilet there one night. Then I had an epic mind battle that lasted seconds, but felt like eternity, about whether to pick up the phone. At first I was like, “No way. Not worth it. Just leave it.” But then I went for it and grabbed the phone. I dried it off, took the battery out, let it dry for a few days. Wiped it down with every anti-bacterial I could find, and the phone actually worked. But I still regret my decision. Great memories, great place.

  • Far and away, the worst bar in DC.

    Even compared to other college dumps in the area, this is the runt of the pack.

  • Also, the fact that there are stripper poles on the bar should say something.

  • Wow I used to go there when I was 19! I can’t believe it’s still around.
    I thought it was gross even then, I can’t imagine what I’d think about it now.

  • hahahaha…

    an establishment with reasonably priced drinks populated by groups of young people and everyone hates it?

    where I come from, we call that a bar.

    now i hate kickball people too (the kickball people are same people who will grow up to hate this place in five years), but my (extremely overeducated) rugby team also goes there and we have a good time. therefore i believe this “bar” is serving the purpose that all “bars” are supposed to – welcoming in all kinds of people and getting them drunk. They excel at both of these areas where other places in DC fail.

    would i take my parents? yes. should you take your parents? doesn’t sound like it. But it’s a real bar and for that I give it credit.

    it’s not my favorite place to drink in DC, but it’s a good “bar”.

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love that place. I just wouldn’t go there for the food. Or the service. The bartenders are good but the waiters tend to forget stuff if it gets a bit busy.

    • The fact that D.C. is probably the only town in the whole world where people would brag about being “extremely overeducated” sure says a lot.

  • they encourage girls dancing on the bar… what more need be said?

  • I went once to see a football game and thought it was fine as an unpretentious place to have drinks and wings. I wish our city had more places like this.

  • A fine establishment! Many times have I danced on the bar swinging around said stripper poles. The staff is most kind- cleaning up the puddles of vomit everywhere they booted in-between attending under-aged customers. The DJ may be tone deaf and sings along to Wesley Willis’ “Rock and Roll McDonalds” perfectly. I don’t appreciate a car where you can hear anyone else talk.

    The line for the bathrooms can get quite long, but I found a tip from staff- you can simply use the hallway or sink as a toilet! It is so much faster!

    I can’t wait until the weekend when I will be in attendance once again with all of my mouth-breathing friends!

  • Their beat the clock happy hour is a lot of fun. Food is decent for what it is (aka bar food). Really hard to find if you’re walking down from judiciary square but definitely worth it.

    If you are pretentious (like apparently 2/3s of the people commenting), then please don’t go. Go somewhere pretentious, spend $15 on a cocktail and let the rest of us enjoy my bro’s place.

    • These are some of my favorite assumptions… bad food served at a bar is OK, because it’s just “bar food”. Really?

      And if you don’t care for a crummy place, or spend more that $4 for a drink – you’re pretentious. It amazes me how people think they’re more authentic in their drinking/socializing if they’re in an establishment that never cleans their bathrooms.

      • People like crappy bars because it’s easier to act like a drunken idiot and still be allowed back there.

        • I can’t speak for anyone except me but I like it because its cheap, not up-tight and a fairly fun experience. I didn’t say the food was bad, as its not. I said it was decent for what it was. its greasy, probably terribly bad for you, and a lot of fun to eat while drinking (aka bar food). And i don’t know, I’ve seen a lot of “drunken idiots” at “nice” bars.

    • This might be the only place in the District where you can drink a beer for 75 cents. It’s a dream come true (if you can get there before 5pm on Friday and don’t mind Miller Lite).

  • It’s my kickball bar AND it’s a dump. As is Hamilton’s next door. Bad food, cheap beer, bad music, loud twenty somethings.

    If you want something classy, go elsewhere.

  • The menu says there is a credit card minimum. This is actually illegal for a restaurant/merchant to do (http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/merchants-who-violate-credit-card-terms-1275.php). Is thre a way to fight this minimum if I don’t purchase $10 worth of food/drink????

    • I’d suggest going to the ATM then. Bars and restaurants impose the minimum because it costs them money to run your card. I work in a bar that does not have a credit card minimum and I can’t tell you how many people will run their card for one $3 or $4 beer at happy hour. It kind of drives me crazy.

      • One thing I don’t understand about this claim is that you almost never see it happen in retail. Is it just that you see fewer <$5 purchases happening at stores than you do in bars?

        I usually can't finish more than one beer, rarely carry cash, and refuse to pay $3 on fees at the nearest ATM… so I tend to avoid places with a card minimum.

        • I usually can’t finish more than one beer, rarely carry cash, and refuse to pay $3 on fees at the nearest ATM.

          You sound like the least fun person ever…

      • I believe, and I’m kinda talking out of my ass here, that Visa and MasterCard charge the establishment X% of a purchase, no matter how large or small that purchase is.

        Accordingly, establishments really can’t argue that it “costs too much” to run your $4 order.

        It is my personal belief that they often impose a $10 minimum so you’ll say “screw it I’ll buy two” at happy hour.

        Additionally, if you do fork over cash they have saved X% of $4.

        Either way they are screwing the consumer or the card company.

        It’s wrong. They should live up to their contract with Visa and MasterCard, or be cash only as is their choice.

      • but the point is that it is ILLEGAL to impose those minimums. If a bar doesn’t want to pay the card fees, they shouldn’t allow cards to be used at all.

        • this is definitely a battle worth fighting. nice work.

        • It is not ILLEGAL to impose minimums. It’s in violation of their contract with Visa or Mastercard and they could lose their ability to accept those cards. But it’s not illegal…

          • This was true as of last year (and I used to tell all my friends/bars about this). But this no longer true. Section 1075 of the Dodd-Frank Act amended the Electronic Fund Transfer Act so that credit card issuers have to allow stores/vendors to set minimums no greater than $10 (Fed Reserve can increase this limit on minimums)

            ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—A payment card network shall not,
            directly or through any agent, processor, or licensed
            member of the network, by contract, requirement, condition,
            penalty, or otherwise, inhibit the ability—
            ‘‘(i) of any person to set a minimum dollar value
            for the acceptance by that person of credit cards, to
            the extent that —
            ‘‘(I) such minimum dollar value does not differentiate
            between issuers or between payment
            card networks; and
            ‘‘(II) such minimum dollar value does not
            exceed $10.00; or
            ‘‘(ii) of any Federal agency or institution of higher
            education to set a maximum dollar value for the acceptance
            by that Federal agency or institution of higher
            education of credit cards, to the extent that such maximum
            dollar value does not differentiate between
            issuers or between payment card networks.
            Board may, by regulation prescribed pursuant to section
            553 of title 5, United States Code, increase the amount
            of the dollar value listed in subparagraph (A)(i)(II).
            ‘‘(4) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION:.—No provision of this subsection
            shall be construed to authorize any person—
            ‘‘(A) to discriminate between debit cards within a payment
            card network on the basis of the issuer that issued
            the debit card; or
            ‘‘(B) to discriminate between credit cards within a payment
            card network on the basis of the issuer that issued
            the credit card.

          • I love that someone A) Knew the above information, and B) bothered to copy it here for everyone else. Only in DC!

          • +1 for Mony. It’s now illegal to impose contractual restrictions on CC minimums of $10 or less.

            Even before that, it always bothered me when people complained about minimums. You’re dealing with a small business that is forced into some very unfavorable terms in a duopolistic market for electronic payment. Cut them some slack.

          • Mony – you’re correct in regards to credit cards, but this exemption does not apply to debit cards. Enforcing a minimum on debit cards is indeed in violation of the business’ contract with Visa/Mastercard.

  • Was with a group that held a fndariser there, when I was leaving with the cash the manager made some loud joke about if someone didn’t rob me, he would. I will never go back there again.

  • Occasionally, a dive is fine. But this place is lousy even by dive standards.

    As far as pretension goes, I’m not sure why quality has to equal pretension. There are plenty of good, unpretentious bars that do what they do well (at a lot less than $15 a drink). The Passenger, Little Miss Whiskeys, Bourbon, Black Squirrel.

  • It’s a decent dive bar. They have outdoor seating, which is nice for lunch or happy hour, and in my experience, they do a brisk lunch business… including many employees from the federal courthouse, federal judges, staff and all. The sandwiches really are pretty good, and so are some of the salads.

  • It’s a dive, but sometime’s it’s convenient. There are not a lot of cheap bars in that area. The hotel bars are expensive and the Billy Goat, while clean, is more like a bunch of old bearded dudes drinking than a bar with actual young people.

  • I eat here multiple times a week for lunch. The food is actually very good. Try the daily specials… they are around 10-12 bucks and generally rival any $20-$25 lunch out there.

  • As a kickball sponsor bar it meets my expectations (cheap beer, OK food, drinking games abound). Hamilton’s next door is basically the same but with slightly more space and friendlier staff. I wouldn’t seek out either as a drinking destination if it weren’t for kickball but I’ve had my share of fun times at both.

  • Oh my god! I was a regular at that place when I lived on the Hill. I interned just around the corner and started going there (underage) after work. What a great dive bar it was! My parents actually threw my 21st birthday there, (winked at the manager and said it was my 22nd – he didn’t give a crap). I remember sitting on the curb barfing up all the Jaeger shots the staff bought me! I have not been in there in probably 10 years – can’t say I miss it specifically, but all my best “young, single” memories center around that bar.

  • One of my friends has had his birthday party here every year on a Saturday for the last three years, taking advantage of all-you-can-drink (rails for an hour, beer for 3 hours) $15 specials. Everyone usually has a good time, and the bartenders always like us because we actually tip on each drink unlike most of the college-aged clientele

  • Is it just me, or are all the stories about —

    1) vomit
    2) urine
    3) sh*tty management/employees
    4) credit cards
    5) kickball

    Best bar ever.

  • if i had to take one thing away from this post, it would have to be the conclusion that i am too young to be reading this blog.

    at what age does the urge to have fun die?

  • The people who hate this bar need to spend their time at the W and Zengo wearing suits and pay for overpriced drinks. Is this spot my Saturday night destination spot no its a kickball dive bar. Girls can dance on the bar and you can act like an idiot. I go to prentincious bars because my age bracket deems it neccessary. But I love beer pong and flip cup and I refuse to give into the “man” or boring people who say otherwise. I will never be to old for pong. Hamilton’s is my favorite bar in DC second is Churchkey. Churchkey is where i put on my yuppie face.

    • You know, I’m a big fan of absolute dives. I like me some stupid bars sometimes. But My Brother’s Place is where I draw the line. I’ve seen people who work there do some truly reprehensible things. I’ve given it a lifetime ban.

      Hamilton’s is OK. Not the best place for a first date, but it’s alright . . .

  • It’s the closest you can get to Adam’s Morgan outside of Adam’s Morgan. It was also a great place to meet sweaty drunk girls before I got married. Hamilton’s (next door) is the same scene, only grown up by like 2.5 years. The abundance of windows means that the stank doesn’t build up as bad as other bars.

  • We used to get $h!tfaced there back in college/unpaid intern days, when we couldn’t afford anything besides free movies at the East Wing. They used to do an all-you-could-drink happy hour special, where you could drink yourself blind for like $20. Haven’t been there this century, but I’m feeling nostalgic for getting stinko on the cheap in some alley hole that smells like jock b.o. and farts.

  • Went there Tuesday night. 1/2 price wine and drafts good. fish tacos good. waiter good. bathroom good. Give it another try.

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