Judging Pop Ups final 2 examples from Pop Up Week – Hill East and U St, NW

The one above is from 447 Tennessee Ave, NE and was also for sale. Asking price was $874,998 and it has gone under contract. You can see photos of the inside here.

Below is from 10th and V St, NW (I think or somewhere close by). The one on the right is for rent. There are two – 2 bed loft units for rent at $2600 and $2800. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any photos of the inside.

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  • These two deserve each other: I’m going to build an elongated RubberMaid shed, you build a 3 story version of a brick restroom from a state park.

  • The second one is on W Street just east of 10th, closer to Florida Ave. Across the street from the Rhapsody Condos and beside The Mocha Lounge.

  • Is that U St one an addition on the left (pop-side? pop-lateral?)? It looks like one of those random small interior lots that got filled in. That place can’t be more than 10-11 feet wide on the interior. Oh, and I love what appears to be unpainted cinder blocks separating the 3rd floors

  • The one on Tennessee is one of the better ones I’ve seen so far. It’s respectful of the original lines, and I think the slight setback is a great way to de-emphasize the additional height from the street. Lastly, a pop-up roof deck is the only way we will one day be able to see the mall fireworks from our roof without cutting down the big, beautiful tree in front:-)

  • The Tennessee Avenue popup story isn’t too bad as such things go, but I don’t really care for the way a tier of windows was bricked up. This messes up the balance of the house even more badly than a crappy popup would have done.

  • I appreciate that blocking off a window and the door below it may have improved the functionality of the space, but I wish they could have done so in a way that did not make the facade look so unbalanced and disproportionate. At the very least, they should have then copied that assymetry when they added on. Not doing so makes the blocked off openings below look even worse.

  • Oj, It’s so easy to hate when I see other people’s homes. I like the one on Tennessee very much.

  • I looked at the blue house on W st. in 2009 when it was for sale. It was very intriguing, the inside was completely gutted, and the price had been significantly reduced. I think it settled for around 220. If it goes for sale, it will be interesting what it goes for.

    Too much work and didn’t feel quite right, but I have continued to be curious about the progress of the place.

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