Dear PoP – Recommend an Autobody Shop

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“Dear PoP,

I am currently looking for a good auto body shop to fix a few large scratches on my car. Have you ever posted a discussion regarding body shops in the area? Looking around the District, I am concerned about quality and wonder if many of the garages are mostly chop shops. I would appreciate input from PoPville regarding good body shops that are reasonably priced and have good workmanship.”

Who do you guys recommend?

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  • I have only had to use one once, but I can say from my experience that you should avoid DARCARS collision like the plague. Not sure how they managed to do it but they nearly ruined my engine when doing a bumper and grille replacement. They also took about 2 weeks to do something that simple.

  • WagonWork on Rt 1, just south of Crystal City

    Truly excellent workmanship but will probably fail your ‘reasonably priced’ criterion. Is it a high-end or relatively new car? Do you want it fixed right?

  • Takoma Old Town Auto Service Center at 7060 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 301-891-3725. Excellent service, resonably priced.

  • AYT Auto Service on 14th, right below Mid City Caffe. They fixed a dent/scrape above my rear wheel for about $500 and it looked pretty good. I had to talk them out of buffing the plastic bumper portion for an extra $100, but that turned out alright too.

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      I’ve used AYT a few times, but never for cosmetic scratch/paint work. They did a great job with under the hood work. Very professional and reasonably priced.

  • Wagonwork always has Porsches, Mercedes, and high-end cars there, so that tells you something. I had some minor work done at Spectrum on 4 mile run in Arlington, and it was far more pleasant, clean, and professional than any car repair place I’ve ever dealt with.

  • only semi-related.

    there is an autobody shop on the northwest corner of 6th and rhode island. i walk my dog by the shop every day and have never seen anyone there so it must be out of business. does anyone know of any potential plans with the property?

  • Where are these shops you think are chop shops? I don’t have a recommendation for a body shop, but most of the auto shops in this town are very, very legit. They may not have a nice shiny corporate logo, but if you worked on cars in your office it would a little battered too.

    Check the mechanics files on if you don’t get good leads here.

  • Details, Details, Details is one of the best. Despite the goofy name, they’re extremely good.

    In Rockville by Shady Grove Metro.

  • Target/DC-USA actually used to be a chop-shop – in a garage that used to be next to the facade of the old post office on the Irving St. side It was really pretty impressive – a cavernous space full of guys with arc-welders and big-ass chains and hooks and car parts everywhere.

    Police jump-out squads also used to pounce now and then on some little street dealer then hang out and smoke cigarettes with the chop-shop guys.

    Sorry, no useful information on real body-shops – I usually just slap on some bondo and spray paint. Though when my 94 Honda was stolen and crashed – the shop next door to Lee’s Auto (3315 8th st. NE) near CU did a good job.

  • I have used American & Foreign Car Service Center at 9th & V Streets quite a bit with a bunch of different types of cars. They are incredibly nice and always fair.

    American & Foreign Car Service Center
    911 V Street NW

  • Murray’s up in Silver Spring, off of GA Ave (

    I’ve been there a few times and they’re good and honest. Plus, they pickup/dropoff at Takoma Metro.

  • Auto Body Dimension in Bethesda (they will run you to/from Friendship Heights metro station) off of River Road. They did a great job on my Honda after I jacked it up in a parking garage.

  • Anyone know anywhere near the Hill?

  • Jerry’s Custom Auto at 13th and E SE is great. Ask for Jimmy. I’ve used them, and have had about 3-4 other friends use them. We were all very satisfied and they will be very open with your options, ie, the cheap way, the right way or some middle ground.

    Do not go to the Geico place next door, they are asshats.

  • It’s not DC, but Reinhart’s in Arlington on Lee Highway (right near where 66 crosses Lee Highway) is amazing. Despite living in Petworth, I’ve been taking my car there for 11 years. Victor runs the place and he’s great. Prices are always fair and over the years, he’s actually showed me how to do many things myself so that I wouldn’t have to pay him to do it.

    • Doh…just realized. They don’t do bodywork, but they have a DC sister garage that does so I’d still give them a call and they’ll point you in the right direction.

  • Capital Collision at 10th and Michigan NE.

    • I agree with Capital Collision – decent work and in a pretty timely way, plus their manager guy (bigger white guy, 40s-ish) was friendly and helpful.

  • J & N Auto Body, it’s tucked away in east Adams Morgan at 1731 Kalorama Road Northwest. Easy to get to home or work in DC from their location, and they did a fast job on my fender bender once the parts came in, lots of good reviews online.

  • Hannigan Auto body on selim road in Silver Spring. Its just right outside of the city. I’ve used them for everything, from just a dead battery, to when my car was stolen and wrecked. Once they promised my car the next day (even though it was for something that should have taken much longer) I showed up right before closing, and they were still working on it. They let me stay until after closing and even offered me a beer while I was waiting.( I declined) Nicest guys ever and they do great work and do their best to work with your schedule. And they are very well priced!

  • NOT a fan of AYT on 14th Street. Been a couple times. Once they put my tires on inside out. Who knew that was possible! Another they supposedly fixed my tail light by repairing part b/c they couldn’t get part in, and when I went home to show my father – and still not working, lights out again – he said they pretty much just taped it together vs. sautering the wires top make it permanant fix.

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