Shocking News – Cereal Bowl Appears to Have Closed in Cleveland Park

While the storefront, in the old Starbucks space at 3420 Connecticut Ave, NW, remains on their Web site phone calls go unanswered. For the last few weeks every time I try to peek my head inside the doors have been locked.

Given the discussions we have had about a store selling cereal, well, the fact that they appear to have closed isn’t terribly surprising…

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  • we all joke but this business idea actually managed to be worse than a kite store

  • ah

    I’d buy a kite, though.

  • Did we have a pool? We should have a pool for future dumb business ideas. T-shirt to the winner.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Where will I go to fill my cold cereal needs???

    Then again, a PB&J restaurant seems to have survived in NYC, so perhaps they just opened in the wrong city …

  • so shocking! a city with dozens of cupcake joints can’t support a single cereal store. unbelievable.

  • I think it was riding the coattails of this place in Philly, which has apparently also closed:

    • I remember going to that one in Philly back in the day and it was packed. Girls would even show up in their pajamas.

      They should fill the space with a muffin shop. Muffins are the cupcakes of Breakfast of course.

      • Not just any muffin shop. A shop that only sells muffin tops. They could call it . . . wait for it . . .” Top O’ the Muffin.”

  • Very similar place only lasted a year in Evanston / Chicago – cereal doesn’t have the same trendy appeal that cupcakes do – they should add other items since DC still lacks enough diner and cheap breakfast joints!

    • I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t succeed in downtown Evanston. I mean, paying expensive rent in an area populated almost entirely by students (who tend to be price-sensitive and either get their cereal with their dorm meal plan or else buy it cheaper in bulk at the supermarket) or older, affluent condo-dwellers who aren’t exactly the target market for Boo Berry – who ever would have thought??

  • Shocking to anyone with no business sense, perhaps. I believe I called this.

  • I’m putting all my blue chips on Leaky Faucet folding by August 2011.

  • i love cereal and i like the idea, but no way would i pay more then $2-3 for a bowl of cereal.

  • We have good bread in America now, why are people eating cereal?

    O good. Cleveland Park has space for another bank or nail or tanning salon! (WHO IS TANNING?)

    The rent is too damn high. Come on!!

  • Used to have to hang around Lafayette Park to get my Lucky Charms…

  • What was the value added of this business? Basically they grocery shop for you and make you sit in their restaurant to eat your cereal?

    This is a serious question – what was the value of getting cereal here vs. buying it yourself?

  • HAHAHAHAHA… I won the neighborhood poll that the place wouldn’t see the year 2011.

    It warms my heart that even the uber upper income yuppies of Cleveland Park couldn’t even stomach patronizing that place.

  • Shut your mouth! Peanut Butter & Co. is *AWESOME* Their Cap’n Crunch sundae (or whatever they call it) is to die for, and it’s a great place to go for dessert on a date night.

    I’m making a point of hitting that place when I’m in NY next, which should be next month. Yum.

  • if it was in my neighborhood, i would have gone to it.
    the only thing i’ve done in cleveland park recently is drive through it.

    i guess i saw inception there.
    except for the uptown, do people who don’t live in Cleveland park ever go to cleveland park, at least on the conn ave side?

    • I go to cp all the time from mtp. To answer yr question:
      Vaces- best pizza in dc
      Nam Viet- decent pho
      Atomic- rules
      Nannys and 4ps when im feeling irish
      Palena- best burger
      As you mentioned it has the best theater too.
      And soon ill be going for tackle box.

      But yeah im mostly there because I can’t get any of those things in mtp.

    • HEY???

      Maybe people who live in CP enjoy walking to the library, grocery, metro, drug store, health food store, Rock Creek Park, cafe/bakery, jewelry store, and Ripple, or Ardeo, or Indique, or the hair salon. It is tremendously walkable with super easy access to Mt. P, CH… Doink!

      Who cares about the theater… that’s for the CP tourists.

      Some of us may LOVE U STREET or the hip fast-developing areas, but it doesn’t make us want to marry them.

      • Yeah, and you can get a lot of house for not a lot of money in CP. The neighborhood’s not for me (maybe if I had kids), but I have an easier time understanding why people would want to live there than understanding why people flock to U Street and Columbia Heights.

  • I find it hilarious someone probably lost their entire life savings because they thought peddling coca puffs in a frozen tundra of an East Coast city would bring in boatloads of cash.

  • Rumor is the guys who opened this place had their eye on a place near the GWU campus and went ahead and signed a franchise agreement. When the Foggy Bottom location fell through, instead of breaking the contract and taking their lumps they decided to make a go of it at another location (CP was the best they could do?). I’m guessing building out, opening and then closing turned out to be an even bigger lump! Regardless of the flawed business model that was probably the biggest mistake.

  • It may open with a new owner:

  • It’s so weird how businesses that you’d assume would easily succeed in a neighborhood like Cleveland Park (Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, 7-Eleven, etc.) end up disappearing.

  • We had an office party catered from there. People were loving it.

    But when you work in Van Ness, you’re easily impressed. Epicurean & Co. could gag a goat and we all go there. My co-worker once had a foot race to the bathroom with a cockroach. (Cockroach won)

  • Starbucks closed when they went through that downsizing a couple of years back; there’s another one right outside the zoo that does tons more business. As for 7-Eleven, I just think they lost their lease; my imporession is that after the building went condo, they new owners didn’t want a 7-Eleven in their building.

  • Somewhat proven concept, poor location. Worth noting that our local shop was in fact a franchise (there are 2 main franchisers of the concept). The ones that succeed are exclusively serving university neighborhoods since the concept’s core demographic is 18-25 yr olds. Which certainly isn’t CP. In the more successful locations, the biggest risks are price points, seasonal issues (i.e. when students are gone) and the fact that young people find and then discard new ideas quickly. I wonder about the parent company’s skills with real estate guidance and marketing support, basic elements of franchise deals. It’s odd that this franchisee would’ve been pointed to CP to set up shop and also have virtually no marketing after a little at launch.

  • Did anyone catch on that Cleveland Park 2.0 blog that there is a steakhouse by the BGR people comeing to the old Yannis place? sounds promising

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’ll be posting updates on that as progress takes place. I’m still recovering from Yanni’s closure…

  • There really are two types of people in this world: Those who eat cereal regularly and those who never do. The people who fall into the second camp wouldn’t go because they have no interest in eating cereal, while the avid cereal-eaters wouldn’t go because they can’t stomach spending that much when they have a good supply of it at home.

  • NOOOOOOOOOO! How will I get my Cap’n Crunch? It was so hard to make it at home. Good lord, what will I do now?

  • You know just as well as I do that they moved up north to try their hand at being the next trendy New York restaurant. Lookout downtown, Here come Count Chocula!!

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