Sherry’s Liquor Store Moving Around the Corner in Woodley Park

According to a recent liquor license application, Sherry’s will be moving around the corner from 2315 Calvert Street NW to 2627 Connecticut Ave, NW. This will be the second move that I can remember. They used to be located at the across the street at the corner of Connecticut and Calvert, which is the current location of Chipotle.

And in purely scuttlebutt news: I hear that this move make room for an expanded CVS which is currently located next to McDonald’s on Connecticut Ave. I’ll be sure to update if that move takes place. In the meantime the Woodley Park shuffle continues…

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  • Hooray! More CVS for DC!

  • blej. I really hate CVS. And that is such a prime and visable corner. I really hope they aren’t allowed to mess with the facade being thats in a historic district.

  • I really hope they keep the sweet neon sign!

    • They moved the old neon sign from the original location (now Chipotle), so my guess is that they’ll move it again!

  • why is every vacant storefront in prime locations turning into a CVS, usually when there is a CVS next door and/or around the corner. I just don’t get the economics of a CVS moving 1 block over or the revenue boost one would get by slightly expanding. ugh

    • The rumor is that expansion of CVS is for a pharmacy, which is super convenient for anyone who lives in this area. Glad to hear Sherry’s is staying in the area – great liquor store.

  • I’m not against CVS but that CVS by McDonald”s is pretty poorluy stocked and just doesn’t seem to have what you need. My wife and I stopped to get milk there Sunday when we were on the go, and before she went in, she wondered whether they would have whole milk (for our toddler, naturally).

    So I think that would be a pretty good upgrade.

    As for Sherry’s – I really like the place for liquor. Last Christmas I raided the place and made the most alcoholic eggnog, etc., based on a Christmas drink book from the 1950s. Spent quite a bit and enjoyed myself with my in-laws.

    • saf

      “but that CVS by McDonald”s is pretty poorluy stocked and just doesn’t seem to have what you need”

      I have never been to a CVS that was well stocked or well staffed.

  • Sherry’s is great. It looks like the new location might be even larger than the old one, too.

  • The best thing about CVS taking over this building at the corner will be the delivery trucks that will park illegally at that corner, blocking the crosswalk or the view for pedestrians.

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