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  • Sounds like a good deal if it’s the top two floors.

  • This really depends on the size of the rooms. The kitchen is lovely, but the apartment is quite far from the metro, which brings down the price. I would take it for closer to $1800, but you’ll probably find a taker at $2000.

    • “Quite far”? Three metro stations are within a 20 minute walk. I’m not saying it’s terribly close, but yesterday someone characterized a house as being “not near” the metro because it was 15 minutes away, and everyone jumped down her throat. Does that extra 5 minutes make such a difference?

      • I’m curious because I’m looking for an apartment and if it can save me $100 a month I’m willing to put in an extra 5 minutes of exercise every day.

        • I think 20 mins is the cut off point..anything more and it can get a bit tedious..15-20 min walk means you can run it in under 10 if in a hurry.

          However, before renting..I would actually walk the routes and time them to make sure..one man’s 15 min walk is another man’s 30.

          • I live down the street from this. its 15 minutes at most to Shaw. I’m a slow walker and tend to have a knack for catching red lights.

      • I think it depends a lot on the neighborhood. Walking twenty minutes through Dupont to get to the metro is a lot different from walking ten minutes through Southeast. I don’t know this neighborhood very well, but safety is definitely a factor in determining “close” and “far”.

  • I’d be a lot more interested in there was a picture of a bedroom, or the bathroom, or a signal window.

    I agree, it depends on the size of the rooms and whether it’s in the basement or not.

  • 3 words…


    • Why, just generally overpriced or is that a particularly stabby block?

      • of the unit blocks of eckington, todd is the worst.
        it’s not worse that the blocks due east of mckinley.

        • Plow, you are mistaken.

          I walk around a ton, the unit block of Todd and of T I feel the most comfortable on. Randolph, S, Seaton have some seriously sketchy transient characters. Its a factor of all the hanging out that happens near the fields and outside those houses between R and the Homeless shelter.

          There are 2 very sketchy areas of Eckington: Right along Lincoln from North Cap to T and north and east from T and Summit. even some of the area north and east from T and Summit is ok, but you’ll almost always find the epicenter of eckington crime to be in the most norther and eastern part of the neighborhood.

          As I explain in my other post, there is a ton of foot traffic up lincoln toward RI. Even up the 100 NE blocks of T and Tood. Because of this, there are higher levels of sketchiness between those areas. That sketchiness RARELY takes a left down T or Todd.

          • two different people. two different opinions.

          • Fair enough, but to call the block the worst in the area just isnt at all accurate. I hope your experiences will allow you to realize this eventually.

          • eckington neighbor,
            you’re just being defensive.
            i’ve know people who were assaulted on this block. i’ve heard the gunfire from this block. i walk past the kids hanging out at todd and north capitol often. i know of the assaults t the bus stop which is steps away from todd. lincoln and todd is a crappy intersection. sure, a lot of the major problems are gone but it’s not completely rooted out. it will take more diligence than just saying, oh i hope you realize the truth.

            this is not to say its not livable. or that you like it. but wake up.
            anyone that moves to this street is going to become immediately aware of the pressence of crime. and they can’t be naive about it. we all want a better neighborhood. denial isn’t part of the solution.

      • This block is one of the safer in a good wide radius, actually. Because its location there isnt a lot of foot traffic from outsiders. Basically very few people walk down this street that dont live there. I know of most of the people on this block and can tell you they are good people. East of Lincoln and South of Seaton can get dicier because there are a lot more outsiders. This little area is fairly isolated.

        That said, I think 2000 is a bit high for a 2br. Knowing that alley, I assume there is no parking. I’ll be renting my 4br/2.5 bath, with 2 parking spots and lower end finishes for $2100 soon. I know this is an extremely good deal, but I dont think I could get over 2400.

        I dont think the eckington market, even with all of its benefits, commands anymore than 900 for a studio, 1400 for a 1br, 1900 for a 2br, 2400 for a 3br, and 3000 for a 4br. The crime and metro access isnt nearly as much of a factor as some would have you believe, but the appearance of sketchiness and the perceptions that come with that and the fact that there is very little within walking distance (even with the new places that have gone in or are going in) harm the market price significantly.

        • in the last year, within 500 feet from the middle of the block that no one walks own but neighbors.

          7 robberies w/o gun
          5 robberies w/ gun
          4 assaults with a gun
          19 violent crime episodes total
          25 property crimes.

          and that is just crimes that made it into the police reports.

          that said, the rec center will be renovated in the near future.
          and that pool is very nice considering.
          mckinley is of the best place in the city to see the fireworks.

          • My guess would be most of that was concentrated on Lincoln (which is roughly 500 ft away), or in the now-being-flipped-but-used-to-house-a-three-generation-drug-dealing-family house down in the 100 block.

          • Thats really strange, because when I pull up the DC Crime Map, I’ve put in nearly every address on the unit block of Todd within 500 feet and none of the crime numbers even comes close to what you pulled up.

            the actual stats from an address on the east end of the unit block of Todd Place NE are:

            5 robberies w/o gun
            3 robberies w/ gun
            1 assaults with a gun

            9 violent crime episodes total

            22 property crimes.

            Violent Crime down 25% in the last year.

            In fact, I’ve put in addresses up and down the unit block and 100 block of Todd, the 2000, 1900, 1800, 1700, and 1600 block of Lincoln, Units block of Seaton, S, Randolph, T, U, Rhode Island, the 100 blocks of T, U, Rhode Island, the 200 block of Rhode Island, the 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900 blocks of North Capitol.

            I cant find a location that comes close to the numbers you posted. Either you got incredibly “lucky” and i just didnt pick the address you used and there is an isolated hot spot or something or the script pulled some bad numbers. The script screwing up happens every once in a while, actually so I would go with that.


          • show me this report. i think your numbers are crap–clearly you are including more than the unit block of Todd.

            i am with eckington neighbor on this one. this block is fine. i have lived on the unit block of todd for 2.5 yrs. the only real issues i know of are some car break-ins that have happened to my tenants. that said, the only crime i have fallen victim to is the theft of one case of budweiser off my back porch. i walk around a lot at night alone without issue. i agree that the other side of the hill (1st st and the eastern side of the neighborhood) has a different vibe than the section by North Cap. and the rec center renovations were done over a year ago, btw. the pool is awesome.

            for what it’s worth, NY Ave metro is a 12 min walk, and 80 and G8 buses pick up on the corner. i think 2K might be a little high, but the renovation on this one is real nice and the ceilings are high, so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone rented it.

          • was replying to the stupid anonymous report. the posting order makes it look like i am disagreeing with eckington neighbor which was not my intention 🙂

        • There was a GDoN just down the street from this rental a couple weeks back. http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2010/11/good-deal-or-not-fully-renovated-gem-edition-reader-request/

          I mean, you’re looking at about the same in rent as you would for a whole house.

          • Yes, but Summit is further from just about everything thats good about the neighborhood and puts you square in the middle of the sketchiest area of eckington.

            There are 3 areas of Eckington – North eckington, which is east of lincoln and north of the school campus, which can sketch people out, but offers cheaper housing with a lot of potential (though the same cookie cutter style that is prevalent in every neighborhood in the city).

            South of the school campus and east of lincoln which has some of the nicest houses in a several block radius and is closer to NOMA and the NY Ave metro

            North Eckington that is West of Lincoln, which is closer
            to most of the amenities in B’dale than a lot of b’dale, walkable to Shaw, Ledroit Park, the new dog park, Crispus Attucks, etc. It also has its draw backs, especially when compared to nicer areas of bloomingdale and the southern part of Eckington.

            They are distinct areas and have different variations in market prices for housing and rentals.

            I would say there should be a fairly significant difference between Summit Pl and the Unit Block of Todd. And, a $360,000 mortgage plus all expenses is far higher than $2000 in rent. If you do a 20% down payment you have to also account for the lost possibility of investing that 20% and renting.

            From a personal budget standpoint you’ll spend less by renting at $2000 than buying at $369k. By a fairly significant margin, in fact.

        • Meh. I disagree. Even if we just look at what’s available on CL today, we see a $3200 3 bedroom, and a $1600 2 bedroom condo that has half the square footage of this rental and one less bathroom! 5 days ago, there was a small $1750 2 bedroom that’s no longer listed (so we can assume it rented — and fast). It also had roughly half the square footage, because it was a single level apartment. Can’t tell me the folks that can afford $1750, wouldn’t have paid another $250/month for a whole ‘nother floor and bathroom.

          Not saying there aren’t a lot of cheap rentals in Eckington (yours would be among them), but there’s definitely a lot of well-renovated homes being offered for a lot more than the ones without Bosch appliances. Such is the patchwork nature of gentrification.

  • This is Eckington, however, it’s closer to Big Bear than half of Bloomingdale. It’s not like rental prices drop 25% once you cross North Capitol. They drop — not that much.

    So someone is going to get a little bit of the “Eckington discount”, but the price can’t drop further than this. There are basement two bedrooms rented for above $1600 in Eckington. Think this landlord can’t get another $400 for a unit with another level, twice the square footage — not to mention higher end amenities? Forget it. If anything, this is underpriced, a bargain.

    This’ll rent to a couple or a pair of close friends.

  • This makes my 2600 for a split level 2b 2ba 1100 sqft apt at 14th and rhode island look cheap. all utilities included!

  • If the going rate for a 2 bedroom house east of me keeps going above $2K we’re going to consider moving out and just renting the place out, for fun and profit.

  • Sounds about right.

  • I feel like I saw this place listed for $1600 on some rental sites lately (via google maps real estate feature)…maybe that’s the lower two floors? $1600 would seem to be about right to me…the neighborhood is improving rapidly, but it still isn’t THAT convenient or safe.

  • Jury Convicts Four Members of Todd Place Crew Of Taking Part in Months-Long Rampage

    One Killed, 12 Others Shot, Including Innocent Bystanders

    Four members of the Todd Place Crew, a violent gang that engaged in murder, assaults, drug trafficking and other crimes, were convicted of charges by a jury in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

    The four were among the first defendants to be convicted under a criminal street gang statute passed by the D.C. Council in 2006. Three of the defendants – Joseph A. Jenkins, James C. Bates and Darnell Anderson – also were convicted of first degree murder while armed, assault with a deadly weapon, firearms and other charges. The fourth defendant – Edward Warren – was convicted of obstruction of justice and weapons offenses.

    The verdict followed a nine-week trial that dealt with a spate of gang warfare that erupted in the Lincoln Road area of Northeast Washington in April 2008. The Honorable Judge Lynn Leibovitz, who presided over the trial, set a January 14, 2011 sentencing date for Jenkins, aka “Boogie,” 29; Bates, aka “Pee Wee,” 28, and Anderson, aka “Peanut,” 24. Warren is to be sentenced on January 12, 2011. A fifth defendant, Obbie English III, 24, was acquitted of charges.

    Jenkins, Bates and Anderson face possible terms of life in prison. Warren faces up to 25 years. The Todd Place Crew, based in the unit block of Todd Place NE, had a decade-long history of drug trafficking and gun violence. Members of the crew routinely engaged in acts of violence together, in order to retaliate against other groups and to protect their turf. They also routinely shared weapons and engaged in acts of obstruction of justice to thwart law enforcement attempts to investigate the illegal activities.

    FACTS: According to the government’s evidence, the Todd Place Crew was responsible for a series of gang shootings that led to the death of one person and the wounding of a total of 12 other people, including innocent bystanders in shootings and violence between April and July 2008.

    “These verdicts close the chapter on the Todd Place Crew’s role in an especially violent week in the spring of 2008,” said U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. “We are grateful to the D.C. Council for giving us a powerful new tool in dismantling the Todd Place Crew, and we will keep using it to punish gangs that endanger our neighborhoods and our families.”

    “The violence that these criminals unleashed in 2008 left an imprint on our community,” said Chief Lanier. “However, our community members have spoken and they won’t stand for this again. I have spoken many times about the importance of a rapid and coordinated response with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and our federal partners when gang violence erupts.”

    The crimes followed a shooting on April 14, 2008. That day, William Foster, 28, a Todd Place Crew member and leader, was fatally shot, at 4:50 p.m., as he sat in traffic at the intersection of North Capitol and R Streets NE. Foster was the half-brother of defendant Jenkins.

    Later that evening, members of the Todd Place Crew plotted their revenge. Jenkins, Bates and Anderson were convicted of charges in the April 15, 2008, homicide of Gary O. English, which occurred during rush hour on the North Capitol corridor. English, 34, a T Street Crew member who had nothing to do with the earlier violence, was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting at 5:40 p.m. in the 2000 block of Lincoln Road NE, as he was walking home from work. A 60-year-old passerby also was wounded.

    According to the government’s evidence, the defendants had set out in different vehicles on April 15, 2008, looking for members of the T Street Crew to shoot.

    More violence followed. Three days after English was slain, two more people were shot in the 1200 block of Brentwood Road NE. On May 10, 2008, a T Street Crew member was shot in the 1700 block of North Capitol Street; the gunmen fired more than 26 times, hitting the victim nine times.

    On May 26, 2008, two more T Street Crew members were shot while on a porch in the 200 block of Randolph Place NE. Finally, on July 25, 2008, six people were shot, also while gathered on a porch, in the 1700 block of Lincoln Road NE, including two T Street Crew members.

    • more info on this from kathy henderson.
      maybe the neighbors who think this area is really safe would like to tell the judge how safe and fine it is so they can be more lenient on the todd place crew.

      Good Morning All:

      To date Joseph Jenkins and Edward Warren, two of four members in the notorious Todd Place Crew have been sentenced to 49 years each in prison. These individuals were convicted of murder-fueled gang activity in the Eckington community. Darnell “Peanut“ Anderson, a third member of this gang of four will be sentenced on February 11, 2011 in DC Superior Courtroom 310, before the honorable Judge Lynn Leibovitz. The fourth defendant James C. “Pee Wee“ Bates is due in Courtroom 310, on February 18, 2011 for a status hearing.

      You have an opportunity to let Judge Leibovitz know how the defendants` crimes have affected your safety and peace of mind and you may do so ANONYMOUSLY. Complete the attached Community Impact Statement and simply drop it in the locked box in the lobby of the Fifth District Police Headquarters, located at 1805 Bladensburg Road, NE. The locked box ensures your privacy and safe handling of your statement; access is restricted to US Department of Justice representatives. Do Not Include any Identifying Information on the form.

      Do not miss this important opportunity to be heard, helping our law enforcement partners make our neighborhoods safe.

      Kathy Henderson

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