Judging Restaurants – Furin’s

Furin’s is located at 2805 M St, NW in Georgetown. Their Web site says:

“FURIN’S OF GEORGETOWN, offering full service catering, a cafe, and a bakery with a local neighborhood charm…

Focusing on attention and care of each entree,salad, business lunch and most importantly our decadent, moist cakes. With over 42 years of catering experience, a perfect catered affair is Guaranteed.”

You can see their lunch menu here.

Any fans? Any must order sandwiches?

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  • I used to go there about once a week for lunch. Sandwiches are not the reason to go. They have a great variety of prepared salads that are fresh and tasty. Actually, everything else is pretty subpar. They have the blandest pumpkin pie I’ve ever had in my life. Trust me, stick with the salads.

  • cold salad plate is the way to go! Love to sit outside and people watch when the weather is nice. staff is friendly and desserts are pretty darn good.

  • Their strawberry shortcake cupcake is out of this world!

  • The columnist George Will likes this place. I’ve seen him a bunch sitting outside on a nice day. I hate George Will. He uses big words to try to obscure the fact that he’s an idiot who makes no sense. His presence alone has been enough to keep me out of Furin’s.

  • The eclairs are bigger than my head. enough said.

  • Great sesame noodes and gazpacho

  • These guys were making cupcakes before making cupcakes was cool. Try the carrot one, it is delicious and about 1/3 the price of all the boutique cupcakes around… also, you don’t have to wait hours out in the cold. Double bonus.

  • Furin’s serves a good breakfast, is at the gateway to Georgetown, across the street from the Four Seasons. They offer up some great baked goods…….their cakes are superb! and their cookies are like the kind mom used to make. Georgetown locals go here, and that is testament enough. Furin’s is a Georgetown mainstay.

  • Furin’s is wonderfully small town. One of my favs for breakfast and lunch. The pancakes are like crepes . . . the burgers are the best lunch, along with soups and salads! Cakes!! The best is the wonderful owners and staff! Furin’s delivered food to me when I was sick for months, smiled, wished me well and wouldn’t let me pay. Kept me alive and I am forever grateful. (No chain would care as much about their regulars or neighbors!)

  • I love Furin’s!
    The best value in Georgetown. HUGE AND YUMMY CUPCAKES!!!!

  • we get food catered from here about once a month at my office. the desserts and side dishes are good, but the sandwiches tend to be disappointing.

  • My office regularly orders the monthly birthday cake from Furin’s. They’re pretty tasty. The office fave seems to be the lemon mousse.

  • Best pancakes around! Crepe-like, yet you feel you’re at NYC diner. Love it.

  • Love the breakfast items but lunch not so much. Had a bad tomato!

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