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  • I’m glad you featured this property again. Every time I walk by it, I’m floored by the attention to detail they put into it. It’s an almost perfect replica of the rest of the houses in the row, down to the intricate trim and ironwork. Yes, it takes up more of the lot and has a third level, but I think they did a tremendous job of keeping the character of one of DC’s prettiest blocks.

    For all the (rightfully) negative comments about recent DC architecture that’s either contextually wrong or just plain cheap and hideous, whoever designed this building deserves major, major credit.

  • Capital City Real Estate is doing the best work in the city right now. This is damn near as good as original contraction. Kudos to them- keep those infill projects coming!!

    • My guess is that our situation is pretty unique within this company’s dealings, but CCRE stranded us with a deck that they build illegally during the conversion of a unit we bought. It’s taken nearly two years to resolve the issue with the city, not to mention that it ended any hope we had of a positive relationship with one of our neighbors. I’ve never–EVER–dealt with so such stonewalling or incompetence as I have in my “interaction” with CCRE’s owners. I believe it’s stonewalling, given that the folks that run the construction end of their business have made good on a lot of warranty work since the close.

  • I just drove by this house on my way to work and its BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could live here!

  • Great job! Can’t believe it is new construction.

  • Emmaleigh504

    well done!

  • Echo everything else. Love walking by this on my commute.

  • Agreed with all of the above. I used to live on that block of Swann, and the situation with the house that stood there before seemed very sad – only to be capped by that awful fire. Talk about a Phoenix…

  • WOW, why cant 99% if new construction look even half this good.

  • As a neighborhood resident, I couldn’t possibly be happier with the way this building turned out. They did jaw-dropping work on this house. When I walk by the place with people from out of town, or out of the neighborhood, they are consistently astonished that this is new construction and that this was an empty lot over the summer.

  • Amazing. Who says houses today don’t have the attention to detail that those did 100 yrs ago. Every new house in the city should be this great…especially if it is located in a historic district. Well done!

    • when you get the land for a steal (560K) and are able to charge 475K for the basement apartment, and ~525K for the other 3 above ground apts, it gives you a ton of room “financially” to accomodate expensive detail and design.

      That doesn’t necessarily translate to other neighborhoods or situations.

      • The basement apartment’s still for sale, while the others went under contract quickly. So I’m not convinced they’ll get 475 for it…

        Two of the upper level apartments actually went for 560-570.

  • WOW! This answers my long-time question about whether anybody would ever build anything like the Victorians of back in the day based on today’s labor and materials costs. Sweet.

  • Beautiful exterior reno–too bad they got greedy and broke it up into 4 small units instead of 2 like most others in the neighborhood.

  • Yes, a nice copy/replica – which is _in_MY_opinion_only_ pretty hideous… I would personally prefer architecture to move on, with its obvious hits and misses along the way. Btw, funny how the third floor looks like a pop-up – a well done one but a pop-up nonetheless. 😀

    • The design of the third floor is almost identical to the house that previously existed on the site and burned down a few years ago. This is no pop-up.

  • Before the house burned down it was a huge eye sore owned by a hoarder. It burned down due to all the trash he had laying around.

    • Is there any connection between that and the other hoarder house on 15th, on the west side down around Q?

  • Great to hear the nice comments! We are very happy with the final product.

    • Too bad Capital City Real Estate didn’t have the same level of respect for the house at 3311 13th St (corner of Park Road), where they stripped off the original front porch and altered the roof line. What a waste.

  • I’m on the bandwagon about the great job on the exterior. I think CCRE has great designers, framers, and carpenters. I feel, however, that the inside leaves a lot to be desired. The interior photos look like they could be taken in any new condo in town. The fixtures and finishes are pretty run-of-the-mill. Overall, the interior is decent, but it doesn’t live up to the expectations that the outside sets.

    • I agree. People normallly pile on the hate if the interior is less than stellar, but because the exterior is good this time, they give the developer a free ride. I am the last person to cry out “Home Depot Flip Job” when everybody else does, but I ask, what about this interior makes it stand out from every other house that people love to hate? I think the interior is fine, just like most other “flip jobs” that everyone decries.

  • Beautiful exterior job, cheap average interior design and finishes. Not nearly as exciting as the exterior.

  • The lot was sold with the completed architectural plans for the exterior, which is why they are so detailed. It’s typically not cost effective for a developer to spend that much time and energy on a set of building plans. Capital City did a good job of following the plans. However, they did the exact same interior that they do in every single project they complete- dark espresso cabinets, bamboo flooring, blue slate in the bathrooms. This explains the difference between the interior and exterior finishes.

  • The outside is stunning. If only the detail had been carried over to the interior but, I won’t complain too much. At least I won’t have to look at an eyesore. The exterior is just beautiful.

  • I am actually surprised that the units above ground units sold for as little as they did. Many 2 BR/2 BAs in the area can go for $600K or higher, granted they apartments are a bit small for a 2 BR/BA.

  • I wonder if whoever bought the empty end-of-row lot next to 1333 R Street NW will do as well. Anyone know the story there? It was auctioned off within the last few months.

  • from the outside (which is what I focus on, as I’m not living there): instant classic. awesome job.

  • For 560K, I hope it has an elevator.

  • All it needs is its bannering out front and it will be a complete vision of urban bliss. Where are the banners anyhow?

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