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  • Did a design build contractor run wild? Not shoe.

  • it is a pop up, done in the last 2 years or so

  • Absolutely love this building. Would love to see the inside too…

  • Building is an old laundromat that was converted to two residences. Heard that the residents of the upstairs (main) unit are the renovators of the whole building and are architects.

    • you are correct sir! It’s the old Coin Op. They started work on it 2005/2006. Gotta say that I’m not a real fan of the wall/mailboxes “thing”.

  • Oh – so laundromat explains the odd windows on the ground floor?

    • No, the windows downstairs were a standard length when it was a laundromat, and the door to go inside was right there at the corner. I live a few doors up from this corner and think the building grabs your eye in a good way.

  • I love this building too! The couple that lives upstairs were the architects behind the renovation and put the house on the solar homes tour about a year ago. If you look on the roof you’ll see a solar heater that provides all the domestic hot water for the residence. THey even pipe the hot water under the floor to provide radiant heating. Really great space, and really great neighbors. Cheers!

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