Hot N Juicy Crawfish Coming to Woodley Park

Thanks to an alert reader for sending the word (and pic above) about Woodley Park’s newest restaurant. Hot N Juicy Crawfish currently has a Las Vegas location and was featured on Man V. Food.

This looks like it could be the greatest addition to Woodley Park since the Marilyn Monroe mural went up.

You can see their menu here.

They will be located in the old Trattoria Italiana space located at 2651 Connecticut Ave, NW. Which is right next door to Cafe Paradiso undergoing a major renovation of its own (see below).

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  • thank god! Trattoria Italiana was a blight in the community — a total tourist trap with literally the worst food I have ever eaten in my life. Here’s hoping this will revitalize the shabby dining scene in Woodley Park.

    • And this place WON’T be a tourist trap?! You kinda need to to survive in Woodley, home of the great summer zoo tourist Metro disgorgement. The fact that they have a place serving LA crawdads in Vegas kind of says it all, no? Don’t get me wrong, I love the little critters, but this place screams Joe’s Crab Shack but with mud bugs.

  • Agreed, this will be a huge improvement, especially if they’re open late and have carryout service.

    Now if only we could trade one or two of the 3 Indian restaurants for a decent deli or pizza place.

  • one of the three indian places began serving italian food YESTERDAY. I am sure that will turn out great….

  • Greta – we are getting a pizza spot in Woodley. It’ll be across the street and next to Debonair Cleaners.

    But yes this is exciting and I can’t wait for a new restaurant.

  • This looks like it might be one of the best additions to the neighborhood in a long time. Crawfish are super delicious.

    • yes, indeed! but 2lbs is hardly more than a snack. I notice there are no prices on the menu either. Gotta wonder what they’ll b charging for that token amount of berled crawfish and (one!) potato.

  • aaaaahhhh! my eyes! animated logo… crappy clipart in multiple styles… three (count ’em: three!) different repeating background motifs with obvious seams… cliche giant flame…. and wait, is that Comic Sans!!??

    that has GOT to be one of the worst websites I have ever seen. makes my stomach ache. I don’t even care about their menu at this point. bleh.

    • Logos and font types is what determines if you’ll eat at a restaurant? LOL. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a restaurant suck at graphics, but great at cooking stuff.

  • Are the crawfish of domestic origin (LA or AL) or are they from China?

  • F&CK YEAH!!!!!! All of my left over allowance is going to this joint!

  • Being from NOLA I have never heard of the seasonings we just boil them with Zatarains Crawfish Boil.

    If it is anything like what they do to crabs up here that means they will steam them and sprinkle Ole Bay or garlic salt or whatever. If that’s the case – no way. I’m a purist at heart – it is boiled or not at all. I do wonder what the difference is between Louisiana style and Juicy Cajun is?

  • I love raw oysters and I love crawfish. I CAN’T WAAAAAAAAAAIT!

  • All everyone ever talks about is their Crawdads, and although delicious (I checked out the Vegas restaurant on a trip after seeing the Man V Food episode), I frickin’ love their shrimp and crab. That and the et touffe was awesome.

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