Horse’s Ass Award Nominee – South West Corner of 9th and Q St, NW

Every time I walk past this corner I naively think there may be some progress. Sadly, the only progress I’ve recently noticed is a proper boarding up of the windows. This one is not far from another nominee the Carter G Woodson house which also has seen little progress. Though fortunately there are reports that the big one across the street (north east corner) that used to be painted with the murals including “Bienvenu a Shaw Le Slum Historique” has been purchased. I’ll be sure to update with photos as renovations take place.

Hopefully that will encourage someone to buy/restore this one as well.

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  • Um, someone already has bought this and is working on it.

  • There has been a truck from Veilleux (sp?) Construction and a crew of at least 4 guys there every morning for the past two weeks.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Great news! Can’t wait to see what it becomes.

    • Yup– I’ve been seeing the movement. Interestingly, the demo’d inside a few weeks ago without permits. They boarded it up and all construction is now going on without permits (which is probably why they boarded it up). Who knows what they’re doing inside. They did some serious damage to the brick walls though– even putting a 3′ hole into the side of the building. In other areas the bricks have begun to crack pretty bad since the construction started. I only hope they pay attention to the damage they’re doing (which is part of the reason for applying for permits in the first place).

  • Private owner who must be a bit of a mashochist to take on this kind of gut job.

  • I know it’s already got one trophy, but I think it’s time to re-award Bacon Funeral Home. So many of the vacant, boarded up properties have uncertain legal status. Bacon is an open and active business, actively blighting a major commercial stretch with the ugly addition they couldn’t afford to finish. If they ran out of money, they need to sell the shell and let someone else give it a try.

  • So glad to hear they’re doing something with this place. I’ve been waiting to see it win a horse’s ass nomination for a while…

  • This building (well the bottom floor) was a liquor store years ago. I saw some men working – probably the same construction crew that was previously mentioned – there one afternoon around two weeks ago.

  • I don’t know if this is accurate, but supposedly that building’s going to be condos/apts:

  • Hope this place does get restored soon…

    Can you please renominate Warren William’s building at 1547 7th Street NW for a Horse’s Ass Award? Please? Southeast corner of 7th and Q. Believe its been featured in the past, but the games keep on getting played w/ the tax man…on the market now for $1.25M!! No joke. Well, the joke is on Shaw residents who have to look at this blight and the OTR who can’t seem to get their act together to tax Mr. Williams correctly and help fund the deficit…


  • I know the person who purchased this building and she or he is planning on turning it into a private residence. She or he has a very demanding job and is very busy, so it isn’t easy to get in there and get the work done.

  • This place is being renovated into a single family home. Work has been underway since early November, and all necessary permits have been in place since that time as best I can tell. I’m SUPER excited about this, but have yet to write about it at renewshaw….

  • I brought this blog to the attention of the couple who bought this. They are excited that people are so interested and asked me to share a few things. First, they have all the right permits — a fact they are painfully aware after several weeks at the permit office. Second, any damage to the brick was already present under the plaster. They are working with the Historical Society to restore the outside of the house to its former glory (as close as it can get but this part of the reno will probably be the last part to be done since they are having difficulty finding a picture of the house’s original look). Third, they are definitely not planning to turn it into condos. They plan to simply live in the residence with their dog and obese cat. They are passionate about respecting the rich heritage of historic Shaw and are very excited to do this job right. (And, PS, yes, they do agree that they are slightly masochistic to have taken this on.)

  • I’m setting aside a nice bottle of champaign for them when they move in. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • I’ll provide the brie and cheese. Geo. Bush

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