Festivus Returns to Adams Morgan, Tom Sherwood to be challenged in “feats of strength”?

From the Adams Morgan BID:

The Adams Morgan Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) and Adams Morgan Main Street Group are pleased to invite everyone to join us for Festivus for the Rest of Us 2010 on Saturday December 11 at 1 PM at the plaza at the intersection of 18th Street and Columbia Road, NW (in front of BB&T Bank). Back due to popular demand, this is the THIRD year for Festivus in Adams Morgan.

The kiosk in the plaza (normally used for posting flyers) has been transformed into a Festivus Pole and at 1 PM THIS SATURDAY there will be an airing of grievances performed by Tom Sherwood of NBC4 News and also a columnist in the Current Newspapers. Throughout each day’s airing of grievances, there will be a presentation of feats of strength.

All I have to say regarding the feats of strength is – you’re a dead man Mr. Sherwood. You might want to leave your tie at home. I’ll see you Saturday.

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  • Is the no end to the extent of the annoying stupidity known as sinefeld.

    • Your comment kills happiness…go change your dirty diaper crybaby, I can smell you from here.

      Captcha: LUNA

      • Isn’t the purpose of this parade or idiocy specifically to air grievences? So that’s what I did but somehow you are too blind to see it.

        Becuase you see, I am such a trendy hipster that not only I can support Festivus without fans of Festivus knowing about it, I can be META about it.

        Captcha: urgai

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • What middle-aged loser came up with this idea? Please tell the Adams Morgan BID that Seinfeld is old, annoying, and not funny. Can’t you come up with anything better than this for the holidays? Really?

    & who is Tom Sherwood anyway?

    I think I’ll skip AdMo this weekend in protest of Festivus.

    • I don’t know if the Sherwood comment is sarcastic/ironic because neither work well on the Net but this is who I assume they are referring to:


    • For those who don’t know… Tom Sherwood is awesome. He knows a good deal about this area and local politics. He is also a guest commentator on the Kojo Namdi show on WAMU on Fridays.

      I like his style- he asks tough questions of our local politicians, and isn’t satisfied with sound-bite answers.

      I should start a fan club.

  • Can anyone take part in this airing of grievances? Because I have some choice words for the state/people of Virginia that I’d like the world to know.

  • Festivus is so 1992. *yawn*

  • This is the third year the Adams Morgan BID has sponsored Festivus and they are still getting lots of reactions…hmmm isn’t that the idea? Rather than air your grievances here come to Adams Morgan on Saturday at 1 pm and do it there!

  • nice……. I’m gonna get a haircut for this one.

  • Like it? Hate it? The often snippy little notes tacked to the Festivus board are worth the visit to see and read. And while I’m there, you’ll get to see a TV reporter who knows how to read. And some of the notes are really obscene, an added bonus.

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