Dear PoP – Holiday Parking Question

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“Dear PoP,

Here’s a question the readers of PoP might know the answer to — I tried a quick scan of the DC DoT’s website and couldn’t find an answer.

December 24th is a parking meter holiday, which is great news for me. But does it apply to other no parking signs between specific hours? For instance, along Madison and Jefferson Streets where they line the National Mall, there’s no parking on Monday through Friday from 1am-10am, and 3-hour parking otherwise. Would one still get ticketed if you parked there on Friday the 24th at 8am, even though it’s a parking meter holiday? Since there are no meters there my gut instinct is no, but I figure there are people who might know a definitive answer one way or the other…”

I believe on Dec. 24th not only is it a parking meeter holiday but other limited parking follows a holiday schedule. Do you guys think/know if you park by the mall on the 24th despite the Mon. – Fri. regular restrictions?

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  • I did just hear back from the DC Gov’t this morning and they said it’s a National Park Police enforcement area, not theirs. Can’t find a darn thing online about the NPP’s rules for holidays, though.

  • Christmas Eve is not an “official” holiday. But many offices (and the Federal Government) are treating it as a holiday this year because Christmas Day falls on a Saturday.

    I’d be wary of assuming anything about parking rules. Better safe than ticketed.

  • It really varies. There are areas where you could *almost* park in front of a fire hydrant on a Saturday night and all day Sunday, and not get a ticket. And there are areas where you’ll get a ticket in five minutes if your bumper is an eighth of an inch inside a no parking zone on a Sunday.

  • I once got ticketed (and very nearly towed) on Independence Ave on New Years Day. I was in a “Rush-Hour” zone! It took 11 months of fighting the DMV but I eventually got the ticket waived.

  • Wait…so can we park anywhere without paying on December 25th as well? Its interesting that Christmas is identified as December 24th here…

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