Before and After at 3910 Georgia Ave, NW

Sept. 2008

After our talk yesterday about gyms in Petworth a reader asked if I could post what the building across from Qualia Coffee looks like now. (Another readers asks if I know how much rent will be, I do not but promise to update when the rental units go on the market.) So, how do you think it turned out?

Dec. 2010

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  • Apparently, the apartments will be available in Feb. and they’re “now leasing”:

  • Beautiful upgrade to the community. Makes the rest of the corridor between Park Place and this building look woefully lacking. Now, I’m ready to see the Wendy’s drive thru bulldozed and a mixed use building placed there. Of course, Wendy’s could stay right there. And the Safeway has the biggest target on it. That is actually a huge lot that can be turned into something better than what is currently there. A nice, big new store with a huge, upgraded park and playground in back. And a gym would be nice.

    • saf

      “And the Safeway has the biggest target on it. That is actually a huge lot that can be turned into something better than what is currently there. A nice, big new store with a huge, upgraded park and playground in back.”

      Holy %$*%$%^*$%^* no.

      I mean, improved, yes. But a big store with a park in back? You KNOW there are houses back here, right? Anyway, Safeway want to make it into a big store with condos on top and in back (also a BAD idea).

      • why would a nice park be a terrible thing for the area? beats a parking lot.

        i’m still hoping for the big apartment/condo building with a sexy new safeway ground floor, though.

    • saf

      Oh, and no it’s not a “Beautiful upgrade to the community.” It’s fugly.

    • I think the Safeway is a perfect size. I would really dislike to see Petworth turn into a basketcase like 14th St where all the new megastores are. I mean, it’s inevitable but it’s still a little ways off I would guess. There are already plenty of “mixed use” buildings near by with shopping, etc. Maybe I’m the only one who kind of digs the mid-century architecture of the Safeway on Georgia Ave.

  • Keep an eye on this place. Rumor has it that it’s income-restricted which means it could end up like some local buildings that have been fixed up but then go to shit when they start taking vouchers and leasing to group homes and other groups whose clients can barely take care of themselves

    • Right . . . and your examples of these other local buildings (as in recently developed apartment buildings) that have gone to crap would be ? . . . I thought so.

      Anyway, take a valium. This place has way too many amenities to be income restricted.

    • saf

      Not a rumor – true

  • I am curious to know if the rent at this place will be competitive to the rent currently at Park Place Apts. I am currently living at Park Place with a great deal I locked down over the summer but I am worried that I may not be able to get that deal again when I renew. Ideally this place will bring some competition to keep my rent from going up to significantly. Does anyone know if I came into the apt with 2 months free that was pro-rated over a 12 month lease, can they technically do a full 10% increase on the rent price prior to the 2 months free?

    • bfinpetworth

      The cap applies to the full rent, not the effective rent. Also, make sure that the cap actually applies and was not waived as an economic development incentive (as was the case at Allegro in Columbia Heights).

    • Your rent will rise around 2.5%, depending on what the inflation figure is for the year — but your monthly housing expense will rise over 20%.

  • Damn gentrifiers are ruining the city!!! Just look at that horrible building!!!

  • pennyworth

    Gah! I want to live in Petworth sooooo much!

  • any other news on the rest of Park Place (any buzz on prospective tenants) and other development nearby? how is the Donatelli development coming along? timetables?

  • I’m a little baffled about the layout as an apartment building. The entire south facing wall has very few windows – just some tall skinny ones. Apartments with no windows? Or is that whole side of the building offices for the clinic?

  • Waah? Are most fast food locations so…permanent?

  • I suspect the tiny windows on the south facing walls are set up that way to allow for either 1) a mural or 2) advertising.

    I would love to see a giant ad for Mcdonald’s (over the Wendy’s), or alternatively, Smoove B’s delicious pie.

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